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Another extremely soapy SMN's old recipe (another non-fragrance perfume) which hardly exudes a typical sharp pomegranate aroma, leaning on the contrary towards something yet fruity but more properly bamy/resinous, cedary/powdery, ambery/animalic, orangy and exotic (i feel the typical ylang-ylang vibe combined with a white tobacco/balsams combo). The outcome is really barber-shop, chypre/aldehydic, sharply ambery, secretly green and classic (with hints of bergamot and patchouli- may be also lavender) with a notable tobacco/powder/vetiver presence. I detect some Hammam Bouquet's soapy nuance in the air probably because of the vanilla combined with rosey soap and resins. The fruity floral background is influenced for sure by the note of pomegranate which is anyway such of cedary/powdery and almost berrish/orangy in its feel. I note a faint structure and finally a basically linear inoffensive clean (almost laundry type) combination. Classic and restrained but not enough original and satisfactory to me.
15th December, 2013
I agree with those who don't find any pomegranate/grenadine fruit here, also with those who find this to be a soapy scent. The image I get in my mind is a clear, powerfully-scented pink soap. It is a pleasant, clean smell and also quite rich. Not my sort of scent, but interesting.
16th May, 2009
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United States
Peculiar but not extreme. A quiet scent. Reminds me of the Lava pumice soap my dad used to use, plus ... well, I'm not sure what else. I keep envisioning a clean, white, dated bathroom. There's the slightest hint of incense and the slightest bit of sweetness. Seek out a sample to break the monotony that can set in after you think you've tried everything.
03rd July, 2008
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United Kingdom
This packs a powerful punch to begin with. I do like the slightly tart smell of the grenadine/pomegranate and the powdery/incense is very unusual.
Maybe I wouldn't wear thie every day but it would be great for a formal occasion or a winter party. Santa Maria Novella is a perfume house of quality.
12th October, 2007
Powdery and floral, and as Marlen points out, sort of aldehydic. To me this is an almost strictly feminine fragrance. I haven't spent enough time smelling pomegranates to say whether this hits the mark or not, but I can say that the fruit here is between say a mandarin and a plum in its smell. There's not much here to make it unisex or deepen it beyond the fruit and floral notes. Seems very one-dimensional to me.
18th September, 2006
Can't make up my mind on this one - I don't get pomegranate at all (as the scent is named for), but rather something powdery and slightly aldegydic. Nut my cup of tea, but pretty nonetheless.
15th January, 2006