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Been wearing this for 20+ years. I'll forget about and then come back to it. Classic
26th November, 2018
I so, so wanted to give this a Thumbs up since I have worn Angel since 1994. Countless bottles purchased and used. I have been known for this scent for decades. Total signature scent. 1-2 sprays and I would be set all day. Compliments at work, the grocery store, the car wash, social events. For the past few years, Angel is no longer strong, it does not last, project and I cannot remember the last time I got a compliment. The IFRA reformulation literally killed the magic of Angel.
30th April, 2018
I loved Angel when it was brand new: I had never smelled anything like this sweet, fruity, caramel and chocolate creation! It was such a refreshing change from all the ozonic fragrances of the time, which followed the popularity of L'Eau D'Issey and Escape. After wearing it for about a year, I tired of it, and haven't worn it again until recently, when I suddenly decided to buy another bottle. Initially, I thought my new bottle of Angel smelled as it always did, but the more I have worn it, I have realised this fragrance has drastically reformulated. Though it is unmistakably Angel, it is not as sweet as it used to be, and the fruity notes seem more muted: the fragrance is heavier than it was, and now places far more emphasis on damp smelling patchouli and dark chocolate notes than the sugary chocolate-caramel of the original formulation (this damp patchouli and dark chocolate combination was taken to extremes in Givenchy's Very Irresistible For Men, which I always thought smelled like damp A*Men). This new formulation is unfortunately very inferior to the original! The bath and body products have clearly been reformulated too: they used to smell exactly like Angel Eau de Parfum, but now smell of heavy patchouli and fruity notes. The body creme was a particularly lovely product (originally in an elegant glass jar); even though it is still beautiful quality, it now has an overpoweringly strong fruit and patchouli scent, which I find very sickly (this version is sold in a rather over the top plastic "flying saucer" jar).
My thumbs down is for the current version of Angel; the original would definitely have got a thumbs up. I have, however discovered that Angel Etoile Des Reves, smells almost identical to Angel's original formulation, and is, for my tastes, far preferable the one available now.
22nd March, 2018
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I first bought this fragrance in November 1992 and as one reviewer commented, I too had people stopping me to ask what I was wearing. The scent was complex, a little disorienting. It was heady, rich, and with just a tiny hint of something 'rotten' underneath. That extra note hit it out of the park.

The tiny star bottle lasted forEVER, and I replaced it again in, I think, 2000? I don't think it is any different from the 1992 version, others may have better data on that question.

It will be a great disservice to this wonderful fragrance if the formula was changed in order to be novel or less expensive.

Readers need to be aware that the EU has cranked down on the use of many classic perfume ingredients, both natural and man-made, due to concerns that they are allergens. Perfumers don't want to be seen as fighting safety rules, so they conform by re-formulating their fragrances.

I am not young; there are many fragrance notes from older perfumes my mother wore (Norell, Tabu, Chanel #5, Alliage, others) that I smell nowhere anymore, anywhere, ever. My bet is that they are simply banned due to Henny-Penny "the sky is falling down!" concerns about potential contact allergies.

I'm an adult who keeps peanuts from my kid. I'm ok with being responsible for my allergic reactions to fragrance.
13th March, 2018 (last edited: 15th March, 2018)
Before Christmas 2017 I was going to order a sample of this online but decided against it.

Wise move!

Apparently, it has been added to the growing list of 're-formulated scents' whereby the people are being duped into buying something that is NOT like the original version. For example, chocolate (for which Angel is/was famous) has been replaced by nutmeg, way back in June/July 2017. In fact, in the original version there were 24 notes and that has now been replaced by only 12. This has to be a cost-cutting exercise. Why else would they do it?

