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I was very excited about this perfume thought this was very different. The problem is it didn't smell good on me. I loved it on everyone else and was disappointed when on me it was too smoky and strong. I settled for the tamer Angel Innocent and loved it.
20th September, 2016
I had to try this divisive scent and the moment it hit me - I recalled it. It was a scent that was popular when I was child. It was everywhere. It was inescapable.

On me, it was a lovely warm cocoa scent...with vague hints of camphor. Once that harshness wore off, it was pleasant enough. Cocoa sweetness. The divisiveness of this scent however discourages me from ever wearing it public. Read some of the negative reviews here. Good for a laugh but also makes one wary.
10th November, 2015
For me this was a full powered in your face scent. Having heard so many Thierry Mugler Angel converts talk about this incredible fragrance I had to try it. Purchasing a bottle I found I was so disappointed, I love Amber, Patchouli and scents with jasmine and rose but this just didn't translate.

At first it's full on cotton candy with a hint of musky cocoa. The musk gives it a grown up edge but the cotton candy notes dampened down the adult aspect of this fragrance and I personally was left feeling like mutton dressed as lamb.

It lasted all day, even after bathing which resulted in a serious migraine. I didn't give up, I wanted this to work so badly so gave it a few more goes finally deciding that it was a no-go for me.
14th February, 2014
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Hate then Love

The 1st spray is like spraying insect repellent! If you don't make it past 30 minutes of wear, you will always say that you hate this perfume and that if not anything will keep the mosquitos away. BUT if you are able to pass the 30 minute mark it changes to a warm vanilla. The strong patchouli that you smelled at first dies down tremendously.

Pros: Unisex
Cons: 1st 30minutes"

17th October, 2013
OK, so here's the legendary Angel. For all the drama and notoriety, it's not nearly as sickly sweet as I had imagined it would be.

So what does it smell like? Well, its that synergy that happens when patchouli and vanilla mix and it smells like burnt caramel. It's got lavender and some sort of aromatic green menthol-ish herb on top for brightness. It's also got a milky note, so it kind of smells like dulce de leche, the caramel you get from heating a can of evaporated condensed milk. There's also an animalic undertone, a sort of vaguely poopy sweaty smell like a very dirty child (which was especially unnerving when mixed with the milk smell), as well as some sort of fruits and chocolate. But it all came together to smell like a multi-layered caramel smell with lots of bright non-gourmand aromatics and a thin layer of gross underneath.

Time has proven that you can add almost anything to this Angel formula and get gold. From A*Men and its flankers to the hundreds of gourmands influenced by Angel, this really has launched a revolution. And that's my main issue with Angel - After smelling it with smoke and coffee and malt and woods and cotton candy and licorice and leather and everything else that's been thrown at it, Angel seems a little less compelling than its spawn. The only thing that Angel brings to the table that's missing from its descendants is that gross animalic milk smell, which was the part I didn't like. Aside from its general loudness, I have no technical issues with Angel, but I'd personally much rather wear A*Men or New Haarlem, which take the Angel structure in directions I like better.
05th November, 2012
I love Angel on a scent strip. It's positively sexy and juicy and mouthwatering. But on my skin, it's ONLY patchouli. I got this as a gift in the late '90s and wore it until I ran out. Maybe I'll try it again.
13th August, 2012
After first reading the notes in Angel, I wanted to love it. On the right person, it smells wonderful. But I've smelled it on people (most notable one sitting next to me on an airplane), where it was overbearing, cloying, and smelled like the person was unwashed. I must admit, though, that it doesn't smell as unpleasant to me now as it did 10 years ago. Maybe I'll give it another ten and try again.
15th February, 2012
Okay I can see why people like it but...

It totally smells to me like "apples dipped in honey for Rosh Hashana" from when I used to goto Temple as a kid...

