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Neutral Reviews of Muschio / Musk by Santa Maria Novella

Total Reviews: 2
In my frenzy to try every musk fragrance in the known world, and after reading rapturous reviews mentioning extraordinary creaminess, butterscotch nuttiness, and old world relatives, I sent off for my very own sample and discovered...maple syrup and sun tan lotion...but quite lovely maple syrup and sun tan lotion, I admit.

I was slightly disappointed, it's true. But I think that those who love shy, slightly sweet, definitely creamy scents approximating a light, unassuming musk, will enjoy this SMN fragrance. Just because I am looking for something somewhat more growly and furry doesn't mean you are too.
05th October, 2017
Santa Maria Muschio
Incredibly nostalgic. I remember my grandmother from Europe smelling like this. You rarely find these kinds of Old World scents anymore. Muschio is not as pleasing to the modern nose as it was to previous generations. Do not expect "musk" as we have come to know it. This is a vegetal substance, sumbul, a medicinal root. Muschio smells to me like almond + vanilla + bourbon. The combination is similar to butterscotch, but bittersweet. If you have any memories of relatives born circa 1900, this unusual scent may recall them to you.

04th October, 2006