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"Classy, Warm,Smooky (as it is properly spelled) rich,Gorgeous,Powerful,Lush, Feminine, Romantic and Nostalgic."

aquila_2009 got it right.

This is an 80's bomb, anchored by a "Broadshouldered Moss" and typified by a Fireworks Display of Sweet Floral and a healthy plonk of billowing Musk.
Enormously Feminine and Grand.
Draws me back, nostalgically to, my head buried in the ample cleavage of my 80's girl.

Again, many thanks to BN'r Scenttastic for this sample.
16th November, 2016 (last edited: 27th November, 2016)
A classic oriental in the vintage style.Salvador Dali is a truly chic fragrance that do not forget gives you feel surrounded by lush femininity.this fragrance goes on pretty strong,but smells heavenly after the initial dry expresses the warmth and sensuality of female body. Classy, Warm,Smooky,rich,Gorgeous,Powerful,Lush, Feminine, Romantic and Nostalgic.

A huge soft cloud of aldehydes and gorgeous burst of fruit reveal a lovely floral heart narcissus,lily and jasmine stand out to me and it all rests on a bed of sandalwood,benzoin,incense and amber that will delight you and transport you to a magical world.the dry down is stunning and reminds me a softer version of the original opium.Salvador Dali is a mature perfume not for the light hearted.a must have for a very bold feminine statement.


Longevity?Excellent on my skin.


27th August, 2016
This is wonderful. It reminds me of the original Chloe, before they started messing around with the formula, and no wonder, because they share so many of the same notes. This, however, is spicier than Chloe. I’ll happily wear this any time of the year, but when I wear it in winter, it makes me feel warm and cosy – it puts me in mind of fireplaces and spiced hot chocolate and curling up under a soft snuggly blanket. Straight off, I get the sandalwood and the amber. Once it dries down, the honeysuckle and the orange blossom start to pop out. I get the vanilla, which seems to weave in and out of the incense and the patchouli – there one second, then gone, then back again. On me, I don’t get the bergamot or fruit, but I do get a faint hit of the basil. A beautifully crafted fragrance, which lasts really well and stays true to its ingredients – it smells the same, only softer, after eight hours of wear. Definitely a keeper!
07th August, 2016
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This review is for the deep brown juice in the clear, frosted lips bottle.

This is a wonderful deep, rich, balsamic-animalic scent that smells vintage - as in 1900-1940. Calls to mind Toujours Moi, Youth Dew, Kiehl's Musk, and there's even a faint resemblance to My Sin. I think Dali, and his surrealist-couturier friend Elsa Schiaparelli, would approve :-)
14th February, 2013
CoL Show all reviews
United Kingdom

Wonderful 80's power house fragrance! At first it briefly reminded me of Opium by YSL. I would say that gives a fair impression of the type of scent this is. Powerful, warm aldehydic floral. It comes as one of the few Parfum De Toillettes in 100, 50 and 30mls and just a 30ml of the EDT. Can be found very cheaply online and I have to say it's not received the acclaim it deserves.

To be honest foetidus' review describes it perfectly!
27th June, 2010
I love this perfume: on me it turns into a slightly sweet slightly oriental, with subtle spicy and floral notes. It is very similar to the floral Chanel No22. Well worth trying
05th March, 2010
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Russian Federation
I find that this scent (black lips and pen too) is very clean and elegant. Cleanness of soap, white flowers, aldehydes... Real classic, but actual if you are in in the vein for it. It may be rainy autumn day or a first date, round-up of old friends or interview - if you want to feel freshness, confidence and self-dependence. I use it not often, but always have in collection to wear when want some clear and white...
28th August, 2009
I wore this perfume in the 80:ies, and I truly loved it. Salvador Dali is the perfume who made me leave Chanel No 5!!! I had Salvador Dali until it dissapeared from the stores in my country.

And now I have found it again! I have tried quite a lot of the fumes I used to wear way back in time, and not all of them are what they used to be. I guess some of them are reformulated. But not Salvador Dali, it smells exactly the same as it did in the 80:ies!!!

Today I have both No 5 and Salvador Dali, and enjoy them both.

Salvador Dali starts aldehydic, and if you try this perfume for the first time, please, let it stay on your skin quite a while before you judge it! The greatest pleasure starts after half an hour of wearing it! It is very longlasting, too.

