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What could I possibly say that remains unsaid about Angel? Rich, dark, bold, statement-making sexy. I wear it everytime I can, feels appropiate for everytime. I've smelled it on formal events, wine tasting evenings, it even attends my pilates class.

No doubt it was quite a thing when it first came out and owned the gourmand cathegory, but now that same kind of scent has evolved into something intoxicatingly sweet as Flowerbomb or Manifesto, and Angel has another new market like gourmandchuli. And thank GOD for that patchouli, for that's the reason why something that smells edible also screams unedible.

I was gifted my first bottle when I was 16 or so and gifted it away. Then someone else bought it for me and gave it away. I finally purchased MY OWN bottle of Angel at a duty free in Sao Paulo.

It's heavy stuff if youre not into the patchouli note, but I somehow grew into it and welcomed it into my wardrobe. It's siilar to Shalimar -in structure- so you kinda have to wear it to figure it out.

It's a sillage monster, so I go gently on it, and definately wear it when I'm going on high profile. I have to admit that even when so many people wear it, it blends different on my skin -as well on others- and that IS the main reason why I like such a mainstream fragrance, dispite the fact of it's "uniqueness" in the market.

So, if you're reading this humble opinion on Angel and haven't tried it yet, give it a try on your skin and let it ripen. You've probably smelled it lots of times before knowing how it actually blends with your skin.
03rd April, 2016
Angel smells exactly like Morning After Armpits. You know that semi-sweet, semi-sour, semi-BO smell... when your deodorant has all but given up. It's still trying to hang on for dear life, & quell that funky BO that's trying so hard to make it's presence known, but it doesn't quite make it. So you're left with that hot, used up, dirty pit smell.
Angel says "I could really use a shower!"

I've tried wearing this a couple of times & it just smells like dirty BO.

Rub your wrists on your hot, steamy, morning after armpits - you'll get the exact same results & it won't cost you anything.
03rd April, 2016
I can’t really do a BLUF (bottom line up front) for this hot topic…too many moving parts. All I can say is that I’m on the “Love” side of the love/hate dichotomy. It’s a clumsy, unapologetic, fun fragrance with a sense of humor. I imagine Rose Tyler would make the TARDIS smell of Angel.

Yes it’s bold, but it doesn’t strike me as “in your face”. Maybe it’s the way my girlfriend wears it or her particular skin chemistry, but it’s not offensive to my nose at all. I’m in my early 30’s and she in her mid-20’s, for reference.

My layman summary would be: a playful burnt caramel/honey/patchouli...the drydown being almost pure patchouli to my nose, with some sweetness. Maybe I’m partial because my girlfriend is stunning, sexy, and an absolute muse to me and this is her go to, but she wore this long before I became interested in the wide world of perfumery, and I loved it then as much as I do now.

Like many fragrances, over-applying is going to have a negative result…I can see that being the case here more so than with many other fragrances. I’d venture to say some women who wear Angel, might wear a little too much (we’ve all been guilty of this at some point). Longevity is off the charts, sillage is a bit less so but still above average. I wouldn’t call it a full-blown gourmand honestly, but it’s in that realm for sure. I don’t get the cocoa/chocolate that many seem to. It is predominately caramel/honey with a lot of patchouli after the fact.

With the Angel hand cream, on top of the previously mentioned notes I get a bit of sweet urine mixed with fresh hay, but for whatever reason, it smells absolutely sexy to me. It’s kind of embarrassing to read that back to myself, but this stuff just drives me mad, period.
04th March, 2016
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Tension created by the mixture of edible and inedible notes is what gives the gourmand genre its particular interest. The mind isn't sure how to react to something that says 'eat me' and 'don't eat me' at the same time.

Angel takes this effect one unsavoury step further with its red fruit syrup, candy floss and caramel served up with plummy rose and white flowers, dark chocolate, mothballs, bitter wood and mouldy rot.

The original, most distinctive and probably still the best gourmand on the planet. Certainly the most wicked.

14th February, 2016 (last edited: 20th February, 2016)
Back in 1992, when everyone the world began wearing Angel, you couldn't have paid me to go near this gimmicky bottle. I wore classics like YSL Paris or masculines like Annick Goutal Vetiver. That was how I rolled.