This may explain why recent reviewers hate this scent as it's been re-formulated.
15th January, 2018
When this first came out I bought a bottle and wore it frequently. People would stop me and ask what I was wearing - it was that different from anything else available at the time. I eventually discovered Jo Malone fragrances and stopped wearing Angel. I now have an extensive fragrance wardrobe and wear a variety of scents. Fast forward - I decided to try Angel again. I cannot stand it now. I had to scrub it off, it was so obnoxious. I know that many people love it, but I just can’t take it.
11th November, 2017
I get patchouli all way long from the beginning. The opening smells quite herbal to me and almost freaked me out the first time. Then the sweetness just can't wait and bursts out right away. I swear if I tested on paper I'd drop it down right away. But after about 2 hours, it smells heavenly! The right amount of chocolate, caramel, honey and vanilla is so delicious. The patchouli is no longer fierce but holds perfectly the balance between sweetness and freshness. It's even intriguing as it hides among the sweet notes and tickles your nose when you expect the least. I have to admit I'm still not very used to the first 2 hours but for the lovely drydown I can wait. Fortunately the longevity is excellent for over 12h, it worths! The sillage is good, too. Though it's known as a heavy fragrance, I think with a light touch, the drydown has no problem in summer.

The bottle is cute! But the name Angel doesn't fit that well IMHO. It's sweet but with a dark side hiding behind. Maybe Ange ou Demon should be better distributed to this one? LOL.

Originally written in 2013
05th November, 2017
The most hideous fragrance I have ever experienced in my life. Dear lord, people pay for and wear this?
03rd November, 2017
Angel came out around the time I decided that Chanel no. 5 was the one for me, so I pretty much hated this on principle. Testing it on my skin today, it seems I was right: I really do hate it. It's incredibly loud, incredibly sweet, and there is a funk in there that sets my teeth on edge. Now, mind you, I normally like a bit of funk: Salome's cuminey underpants? Count me in! The barnyard "butt" accord in Inverno Russo? Bring it on! But this I can't handle at all. It's like the smell of a wet, dirty dishrag that you pick up after it's been festering in the sun all day; a slightly rotting, sour smell that clings to your hands long after you've flung the filthy thing far away from you. The saccharine sweetness on top has the same effect as air freshener sprayed in a public bathroom; it only seems to enhance the stench. I do get why this was groundbreaking and all, and it's certainly not boring, so it has that going for it, but I'm honestly surprised this was such a commercial hit. I find it very unpleasant.
03rd November, 2017
Phenomenal. This one is controversial ... but on me, it was alllll goodness. ;)
09th September, 2017
I love this complex perfume with many notes. First, I smell chocolate, then berries and caramel. The perfume smells different on every person, but smells great on m.e I always get compliments on it. It is loud and friendly, but not overwhelming. I wear it year round.
13th July, 2017
Add me to the list of those who adore this. Big, bad, bold, bodacious. I love it. My husband loves it. No other opinions matter. Since I never smelled Angel when it first was released, I can't complain of reformulation.

And, I love the giant, chunky tester bottle I currently possess.
09th June, 2017 (last edited: 15th June, 2018)
I find the opening of Angel Eau de Parfum difficult to go through. A musky chocolate. But the dry down is to die for. It gets acid with berries and bergamot. Then, the basenotes of silky caramel are gorgeous. I just wish sillage and longevity were longer.
03rd May, 2017
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Love this. After it's on a while, you just want to eat it. The Carmel and chocolate....mmmmm
What I really liked about it was that it lasts forever.
23rd February, 2017
Each time I try Angel it brings vivid flashback of my youth wandering around the Victoria Secret store trying out the new VS perfumes of the 90's, the sweet, uber cloying candy-store scents that went by names such as 'Love Spell' or 'Dream Angels' or even early Bath and Body Works super syrupy scents. To my then 20-something nose and lifestyle, yes, I wanted to smell like a candy factory.

