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Neutral Reviews of Dalissime by Salvador Dali

Total Reviews: 3
The first time i smell it i liked it.Nice fruity and floral scent.Perfect for everyday use.Velvet peach aroma at the opening and soft delicate rose-y at heart.Good staying power with this vanilla base perfume.Sweet soft and delicate.
29th April, 2011
This could have been something nice, but... there's just too much paeach/apricot going on there, smells only like that, it's a mono-scent. Like sweet apricot juice and nothing else.

31st January, 2010
The distinctive note in this fragrance is apricot, there is not a heavy vanilla tone to knock out the fruit scents and make the whole thing smell "sticky". This is good, because the sandalwood base makes it an "older" smelling fragrance. The packaging is the treat here, but a good summer fragrance.
07th August, 2006
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