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Shiseido's Energizing Fragrance is one of those perfumes that no one realizes you're wearing. Instead of telling you they like your perfume, a person is more likely to tell you that you simply smell nice. Clean, warm and rather uncomplicated peppery floral musk, Energizing Frangrance strikes the nose as a minimal and transparent; the aesthetics seem to fit with the brand in a really coherent way. Somehow this seems like the perfect post workout fragrance.
29th October, 2015
I'm not sure I would characterize the fragrance as energizing as much as enervating. Between what smells like anise and a very rich datura aroma, I find the perfume evocative of something very carnal and reptile-brained. I love it.
21st February, 2009
I got this bottle after buying the zen and loving it. (I haven't been able to find a bottle of that lately, and I really miss it.) I think it's really nice and fresh. On me, it picks up notes of powder that I really quite like.
06th September, 2008
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