Not for me...
12th June, 2011

I like the smell on other people, sometimes, but PATCHOULI ALERT!
If I apply it I will scrub my skin red to get it off--it's extreme.
Somehow it smells like it is better-made than Angel Innocent, even if I can't wear Angel. I absolutely can't wear it, it took a few tries to realize I really, really don't like it.

I share the opinion that the abusers of this fragrance give perfume-wearers a bad reputation. It's downright unjust!
But those with the lightest hand simply like to have their cake and smell like it too...
It's my mother's favorite perfume, so thank goodness I don't hate it. I don't smell it frequently either, women around here prefer Coco Mlle., Light Blue, J'adore, Juicy stuff and the likes....
22nd March, 2011
Recently, a flight attendant walk passing through me. Long before we're crossing each other, she was reeking this stuff and I can sense it clearly..

Im not sure if she wear the man version or the woman version.. But one thing for sure, it definetely overapllied and bombed the entire plane as she walk around it..

Giving around 3 second of : aahh i wanna bite you, honey

than several minutes hangover of : ughh i can't stand it anymore, please go away, i'm begging you

Well I think it's quite good if not overapllied. Otherwise, you're becoming an active nuclear radiation everywhere you go, reeking this stuff.
12th January, 2011
I am late to the Angel party, and I think that I should have stayed home. My first reaction was "Lolita Lempicka minus anise". Actually, this is a strawberry sundae sprinkled with patchouli and topped with whipped cream. And this is the friendliest patchouli that I have ever known! I don't really like it, but I don't dislike it either. It is what I thought Miss Dior Cherie would smell like but didn't. For whipped cream, I prefer Un Bois Vanille. For a slightly gourman patchouli, I prefer Coromandel. I do like the strawberries, but I doubt that I will be in a strawberry mood very often. Having said all of this, you must give Angel a try just for the novelty of it all!
23rd December, 2010
The star-shaped bottle is very gorgeous, I admit. But the name does not suit this obnoxious fragrance at all. It should be called Demon of Glutton, for the only thing I can smell in the first 2 hours of spraying this is heavy vanilla biscuit soaked in alcohol. True, it's pretty yummy sniffing my wrist, but it's also completely overwhelming. This is one of those fragrances that, if it doesn't interact with the right body chemistry, will wear the wearer, instead of the other way around.
02nd May, 2010
Before I tried Angel, I was afraid of it. I first tried Angel, and I hated it; it was burnt rubber and everything else that people on here had warned of. Very soon after, I was absolutely in love with it and felt incredibly alluring. I applied the whole sample soon thereafter.

I never bought a bottle, but my Angel Saga did not end there. Last summer, I took a vacation with my boyfriend to Malta. Everywhere we went, my boyfriend commented, "what is that horrible stink that I smell everywhere?" It was none other than Angel. I smiled at first, but after awhile it got on my nerves and made my stomach turn once again. I wonder, is it destined to cause such a manic-depressive response in me and so many others?

It is not sort of cliche. Maybe if people forget about it for awhile, I can rush to buy a bottle, but for now I am in hate. I still have to rate neutral only for that brief lusty feeling I had toward it.
10th April, 2010
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I first tried Angel during its UK premier at Harvey Nichols in London. As well as the usual testers, and free samples of fragrance, you could help yourself to Angel flavoured chocolates, which were delicious. I thought Angel's sugary, chocolatey notes were wonderful. I immediately purchased the 15ml Glamour Spray (which looked like a smaller version of the Angel stars, with a silver band round it's outline, and a silver cap, held onto the bottle with a silver chain). I think this has now been discontinued. The Glamour Spray cost £89, and was refillable.

I soon discovered that though I loved Angel that has been sprayed on a card, or on someone else, on me it a pineapple note develops, which overpowers everything. I gave my bottle to my mother; on her it proved an even worse disaster, developing a cat urine smell, which would not go away.

Angel has come along way from its premier, and is now one of the most commonly smelled fragrances, and is sold everywhere from department stores to discount hypermarkets; it is by no means exclusive.