The bottle is totally adorable! Two thumbs up from me for Salvador Dali!
29th August, 2008
I’ve seen where this called a chypre; I’ve also seen it referred to as an Oriental; to confuse the situation more, H & R Genealogy positions it between aldehydic and sweet floral. What is it, really? I, personally, would call it a chypre, but I wouldn’t argue with Oriental. I think we can all agree with “aldehydic,” but… “sweet”…? It doesn’t come across as sweet to me. All of these labels just go to show how complex and impressive this fragrance is. Salvador Dali is an admirable EDP that hasn’t received the acclaim it deserves. The deep, rich, sensual notes already spring up in the opening, and its citrus / green accord is kicked up to the second or third power by the aldehydes. It is so sensual that I began scanning the pyramid for the animalic notes… Much to my surprise, I didn’t find them listed – must be the indoles from the jasmine. The middle florals form a solid rich floral bouquet with the jasmine slightly dominant to my nose – there is also a fairly strong powder, which continues into the base. The base presents a definite amber and vanilla, but it isn’t what I would call sweet because the cedar and the myrrh have a strong drying presence. It’s a wonderful what-I-would-call chypre base: woody, ambery, and slightly resinous. Hours later the myrrh note is still caressing the skin. Another wonderful ‘80s feminine fragrance.
23rd August, 2008
This 2' bottle of Salvador Dali (black lips) has floated around with me from various apartments and finally to my permanent home since the late 80's. Back then, I was primarily collecting perfume for the bottles. As an artist I was happy to have this bottle since I had studied Dali's work in my college art history class and knew it was his design. I had never attempted in all the time I owned it to get acquainted with the scent inside until recently. I have Basenotes and its contributors to thank for teaching me how to fully experience scents and helping me to discover the many treasures I had right under my nose if I would have just opened the bottles (vintage Jicky and Shalimar among them), dabbed some on and patiently waited.

A few weeks ago I decide to try this and was so surprised by how beautiful it is that I could have kicked myself in the head for not trying it years ago. The opening notes are very floral which I'm usually not a fan of, but this is so well done that I can more than live with it. The sillage at this point is good, so a little bit goes a long way. As it starts to dry down the flowers seem to make a rapid exit and I start getting notes of rich leather and dark tea even though these notes are not listed in any description of this perfume's composition that I've found.. Eventually the tea recedes and the leather note becomes more prominent and the scent seems to stay like this for a while, which is great because I'm crazy about leather notes. At this point it smells quite similar to the leather in Bal a Versailles. In the extreme drydown stage the tea note comes back again and that's what's left as you wake up and smell your wrist the next morning. This scent is gorgeous! My bottle is old and tiny, so my fear is that I may run out one day soon if I keep wearing it the way I have been and when I attempt to replace it, the only thing that will be available will be a, most likely, reformulated and watered down version.
08th August, 2008
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United Kingdom
One of the reasons I've always had a bottle of this in my fragrance wardrobe from since it was launched (not the same bottle, obviously), is that no other perfume smells like Salvador Dali. This is an exotic, complex scent that can have the danger of wearing the wearer if not careful, but when used sparingly it develops into an exquisite oriental shawl that keeps you warm and makes you feel sultry regardless of the situation.
03rd August, 2008
It must be an "olfactoric" version of "Burning Giraffe". Smells like putrifying lilies + moth balls. Strong, churchy, retro. Reminds me a little of Chanel no5 (but Chanel is much more elegant)
14th May, 2007
I've been in love with this perfume since my first whiff of it around 20 years ago, it was one of the first scents I owned, and its still one of my top favorites and always will be. Its a flawless, hauntingly beautiful, unique scent, totally unlike any other perfume in the world. An absolute classic. I'm VERY lucky to own one of the limited edition 1983 ten ounce crystal bottles full of pure parfum, it, and the scent inside it, are amazingly beautiful.
07th May, 2007
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I was pleasantly surprised by the complexity of this scent. The bottle is suspiciuosly clever, but actually well done. The floral top notes are very good. I like jasmine anyway and the citrus is fresh and zingy. It's the cedar and myrrh that give it its personality. All in all a real keeper. I found mine at a bargain $35 for 3.4 oz. not expecting much. I really think it wil get a lot of wear.
27th April, 2007 (last edited: 13th January, 2011)
The myrrh notes at the base make this first frangrance from Dali the most intriguing. It either creates a "mysterious" feeling or a "churchy" feeling as another reviewer wrote. It is the most complex of the Dali scents, with fruits at the top, rose, jasmine (Dali kept jasmine blossoms with him at all times) and orange blossom at the heart and a base of amber, cedarwood, musk, vanilla, and myrrh. Like many of the Dali fragrances, it can be cloying if not used sparingly. A personal favorite for years.
07th August, 2006
My husband likes it too (see previous review), but I find it way too heavy, cloying and 'churchy' - not in a good way. Definitely not suitable for young women.
05th March, 2006
Refined, lush, powdery floral with some oriental notes is how I'd describe this. My husband liked this one very much. The flacon is cute. It has a portrayal of the mouth of Aphrodite that was taken right out of one of Dali's own paintings. I have read that Princess Caroline of Monaco is a loyal user of this PDT.

Upon wearing this develops into a surprisingly deep and long lasting scent. Since hubbie likes this one I will purchase a full size when done with the sample.

DESIGN HOUSE - Salvador Dali YEAR INTRODUCED - 1983 SCENT - subtle, oriental CLASSIFICATION - refined FRAGRANCE NOTES - exotic, rich, oriental florals. RECOMMENDED USE - evening
25th November, 2005