I seem to recall Angel's peak years around the turn of the millennium. I was wearing Bulgari Black then, or sometimes Fracas. I still avoided the ubiquitous star bottle. I wouldn't even sniff it.

A few years later, I'm wearing Creed Indiana and Tocca's Bianca. Angel was right out then, too.

Life is different now and I'm mich more open minded. My only concern when I sprayed it on for the very first time today was how Angel would wear on my skin. And I'm happy to report that I think it works. I get almost no screech on my skin (thank God), but I do get a nice, slightly browned sugar cookie top note layered over warm cocoa and a fruity incense/patchouli base. Taken together, Angel smells
06th February, 2016
If there were an intelligent species of alien who viewed us as mindless vermin, much as we view cockroaches, then the poisoned bait they'd strew across the planet in a desperate attempt to exterminate us would doubtless smell very much like Angel.


I don't much care for it when people talk about being nauseated by fragrances (unless they really do mean that it causes a literal physical reaction in them, like a migraine or an allergic response). Saying that something smells so bad that it makes you just seems a little tactless to me, you know? I mean, you're basically telling people who like and wear the fragrance that you think they smell gross. It's just not very polite.

So please understand that when I say that Angel turns my stomach, I am not using that phrase as a shorthand for claiming that I think it smells bad (or that you smell bad while wearing it). On the contrary, Angel smells...well, it smells both good *and* bad to me, both tasty and inedible, and that's the combination that causes all the trouble. It's that particular combination of edible/poisonous that triggers nausea in me, as if it causes some primal part of my lizard brain to wake up and start screaming in alarm. It's a combination that doesn't register so much as offensive or "icky" to me as it does as actively *dangerous,* because that combination of "Yummy...oh, no, but wait--" is the sign of food gone bad, a warning of incipient food poisoning. Or even worse, perhaps it's the smell of deliberate *bait.* It's the evil witch's gingerbread house, the sweetness down the gullet of the Venus Flytrap, the urban legend's Halloween apples with razor blades hidden inside of them. It's an Admiral Akhbar sort of thing: one whiff, and every nerve in my body starts screaming "No, don't go near it! It's a TRAAAAAAP!" It's tainted candy, poisoned honey, chocolate laced with arsenic. If there's amber here, then we are the flies.

Angel is to me what I imagine a delicious-looking wriggling worm with a barbed hook sticking through it might be to a sapient fish. Uhhh, yeah. You guys can have that one all to yourselves, thanks. I...I really wasn't hungry anyway.
10th December, 2015
I had to try this divisive scent and the moment it hit me - I recalled it. It was a scent that was popular when I was child. It was everywhere. It was inescapable.

On me, it was a lovely warm cocoa scent...with vague hints of camphor. Once that harshness wore off, it was pleasant enough. Cocoa sweetness. The divisiveness of this scent however discourages me from ever wearing it public. Read some of the negative reviews here. Good for a laugh but also makes one wary.
10th November, 2015
Got a sample vial for reasons of sick curiosity.

Roughly the same experience as when a cat gorges itself on cupcakes and Cadbury Caramello then horks it all up on your pillow.
25th October, 2015
Migraine in a star-shaped bottle.

What on earth is that?

I cannot distinguish the notes. They seem squished together like sardines and I'm pretty sure they are angry with me.

Why did the bottle need to look like something reminiscent of decor belonging to Studio 54? Am I missing something? Is there a reference I'm supposed to be getting?

Ouch. The migraine is real.

25th October, 2015
One of my everlasting favorite since 1992. A gourmand that is a party animal and a comforting heaven of caramel, cocoa and patchuli.. A masterpiece, especially, when i think of it as such a mainstream fragrance!
02nd October, 2015
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United States
I really cannot bring myself to like--or even tolerate--this perfume. I will never forget the first time I smelled it--I was with a very attractive, well to do woman (a client of mine) and after a long meeting we all went on to dinner and while we were getting ready to go, she put on lipstick, brushed her hair and sprayed on some perfume. All charming, feminine gestures, except..... When she sprayed on Angel, everyone around the table did a double take--shock, horror, wrinkled noses, watering eyes, the whole lot. I SERIOUSLY thought that she had put on Raid insect killer by mistake--the smell was identical. It makes sense that I would not like it as I do not care for gourmand scents and do not like/am allergic to chocolate. But Raid? Really? Does anyone like that smell? The kicker is that after the dinner, we both flew home together on a very small plane and even in the drydown--which is better--all I could think of is pest control. In all fairness, I did once buy this for a secretary I had as a parting gift--she never wore it in the office, thank God, but had mentioned always wanting a bottle and as she was moving to another town, I thought, why not? I also thought, why?
03rd June, 2015