All said, though I cannot wear Angel myself, I will sometimes smell it on someone, and it has turned into the beautiful crisp sugary chocolate concoction I remember smelling at its premier.
29th March, 2010
I loved it for the past few years...lately I find it cloying whenever I put it on..and am looking for a replacement. I still like my L by Lolita Lempicka and used to wear Coco, Opium Obsession - I like the oriental end of the spectrum....I wish Fendi hadn't discontinued Theorema!
20th November, 2009
angelica Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I think Angel was the Opium of my generation. I remember reading about it before it came out, and there were quite a few of us desperate to get it... it was a topic of conversation... there was a buzz. And getting it meant a special trip into NYC from suburban CT, as it was only going to be available at Saks. It really didn't matter what it smelled like, because by the time I got to that counter, I had been dreaming about those notes (chocolate... in a perfume!?), and that gorgeous blue bottle, for so long, there was no way I was going to be deterred at that point. And I actually loved it. I thought it was AMAZING! And everyone else did too. Initially. And then sadly, after a year or so, the whole world seemed to be wearing it too. And too much Angel, as we all know, is not a good thing. I hope a younger generation will rediscover it at some point in the future, and it will take its place amongst the greats of all time. But in the distant future.
10th August, 2009
This frag is very gourmand. While that's not a bad thing.... it's just a bit too much for my taste. I prefer Angel Rose to this.
04th June, 2009
Angel is a most recognizable scent. I have literally followed women through the aisles of stores to see if in fact they were wearing it. I was right every time. It intoxicates me like the cartoons where the characters are lifted off the ground by the wafting scent of something delicious. However, sadly, a friend who loves me much bought some for me, and I am unable to stand it on myself. I definitely cannot wear it anywhere near my nose. I get an overwhelming blast of what smells like pine resin...only much later do I smell it on my clothes and recognize the scent I have loved on other people. I have worn it often and have never been complimented by, that leads me to believe that my own chemistry does not mix well with Angels. I guess I'll just have to enjoy it coming from someone else.
18th May, 2009
I wasn't ever going to try this one. I heard Lolita Lempicka (which I love and wear) compared to it, and not in a very attractive way. Mildly outraged, I thought, But Angel is just so unfashionably...popular! And teenagers wear it! A lot! Say it isn't so. I sprayed it on a test strip at Macy's just to ease my mind. I got pungent and peppery, mostly bergamot, none of the sweet, and none of the softness of my lovely Lolita. Yet I perceived a similarity.
My hairstylist was wearing Angel when I went in last Saturday, and on her it was spice and caramel. This isn't my idea of what I want to smell like, but she wore it very well, and I was curious to find out what my skin would do to it. So off to Nordstrom I went, trolling for samples. After much deliberation, I decided to test it on a work day. My husband's first reaction: "AUGHHH!!! WASH IT OFF!!" Then my cat started licking my wrist. I didn't take that as a good sign. It started out chocolate cake and spice, then turned into berries and spice. But not really the natural scents-- more like chocolate and berry esters, the ones you make in high school chem lab and turn into lollipops. I concluded before we left the house that I in fact smelled like the high schooler whose parents could afford to buy her a Coach bag, while the rest of the girls languished in Fantasy and Old Navy fare (not that there's anything wrong with Old Navy.) I sort of relished the idea of someone commenting on the smell, to which I would gleefully respond, "I know, isn't it horrible?" I actually apologized to my coworkers for wearing such an offensive fragrance to work and promised not to do it again. I smelled Angel throughout the day, with nary a hint of caramel, or even vanilla. Just berries and bergamot, which apparently turns peppery on me. For the better part of the day, I would catch a whiff and think ,Yep, Angel.. Is this peppery-berry thing ever going to go away? Then it happened. Hours later, during one of the busiest parts of the day, I caught a whiff and thought, That smells like Lolita.
So I pondered to myself, WHY??!? The components aren't even remotely similar! I don't even like this one (in theory)! Why do they smell so similar now???
I came home and applied Lolita to one wrist and Angel to the other (one big difference-- Angel lasts about three hours less on me.) So let's get down to business. Somehow, the structures of each play out very similarly on my skin. But Angel's chocolate and caramel are perceivable next to Lolita's anise seed and licorice. The flower and greenery in Lolita make this one softer, warmer, more inviting. Angel is sharper, colder, and darn it if it isn't because of those esters! All that being said, Angel isn't....really.......uhhh.........that bad. There. I said it.
How strange individual chemistry is....

