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Muschio on my skin is not as simple as one might think by the listed notes.
At first I get a sweet musk with an underlying nuttiness and I am pretty sure I can smell some vanilla,too.It's very beautiful and comforting.
After a while it smells earthy on me which I think must be the patch note.
I do not like this second phase as much as the first,but the scent is not so loud in the second phase so I am not annoyed by it.

It's quite a unique,true musk scent which doesn't resemble those that are sold in drugstores. I definitely recommend sampling on skin first.
12th January, 2014
Ridiculously good. Rich, creamy, musky, evocative... I could go on and on. I could, but that would prevent me from sticking my nose up to my wrist and smelling this some more. You get the picture. Well worth your time and money.
11th April, 2008
The only pure musk frag in my collection. An almost edible affair, this -- very sweet at first, very creamy, very seductive.

Timeless; unisex; damn near perfect.
12th October, 2007
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United States
Tried this one today for the first time at an upscale barbershop in new orleans on magazine street. I had not tried it before because they, at one point decided to stop carrying it because they were carying their sister company's musk--Lorenzo V. I purchased that at the time because its a truly beautiful scent(lots of compliments from some beautiful women). Today though when i tried this i was very pleasantly surprised. This is an excellent fragrance, that in my opinion is exactly what i had been looking for in a frag. I own up to 20 bottles of cologne including l'artisan mure et musc, Lorenzo vill musk, Chergui, varvatos, gucci homme II, art of shaving sandalwood, nicole miller men(awsome at first, now boring as hell) among others....this is the best and makes me want to give away my other bottles. Buy it as soon as you can.
30th May, 2007
A great musk - although a tad on the "powdery" side. I find myself reaching for this scent when nothing else seems right. The dry down is really beautiful. I always get compliments when I wear this.
07th May, 2007
This one smells like freshly shelled pecans with its distinctive spicy smell as opposed to the smell of walnuts. Maybe the guys at SMN derive their "vegetal musk" from pecans. It is warm and long lasting.
Definitely a winner in my book and even if you're not into "nutty" smells, I think it is well worth a try.
04th February, 2007
This is nice, and sort of out of character for the house. It's soft, smooth, powdery, almost dusty or incensey musk, I'm guessing because it's the plant-derived musk. Reminds me very much of Villoresi's Musk, only this is softer and not as floral. It doesn't develop as much either - just a linear, soft, close to the skin powdery musk. Pleasant, but doesn't wow me. Lasts longer than you would think given the low sillage and soft character. I'd say it's slightly leaning to the feminine side.
16th September, 2006
SMN is truly a classy company.. and their products are a cut above the rest. This Musk is elegant, casual, and refined all at once. It has tremendous sillage, so a bottle should last years (don't use a lot). At first it smells cheap, but after 2 minutes, you realize this Musk is the best Musk out there.. it smells very natural and lasts 24 hours (on me). Highly recommended.
10th December, 2005
A truly awsome musk. Rich but not overpowering or tiring. I'm getting a bottle !!
31st January, 2003
FANTASTIC! A must have for musk fragrance lovers as it is certainly the best formulated I've smelled.
19th December, 2002
The best musk perfume I have ever smelled - and, believe me, I have smelled a lot. This is rich and pure, without an excessive sweetness. Long-lasting and extremely sophisticated
30th October, 2002