Absolutely Awesome.When I think About the Word Perfume,I think About ANGEL Immediately. A UNFAILING Perfume. ANGEL is all about Maturity. Heady in a SPECIAL way.It Evokes a lot of Sweet memories for Dignified Ladies. Heavy, Sweet,Bold,Worldy,Provocative,Hot, Creamy,Complex and Classy.

It is not for a Hasty person because The opening notes is Harsh and Excessively Strong as It is a Shock to those used to wearing Light Fragrances but Please Wait Because Minute by Minute Creates a Glorious and Romantic scent.Totally If you are Lucky,it will dry down to a Lovely Creamy on your skin.

It hits you in a Numbing Wave and makes you feel Luxurious.The base notes is the best of it for me.This EVENING scents for a queen in SPECIAL occasions. Surely for WINTER . In my opinion It represents the Essence of Feminine Class.


Longevity?The best part ANGEL for me as It is Legendary on my skin.

18th April, 2015
Definitely a gourmand. Some clashing, fruity top notes can be detected up close but are buried within seconds under a load of artificially flavoured diet caramel custard. Nothing subtle or even chocolatey about this caramel & vanilla scent.
11th April, 2015
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Ambivalence is a rarity in perspectives about Angel. It is one of the infamous “love it or hate it” fragrances which excite me for their novelty alone. Examining people’s facial movements when they first smell Angel is as exciting as watching the reaction videos of people seeing “2 girls 1 cup”. The vulgarity of the two is essentially equal. The result of these two experiences can provoke repulsion and/or fascination. Perhaps this comparison is extreme but, when it comes to mainstream fragrance, Angel is about as scandalous as it gets. As it turns out, I am particularly fond of the uncanny as it appears in this context.
Regardless, Angel’s distinctive odor drives me mad. My first experience after unleashing this monster from its striking bottle ended in complete admiration. It was intoxicating, decadent, and truly addictive. The dissonance of its components allows for a multi-faceted complexity that incites conversation. There is a battle between fruit, honey, chocolate, vanilla, ethyl maltol, screeching brightness, and a deep, earthy patchouli. There are even certain times when the first few moments of its application give me the perception of urine and dirt with some simple syrup poured on. I love Angel all the more for this reason. The individual notes are pleasant by themselves, but cooperate to form a Frankenstein which has that sort of “ugly pretty” quality that is valued in haute couture fashion these days.
Angel is the car wreck that you can’t look away from, the tightrope walk you tense up over, and the trashy reality T.V. show you can’t stop watching. I cannot wear this fragrance without offending someone-- but they're going to have to deal with it.
14th December, 2014
Surprised to get a blast of Christmas at first, like sparkling wintry night. This one gave me some very strange impressions, because after an hour or so, fair/carnival food came to mind. Later I'm visualizing a classroom (art supplies?), though that's admittedly baffling.

After a few hours it got musky on me, and I like it. I really like it. I've been enjoying it all day. Would work very well as unisex, as I'm not getting a particularly feminine vibe.
03rd November, 2014
This gorgeous sexy gourmand scent is not for everone, as is evident from reviews here and everywhere. The first time I tried it, it felt like a slap in the face, offensive and rude - like no other perfume I had ever tried or wished to try (and apparently the first one ever made completely without flowery notes). Several years later I can't get enough. I am not much of a gourmand when it comes to perfume, but the ambery, musky patchouli drydown is what does it for me. It goes on and on forever, like a kid's dream of a day at the tivoli.
30th May, 2014 (last edited: 07th June, 2014)
Heck, let me confess. I have loved this (and Angel A*Men) for awhile. They smell yummy, but not cloyingly yummy to me. Do Not put too much on, however, even the EDT. If you get into an elevator, either people take a step in the other direction, or they fawn all over me. It is actually pretty funny.
To each his own.

