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United Kingdom
Okay, I'll go first.

This was my absolute favourite until I discovered Kiehl's No. 1 Original Musk, but I still keep the EDP and EDT of Woman on the bathroom shelf, and go back to them in winter. This is too heavy a smell for summer, but PHWOAR it smells good on jumpers and coats.

(I'm no good at writing flowery eloquent reviews like everyone else on this site, just so you know. If you want a good bodice-ripping read, go to the Chanel page.)

I wanted a perfume that smelled classic, old-school, sophisticated, 1920s, elegant. A perfume I'd find on a ££ long black wool coat hanging in the cloakroom at the theatre, a coat belonging to someone 30 years older, better travelled and more interesting than me, with better cheekbones. This perfume smells just right.

I loved to smell this most when it had settled into the neck of my favourite thick old wool polo-neck jumper, now RIP. Smelled fantastic. Grown-up, reassuring, refined, classic, like borrowing that coat I found in the theatre. It does what it says on the tin, settling down into a beautiful patchouli that's elegant, rather than hippie.

It isn't powdery like many old classics: it's more of an amber scent than a powder one. I only have so much time for powder. I like it in Kiehl's, but I hate it in Chanels. I really want to like Chanel, but the only one I like is Cuir de Russie and even that is too powder-heavy for me. Still, that gives you an idea of what else I like. Kiehl's Original; Cuir de Russie; Korres Cardamom Saffron Etc Etc on my boyfriend; and this.
04th June, 2010