However, when I wear this and my kids come running thinking I've just opened a bag of Haribo and ask where I've hid the sweets in the house....I have no desire to smell like bags of Haribo candy.
19th February, 2017 (last edited: 29th November, 2017)
Angel opens sweet and earthy. After about 20 seconds a saltiness develops (almost salty sweaty skin, but a bit "cleaned-up")....and additionally becomes a little bit vegetal (carrot seed essential oil?). About 5 minutes in a bit of slightly sweet mint (spearmint?) and cocoa (bitter, not sweet) start to overtake the carrot seed. The "cleaned-up' salty sweaty skin is still pretty predominant. After about 20 minutes there's a little bit of vanilla bean and there is a very soft powder floral undercurrent about 1-2 hours after that. Angel stays with this very complex compilation through the rest of it's wear.

This was tested on dry skin in a warm, dry climate (in doors). Sillage is moderately strong at about 4-6 feet for the first two hours and then moderate to soft after that. Lasting power is about 6 - 8 hours.

This is an interesting amalgamation of notes. On me, it mostly smells "confused". Does it want to be a gourmand? intimately personal? challenging? perhaps a touch brash? It's all those things and I wasn't really enjoying that journey. However, I will say, I do appreciate it's complexity and uniqueness.
05th December, 2016
I was very excited about this perfume thought this was very different. The problem is it didn't smell good on me. I loved it on everyone else and was disappointed when on me it was too smoky and strong. I settled for the tamer Angel Innocent and loved it.
20th September, 2016
Upon first spray I really didn't like Angel but I gave it a change and I'm glad I did.

It's such a gourmand. It's gourmand royalty. This is a fragrance which is so popular and dare I say it, common but it seems to behave differently on different people, giving it that special edge for everyone. For me once the first spray starts to settle down I feel like I'm being followed around by a sherbet dib dab. Every now and then it morphs into something else, vanilla ice cream, chocolate, the pick and mix section. Really it's like walking though a sweet shop. Still it has something slightly darker and heavier which seems to anchor it. I believe that could be the bergamont.

There is also something that catches me every now and then that isn't so good. I don't know what it is but a previous review described it like BO. I understand what they mean but I would have described it as more of a chemical smell, almost like bleach. Fortunately it's very fleeting.

Lasts fantastically and projects well, even on my skin which normally eats up fragrances super fast. This is not one that you want to over spray or you run the risk of making yourself and everyone around you feel very sick.
19th September, 2016
Love the opening, sweet Vanilla, balanced by the tart bitterness of Bergamot.
Try Bergamot perfume extract on your Vanilla Ice Cream sometime. It's glorious!
Note the Caramelly texture and the nod to Chocolate later. The Berries make this perfect for Feminine or Masculine skin, except the drydown. Whoa! I get a tenacious "Generic Clean" note that ends up relentless even through a shower.
It's obvious this continues to be so very popular with the Girls.It's sexy and quite clever in construction.
The opening and heart are quite intriguing and most narcotic. In the End it is like a hangover and leaves me feeling like I need alterations to my Meds.
Thumbs up? Well....Everyone needs to try it. At least once.
11th September, 2016 (last edited: 08th January, 2017)
Perfect Gourmand...

A true beauty here. This is one which I expected to be a monster, but it really turned out to be sublime in it's smell and performance. I tried the male version first, which I found extremely harsh and almost cloying, with a screechy tar note and heavy patchouli. This in the other hand, is perfect for me.

One thing I like about Angel is that the notes are blended perfectly to my nose. The patchouli, chocolate, caramel, vanilla and honey are all perfect. To me no one overwhelms the other too much. There are elements of candy floss, fruits, berries and tonka bean that show up as well (all of which I love). It's one hell of a gourmand, and I love it!

It's a fragrance which I would love smelling on people and wearing also. I find it a lot more wearable than the men's version, and it just feels "done right" to my nose. Probably best in cooler weather in my opinion, but could probably be worn year round with measured spraying. I think this isn't the beast that people make it out to be (at least to me)... so give it a try!
11th August, 2016 (last edited: 10th August, 2016)
Angel is less shocking in the opening than Angel Men, but whereas Angel Men has some redemption in the base, Angel gets much worse as it develops, a cloying scrubber, and hard to wash off.
08th August, 2016
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United States
The opening is a mix of bergamot and incense helional, full of pure and transparent like the air, and on to a scent of fruit and full of sweet honey gradually spread, taking full feeling and delicious attractive as in the memories of childhood. Finally, Angel will be finished in vanilla, chocolate, caramel and patchouli wood, and sexy, attractive and powerful medium, full of charm.