The vendors make some very nice Angel-like scents, in sprays and in roller balls, Saves tons of money!!
21st May, 2014
I got sprayed with this by a sales associate who swore this was the closest thing to smelling what angels wore when they have an appointment with THE BOSS.
Silly, gullible, me. I discovered that stupid mistakes can be made even in the "safest" places.

This fragrance is not cheap, simple, or unintelligent. And I could detect some wonderful things in there. I absolutely adore patchouli (right after the fleeting camphor is gone). And I also love resinous smells. There's also something earthy in there. You may think I'm strange, but I also love earthy smells. And those are very prominent in Angel's formulation.

The problem was that I had to overcome my revulsion for what covered the good stuff: a monstrous rotten-sweet breath from hell. Along with that, superlative perversion: there seemed to be some flowers in there - rotting in hell. This perfume is certainly an angel, a fallen angel. I believe you call that a demon. Unfortunately, no church on earth has ever appointed an exorcist that specializes in perfumes.

Have you ever noticed that some of the most horrifying smells in the world are actually very sweet? Super ripe trash can with syrup? Well they managed to bottle just that in there. It seemed tailored to repel, then attract, then repel... until I ran away, confused and quite scared. I had NEVER (until I met Kouros) smelled something so vile coming from a perfume (!?) bottle.

Why scared? I wondered if my mind was REALLY playing nasty tricks on me. It was not. I was forced to fully "enjoy" it because it lasted the whole day on my arm. I did try to wash it out, but it had already adhered to my shirt sleeve. AND there was no soap in the public restroom that I visited. Mere water, along with some desperate rubbing, did not work at all. It did make the "Angel" extend its awesome power to my right hand. Touched, and marked, by EVIL.

Actually, I have used and enjoyed those cheap fragrance oil knockoffs that are available in shopping malls, Indian stores, and street corners. They contain most of the good stuff that Angel hides under its demonic (but not nicely sulphuric) stench. Whoever makes those, can certainly recognize a bad thing when they smell it.
19th April, 2014 (last edited: 09th May, 2014)
I'm a guy, and I sport the hell out`a some Angel EdP, but then again, I'm a hard core Patchouli lover. This juice is insanely intoxicating! I firmly believe that you have to lean on the cusp of enjoying Patchouli to really appreciate Angel because that's a polarizing note in itself, let alone the gorgeous hot mess going about in Angel which is centered around Patchouli. Even after 22 strong years on the market, Angel has never been reformulated, so you're getting the same formula from 1992, and for a mainstream fragrance, it is kinda pricey, but very high quality... niche quality. The opening and heart are beautiful, but the drydown is insanely good. When applied properly, Angel is mindblowing. There should be 2 thumbs to the left over there...
07th March, 2014
For me this was a full powered in your face scent. Having heard so many Thierry Mugler Angel converts talk about this incredible fragrance I had to try it. Purchasing a bottle I found I was so disappointed, I love Amber, Patchouli and scents with jasmine and rose but this just didn't translate.

At first it's full on cotton candy with a hint of musky cocoa. The musk gives it a grown up edge but the cotton candy notes dampened down the adult aspect of this fragrance and I personally was left feeling like mutton dressed as lamb.

It lasted all day, even after bathing which resulted in a serious migraine. I didn't give up, I wanted this to work so badly so gave it a few more goes finally deciding that it was a no-go for me.
14th February, 2014
I was so intrigued upon hearing about this scent. With a name like Angel, I envisioned a heavenly, spiritual scent, and it is anything but! This scent is strong and overpowering and muddled, so much so I had a hard time distinguishing any real notes. The best way I can describe it is like an artist coloring with every color in his pallet until it becomes muddy with no distinct color. " Angel like" it is not. When a perfume leaves you feeling choked up and queasy it is definitely not for you.
With that said I realize my taste in perfume is much different than a lot of people and I can see how this scent could appeal to others...Thierry Mugler thinks way outside the perfumers box and I appreciate that, it's refreshing but for me his scents are so far out there, they are unreachable to me and my tastes. I love his ingenuity though, I think it's revolutionary.
I can tolerate Alien and Womanity, but again, too much for me. My daughter took my Alien and loved it at first but had to roll the window down later just to breathe out of its aura.
In summation, these are very adult pungent scents that command attention, albeit the right attention is for you to decide.
22nd January, 2014
Why there isn't a page for the EDT version? This review is for the EDT.

