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Melograno (Pomegranate) is by far and away the bestselling fragrance in the Santa Maria Novella line-up, a fact that surprises me every time I smell it. It’s not so much that it’s an odd fragrance (although it is) but that it’s extremely hard to pin down.

If you read the reviews for Melograno, you will see that it seems to be a different fragrance from one wearer to the next – to some, it is a green chypre along the lines of Givenchy III, to others it is the edgier twin of the grandest aldehydic monster ever created, Chanel No. 22, and to yet others, it is nothing more than detergent soap made into a fragrance. The one thing that everybody agrees upon is that it doesn’t smell like pomegranates.

Perhaps Melograno is successful because it is so dependent on the individual skin chemistry and scent memories of each wearer, and is therefore the olfactory equivalent of a mood ring. Mood rings were popular for a reason – we all like to feel that the end result is reflective of our individual personalities and chemistry. In that case, Melograno is the ultimate bespoke fragrance – it smells like a mixture of scent, your skin, and a complex bundle of memories and mind associations that are purely your own.

For what it’s worth, to me it smells like a mixture of aldehydes, green flowers, luxury soap, and church incense, with a faint but stirring note of urinal puck running through the base. Why this odd mish mash of elements should work is beyond me, but without doubt, the end result is resolutely appealing. What it will smell on you, and whether you’ll like it, is anyone’s guess.
21st May, 2016
My favorite of the SMN after shaves. IMHO what makes the SMN head and shoulders above the rest is the healing ingredients. LOVE the smell !
03rd September, 2015 (last edited: 28th October, 2015)
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United Kingdom
The top note is fruity with a hint of pomegranate and a floral note. Layer, a gentle sweetish wood note is added, and the drydown has a gentle powdery note, milder and more elegant than a typical English barbershop impression. It can project well, lasts about three hours on me and evokes connotations with leisure time and romance. An elegant summer evening dinner scent, conservative but with a unique combination of several disparate notes that combine to a successful total. Try before you buy.
02nd June, 2012
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There seems to be no pomegranate in this fragrance and I am not sure whether I should be happy with relief ( because I am not sure about pomegranate in perfume ! ) or displeased .
Immediately perufmey and soapy,turning slightly powdery. Very classical perfumeactually. Strong, long lasting.
This smells like a cross between Hermes' Caleche Soie de Parfum and Chanel No.5 . But more towards Caleche.
Good stuff.
18th May, 2010
For so many years I have tried to imagine what a perfect fragrance would smell like. Hundreds of scents have stroked my nose, some of them were gentle and smooth, others were rough and sharp. Some were classic, other were odd and innovative. From florals to fougeres, from citruses to orientals, all of them had something to offer, but none of them had everything to offer.

I have now found an almost perfect fragrance... Melograno. This has one of the most divine mixes of lush flowers and fruits, with slightly smoky undertones (in my opinion, not the best choice to yoke with the floral/fruity character of the fragrance) perceivable throughout the entire development of the fragrance. The typical SMN odd, harsh notes, combined with a clean barbershop note, could label this fragrance as an "original classic". There are very few fragrances that can claim that label, and even fewer produce such a contradictory, but absolutely wonderful effect.

Melograno is not just to be worn, but to be enjoyed, savoured from the first strong, bold opening notes, through the intoxicating fruity-floral mid notes, ending up with the smooth and sophisticated dry-down.
06th September, 2009
I think my sample is mislabeled! I don't find this scent weird or even unusual. My nose almost immediately gets the fragrance of a very exclusive, powdery, white bar of soap. Italian, expensive, hand poured, exquisitely scented, and sold in an exclusive department store like Nieman's or Barneys, but soap nonetheless. It's quite beautiful, really, but not my cup of tea.
29th December, 2008
I do agree with the above reviewers that this fragrance is aldehylic and somewhat powdery and there is no pomegranate (melograno) to be found, however I do find it to be leathery because of a big dose of isobutyl quinoline, which is where the "synthetic" reviews and smokiness might come from. I equate it with a clumsier take on vintage bandit, still it has its cozy aspects. The florals are so blurred it is hard to name them, and there's some citrus in the mess. This review makes it sound horrible, which it's not, it's my favorite SMN next to aqua di colonia, but still I don't reach for it often, and never in warm weather.
30th November, 2008
comme des garcons has nothing on santa maria novella for weirdness...

the dry down of this is nice, and incenselike, I think.

but the whole thing is "out there" for sure...!

01st November, 2006
This one starts fruity-fresh and bittersweet, the drydown is floral and a bit powdery. IMO Melograno is more on the masculine side. The pomegranate accords are quite unique and for sure not everybody's cup of tea - so try it befor you purchase. Good staying power. I personally love it, it's a good choice for summer evenings.
19th August, 2005