21st January, 2009
In all these years I’ve never smelled Angel, but after years of hearing people on the boards wax lyrical about it, I figured it must be some sort of super fragrance. I’m surprised by my findings. What I’m smelling is a bit of a disappointment. I get a close relationship to A*men, which interested me because I’m not used to the male counterparts of women’s fragrances smelling similar. There is a definite relationship with these two. To my nose, A*men is a more substantial version of Angel and I like that… I don’t mean that Angel is “more transparent” or something of that sort. I mean it has less substance – it seems like an emptier A*men – I guess I’m just unable to adjust my brain to seeing Angel on its own merits. The primary notes that I get from Angel are the chocolate and patchouli: everything else seems to simply come across as a sort of undifferentiated sweetness. I enjoy A*men very much and I guess I expected Angel to be even better. It is not better, at least in this man’s opinion. I’m disappointed, but it’s a small disappointment because Angel is a nice fragrance – I was just expecting it to be phenomenal.

21st November, 2008 (last edited: 31st January, 2011)
Too much chocolate. To sweet. On the dry down you expect to have a little peace but pachuli with chocolate makes a syntetic note that not disturbing but not charming either. But do not listen to me as a am not a gurme scent lover. The only high calorie scent i can enjoy rarely is L from lolita lempcika.
15th August, 2008 (last edited: 29th October, 2009)
I am going to be a lovely little child and break the steoreotype of love hate with this piece of... art.
The bottle, idea, and concept amaze me. I simply had so much hope in this fragrance.
However, once I sampled, at first, I was revolted. I was so shocked, I nearly hurled.
With tears in my eyes and a scrub brush, I tried to get the vile substance off.
But no, it would not budge. And so, I sat indoors, disgusted by the puke cloud of cotton candy and fluffy rainbows.
It enveloped me, tore at how terribly naive I was to fall for another ' classic '.
And then, the storms faded as I experimentally sniffed my wrist a while later.
The vomit sugar bomb had gone, and was replaced with warming comfort.
Honey rang through my senses, and just the right play of a battle between vanilla and chocolate.
I smelt edible, delicious, tolerable, and mysterious yet playful as the caramel then sang.
Once the relief of the mid tones had faded, it settled into a charming musky drift to sleep.
I had never experienced such emotion in the time frame of two hours, hunched over in a daze of wonder.
I love Angel. I hate Angel. I will, for those reasons, never wear it again.
Instead, I will gift the bottle to a dear friend, whose smile at times will annoy and comfort me to no end.
A match suitable, I find, because Angel's love is far too fickle for my senses.
And if by some fluke I do wear her grace again, I will note not to visit anywhere public for at least an hour.
Like a dancer tumbling through the curtains and making an awkward arrival, the top notes are putrid but the aftershow of base and middle are enchanting and pleasant.
But you'd never do it more than once. Or twice.
So ends my experimentation with sickly sweet and dangerous gourmands such as Angel.
How I will miss those days and cherish the never occuring return of them.
As a drug addict looks back on ' those days ', I cannot judge Angel.
Only Angel can judge one such as myself.
30th July, 2008
Nukapai Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I love Thierry Mugler, Olivier Cresp & Yves de Chiris for the sheer CHEEK of creating such a thing. I love the bottle and the name; very clever.

