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Negative Reviews of Melograno by Santa Maria Novella

Total Reviews: 5
Genre: Fruity Floral

Melograno opens up with the most bizarre mix of candied fruit, sweet florals and aldehydes you could imagine. Or maybe, then again, you can't. I prefer distinctive fragrances, but these top notes leave me absolutely baffled.

Left to develop, it's still freakish: a clashing mess of sweet fruit and harsh aldehydes that make no apparent sense together. It also smells aggressively synthetic, whether its ingredients are or not.

I don't get it, and I sure don't want to wear it!
19th June, 2014
I thought it would be a stroke of genius when in the aftermath of 'Casino Royale' I had friends of mine sneek a bottle of Melograno back from Florence. I was very exited to gift my then girlfriend with Vesper Lynd's scent of choice as she's a sophisticated and sexy woman in her thirties. Bingo I thought.

However, nothing the likes can be said about Melograno. I don't understand it. It's powdery and offensive to my perhaps unsophisticated nose. It dries down to a somewhat pleasant smell after 8-12 hours, but nothing I'd go through the initial experience for. I was dying to love this scent. So was my sweet-heart. Alas, we can't. Now we remember the scent for my romantic gesture for her birthday and not the grim disappointment of what's in the bottle. I'm so sad this couldn't be a high-spirited review. Sorry.

This scent might be right for you. Probably not if you're younger that 50. .. And it's about as unisex as Liberace and Dame Edna's lovechild. Caveat Emptor.
17th February, 2012
Someone may not like the way I speak, but I always try to go straight to the point. Many aspects that I understand but I don't like about the perfumery industry are based on "hooks". They always try to capture our attention with intriguing (inconsistent) description, bizarre effects (girls/boys catching feromones), weird ingredients (urine, tear gas etc.) or tradition. But first of all is our nose, our feelings, our sensations and that's what we should really follow. Santa maria Novella was founded in 1700 and based everything on tradition but unfortunately, sometimes, it's not enough. I'm not talking about Melograno, this is more of a general SMN review. A bunch of their perfumes have a great opening, some others not but IMO the real problem with their scents is the drydown. They all tend to smell old (litterally), rancid, obsolete. Sometimes tradition is a very good value, something to hand down from father to son, sometimes tradition should be a little bit revised.
06th March, 2011
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I tried wearing the cologne, probably because it reminded me of My Sin (in the top 10, despite its demise ) but that's where it ended. I tried and tried to like it but we just couldn't make it work. Confess I have not smelled a real pomegranate so I can't speak to that. I am a chypre person though, which is probably what attracted me to it. That and the recommnedation of a shopkeeper in Boston who regularly travels to Florence to replenish her SMN stock. I think I'd like the soap or hand creme. Or to put in drawers. On second thought, no drawers.
08th March, 2009
This is a very odd fragrance indeed. It has elements of classic barbershop, mixed with all sorts of stuff that is supposed to include pomegranate. I suppose there is pomegranate, it certainly is like pomegranate, because it's sour and seedy. One could possibly find SMN Melograno "refreshing" -- tart and refreshing. Unfortunately, I find the tart turns to our and as time goes by the sweet/sour elements become a muddle that never resolves into anything very satisfying. I can imagine wearing this and people around me making that exaggerated sniffy sound with their noses, wondering what the heck that smell is. I don't want to be the cause of all that. Might be good to wear liberally if you have unexpected company and you had hoped for a quiet weekend alone.
03rd November, 2008 (last edited: 19th December, 2008)