The scent sensual, warm create a hard to resist the charm for women. Sample bottles impressive design with modern colors. Extremely good fragrance.
21st June, 2016
What could I possibly say that remains unsaid about Angel? Rich, dark, bold, statement-making sexy. I wear it everytime I can, feels appropiate for everytime. I've smelled it on formal events, wine tasting evenings, it even attends my pilates class.

No doubt it was quite a thing when it first came out and owned the gourmand cathegory, but now that same kind of scent has evolved into something intoxicatingly sweet as Flowerbomb or Manifesto, and Angel has another new market like gourmandchuli. And thank GOD for that patchouli, for that's the reason why something that smells edible also screams unedible.

I was gifted my first bottle when I was 16 or so and gifted it away. Then someone else bought it for me and gave it away. I finally purchased MY OWN bottle of Angel at a duty free in Sao Paulo.

It's heavy stuff if youre not into the patchouli note, but I somehow grew into it and welcomed it into my wardrobe. It's siilar to Shalimar -in structure- so you kinda have to wear it to figure it out.

It's a sillage monster, so I go gently on it, and definately wear it when I'm going on high profile. I have to admit that even when so many people wear it, it blends different on my skin -as well on others- and that IS the main reason why I like such a mainstream fragrance, dispite the fact of it's "uniqueness" in the market.

So, if you're reading this humble opinion on Angel and haven't tried it yet, give it a try on your skin and let it ripen. You've probably smelled it lots of times before knowing how it actually blends with your skin.
03rd April, 2016
Angel smells exactly like Morning After Armpits. You know that semi-sweet, semi-sour, semi-BO smell... when your deodorant has all but given up. It's still trying to hang on for dear life, & quell that funky BO that's trying so hard to make it's presence known, but it doesn't quite make it. So you're left with that hot, used up, dirty pit smell.
Angel says "I could really use a shower!"

I've tried wearing this a couple of times & it just smells like dirty BO.

Rub your wrists on your hot, steamy, morning after armpits - you'll get the exact same results & it won't cost you anything.
03rd April, 2016
I can’t really do a BLUF (bottom line up front) for this hot topic…too many moving parts. All I can say is that I’m on the “Love” side of the love/hate dichotomy. It’s a clumsy, unapologetic, fun fragrance with a sense of humor. I imagine Rose Tyler would make the TARDIS smell of Angel.

Yes it’s bold, but it doesn’t strike me as “in your face”. Maybe it’s the way my girlfriend wears it or her particular skin chemistry, but it’s not offensive to my nose at all. I’m in my early 30’s and she in her mid-20’s, for reference.

My layman summary would be: a playful burnt caramel/honey/patchouli...the drydown being almost pure patchouli to my nose, with some sweetness. Maybe I’m partial because my girlfriend is stunning, sexy, and an absolute muse to me and this is her go to, but she wore this long before I became interested in the wide world of perfumery, and I loved it then as much as I do now.

Like many fragrances, over-applying is going to have a negative result…I can see that being the case here more so than with many other fragrances. I’d venture to say some women who wear Angel, might wear a little too much (we’ve all been guilty of this at some point). Longevity is off the charts, sillage is a bit less so but still above average. I wouldn’t call it a full-blown gourmand honestly, but it’s in that realm for sure. I don’t get the cocoa/chocolate that many seem to. It is predominately caramel/honey with a lot of patchouli after the fact.