The fragrance is nauseating. It deserves its polarised opinions. I am in the can't-stand-it camp.

I almost didn't try "Alien" by Mugler because of the Angel association. Alien is a completely different scent and has now become one of my favourites.
08th July, 2008
I wish I could smell the foody notes that everyone either adores or detests in Angel. Instead, I get a pervasive body odor/ skank accord that does NOT go away over time. Not "homeless person, haven't had a bath in months" body odor. More like "man working out at the gym, sweating a lot after an hour of cardio, and this is what his t-shirt smells like" body odor. Not necessarily a repulsive smell, but not one I would adore smelling on myself. I haven't read all the Angel reviews yet, but there must be someone out there who gets that scent when they sniff?? I also get it, to a lesser degree, with Alien!
15th June, 2008
zenana Show all reviews
United States
wow, what an experience. on first spray this smells exactly like you've sunk into a vat of ice cream with caramel and chocolate sauce -- there's a sharp, sour whiff of berries. I got very little patchouli. By the end of the night, and on my clothes next day, the stuff smelled exactly like unwashed bodies covered up with a lot of baby powder. I agree with all reviewers that this is an "exciting" fragrance, but it's also nauseating -- I'd NEVER wear it. I'm giving my bottle to my mother, who loves it. She said she used to wear it and adored it but that everyone who smelled her hated it.
26th April, 2008
I've been holding off reviewing it because over the years you become so influenced by what others have found you forget to write what you feel when you smell it. So I pretended I'd never heard of it before. To me, there is something extremely unisex about it. It's clever to use chocolate and vanilla (bitter vanilla) is what I notice most without evoking extreme femininity. Pete Burns wears this. Mugler has also been clever to have the same 'family' smell running through all the series with slight floral differences, but yet not losing the character and definitive common theme. I want to say I don't like it but I can't quite. It's like a celebrity who is quite patently untalented but you have a soft spot for them. It has taken great creativity to make this smell and get people talking and then to use the name Angel. It's almost ironic but fitting-I think if you did meet an angel you would feel uncomfortable but unable to look away and it's presence would stay with you. I really like it on others and find it very moreish-its musky and dry and not too sweet. I have more time for Angel, then say, Dolce and Gabbana The One which is just sickeningly sugary. So Angel, here is my truce and grudging respect. I do not love you, you don't love me (it smells quite honeyish and cereally on me) but you deserve your place and you deserve to be talked about.
27th February, 2007
I got this as a Valentine's gift from my husband. The first time I wore it literally shocked me. It was way too heavy, 'cause, little did I know how much to use, since I'm used to lighter flowery or citrus scents.

Like the brief description on the top, there's no flower smell in this bottle. I did see it somewhere that it also has a hint of mandarin. Maybe that's what it was.... It smelled odd when you first put it on, but as you wear it longer, the vanilla and chocolate stays on and gives a warm smell.

So, remember, use in small amount, so you don't overwhelm yourself and others.
21st February, 2007
This perfume disturbs me deeply, i have to agree with purplebird7. A girl I know that I disliked for a long time wore this. She was the 'village bicycle' you might say. Unfortunately my limbic system associates this scent with very strong memories of her and evokes negative emotions; I just cant stand it. For me it screams 'baby prostitute' (Quote Janice in the film 'Mean Girls')
04th November, 2006
The problem is, I live in Rio de Janeiro. It's hot weather. I can only wear Angel on winter. Otherwise, I intoxicate people and hear lots of complains. I realy love it, too bad can't wear it anytime I want to.
26th October, 2006
I'm afraid I had to sell my bottle of Angel just days after buying it. The first time I wore it,I had to take a shower and change my clothes soon after.

Don't get me wrong, I love this fragrance...on other people. On those with pale, less sallow skin,however, it simply sours in an instant.

I still use Angel body products but stick to Angel Innocence perfume- a lighter, much more wearable version of the original.
14th September, 2006