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not bad could have been better....
17th February, 2012
Oh, why can't this scent keep up the fabulous momentum that it has at the beginning? Why must it morph from wonderful, crisp opening notes of green, citrus, and spicy green wood to eau de Brittney? I'm convinced that this is just one of those fragrances that I'm doomed to sniff from the bottle, but never on my skin. After half an hour on my skin, it becomes horribly sweet and drug-store smelling, with nothing whatsoever of its original crisp, summery air remaining. Why? Is there some way to alter my body chemistry so that I can wear this scent? (For those of you in the know, please let me know if you have found an answer to this one...)
18th May, 2006
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United States
I liked SF enough to buy a tester-size flacon, but now regret that quantity. This is a delicious, juicy, juicy, sharp floral, but I found I tired of it in short order, unlike most purchases which I tend to grow more fond of with use. It is fairly sweet and remains linear, unchanging after it dries on the skin. I'll use it up by giving away samples to friends and spraying correspondence to those I think will appreciate its cheery first impression.
10th August, 2005
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