With the Angel hand cream, on top of the previously mentioned notes I get a bit of sweet urine mixed with fresh hay, but for whatever reason, it smells absolutely sexy to me. It’s kind of embarrassing to read that back to myself, but this stuff just drives me mad, period.
04th March, 2016
Tension created by the mixture of edible and inedible notes is what gives the gourmand genre its particular interest. The mind isn't sure how to react to something that says 'eat me' and 'don't eat me' at the same time.

Angel takes this effect one unsavoury step further with its red fruit syrup, candy floss and caramel served up with plummy rose and white flowers, dark chocolate, mothballs, bitter wood and mouldy rot.

The original, most distinctive and probably still the best gourmand on the planet. Certainly the most wicked.

14th February, 2016 (last edited: 20th February, 2016)
Back in 1992, when everyone the world began wearing Angel, you couldn't have paid me to go near this gimmicky bottle. I wore classics like YSL Paris or masculines like Annick Goutal Vetiver. That was how I rolled.

I seem to recall Angel's peak years around the turn of the millennium. I was wearing Bulgari Black then, or sometimes Fracas. I still avoided the ubiquitous star bottle. I wouldn't even sniff it.

A few years later, I'm wearing Creed Indiana and Tocca's Bianca. Angel was right out then, too.

Life is different now and I'm mich more open minded. My only concern when I sprayed it on for the very first time today was how Angel would wear on my skin. And I'm happy to report that I think it works. I get almost no screech on my skin (thank God), but I do get a nice, slightly browned sugar cookie top note layered over warm cocoa and a fruity incense/patchouli base. Taken together, Angel smells
06th February, 2016
If there were an intelligent species of alien who viewed us as mindless vermin, much as we view cockroaches, then the poisoned bait they'd strew across the planet in a desperate attempt to exterminate us would doubtless smell very much like Angel.


I don't much care for it when people talk about being nauseated by fragrances (unless they really do mean that it causes a literal physical reaction in them, like a migraine or an allergic response). Saying that something smells so bad that it makes you just seems a little tactless to me, you know? I mean, you're basically telling people who like and wear the fragrance that you think they smell gross. It's just not very polite.

So please understand that when I say that Angel turns my stomach, I am not using that phrase as a shorthand for claiming that I think it smells bad (or that you smell bad while wearing it). On the contrary, Angel smells...well, it smells both good *and* bad to me, both tasty and inedible, and that's the combination that causes all the trouble. It's that particular combination of edible/poisonous that triggers nausea in me, as if it causes some primal part of my lizard brain to wake up and start screaming in alarm. It's a combination that doesn't register so much as offensive or "icky" to me as it does as actively *dangerous,* because that combination of "Yummy...oh, no, but wait--" is the sign of food gone bad, a warning of incipient food poisoning. Or even worse, perhaps it's the smell of deliberate *bait.* It's the evil witch's gingerbread house, the sweetness down the gullet of the Venus Flytrap, the urban legend's Halloween apples with razor blades hidden inside of them. It's an Admiral Akhbar sort of thing: one whiff, and every nerve in my body starts screaming "No, don't go near it! It's a TRAAAAAAP!" It's tainted candy, poisoned honey, chocolate laced with arsenic. If there's amber here, then we are the flies.

Angel is to me what I imagine a delicious-looking wriggling worm with a barbed hook sticking through it might be to a sapient fish. Uhhh, yeah. You guys can have that one all to yourselves, thanks. I...I really wasn't hungry anyway.
10th December, 2015
I had to try this divisive scent and the moment it hit me - I recalled it. It was a scent that was popular when I was child. It was everywhere. It was inescapable.

On me, it was a lovely warm cocoa scent...with vague hints of camphor. Once that harshness wore off, it was pleasant enough. Cocoa sweetness. The divisiveness of this scent however discourages me from ever wearing it public. Read some of the negative reviews here. Good for a laugh but also makes one wary.
10th November, 2015
Got a sample vial for reasons of sick curiosity.

Roughly the same experience as when a cat gorges itself on cupcakes and Cadbury Caramello then horks it all up on your pillow.
25th October, 2015