I bought it blindly after fallen into the A*Men series spell, and I must admitt it does smell like a flanker of the original male scent. It is sweet but I cannot say the source, it is not candy floss for one thing. I smell mostly citrus and patchoulli, a bit of pepper, a bit of vanilla. there is a fruit accord but for me it is very blured, it could be red berries. I don't get the woody note perhaps because I don't keep the EDT that long for real base notes, but I get the clean, musk feeling during the whole life of Angel EDT on my skin, about 4 to 5 hours, before I have a shower, I live in a hot country and in a small enought town for me to go home for lunch, I am a lucky/happy man. also, I don't get praline or chocolate, but a very bitter cocoa powder that geves A a very masculine edge, just like it does in L'Instant de Guerlain. In fact, having in my mind A*Men and Pure Malt all the time it is hard to realize it is in fact a woman's scent. One male scent much sweeter that this is Lalique Lion pour Homme, which is almost sufoccating vanilla for me. So, what makes it a feminine fragrance? There's no flower. No powderness. Angel EDT could be just as well A*Men Pure Citron Limited Edition. Not bad, not bad at all. Can't see why this shouldn't be a safe blind buy.
11th January, 2014
Hate then Love

The 1st spray is like spraying insect repellent! If you don't make it past 30 minutes of wear, you will always say that you hate this perfume and that if not anything will keep the mosquitos away. BUT if you are able to pass the 30 minute mark it changes to a warm vanilla. The strong patchouli that you smelled at first dies down tremendously.

Pros: Unisex
Cons: 1st 30minutes"

17th October, 2013
When I first smelled Angel, I was appalled - how disgusting I thought. It kept drawing me back and smelling it and lo and behold I love it now. I know this is a common experience with people new to Angel. When I wore it, it was definitely strong at first (Don't need alot) but then it dried down beautifully and I can smell it on me all day. Not overwhelmingly, just something I kept wanting to smell. I don't understand why people have that first reaction to it as I did, but boy am I glad I gave it a chance. I hate anything with floral notes (they remind me of a funeral home) so maybe that's why I really like it. Please give it a chance. You may turn out like me!
05th April, 2013
Men seem to love this fragrance while women I encounter have been known to tear-up and sneeze.
On first opening this has a candy meets flower accord.
I smell my grandma's bourbon chocolate candy and divinity competing with a lot of patchouli. Then it simmers down to pleasant vanilla competing with patchouli. Then the patchouli wins. The dry down smells amazingly of soft iris to me. The lotion is to my taste, the perfume being way too strong.
02nd March, 2013
5 stars for being one of the most unapologetic and "out-there" scents ever. Angel pretty much defined the fruit-chouli, gourmand genres back in the day. While I'll always consider Chopard Casmir the original early-90s "gourmand" powerhouse, Angel is far more disctinctive, albeit harder to understand.
I'd hazard to say there's nothing very balanced about the scent at all. It's a very focused sensorial overload of stewed plums, cotton-candy, chocolate-covered caramels, and that sharp green smell of wet, fresh-cut grass. No flowers, no woods, no musk to dilute it whatsoever. Those who love it can't get enough if it, and for those who don't, Angel is an olfactorial assault.
This scent to me is like a friend who bleaches her hair a little too blonde, wears a little too much bronzer, talks a little too loud, and likes her clothes a little too tight. Many times she's a bit too much, but then she has such a lovely heart that I wouldn't ever want to change a thing.

One bonus? Mugler hasn't yet gone the route of some other companies and jumped on the reformulation bandwagon. What I smell today is what I smelt that first time 10 years ago.
14th November, 2012
I did not "get" Angel at first sniff and I had to give it many wearings. What a fragrance! Certainly unique and mature, and far from the candy/fruity scents now so popular.

I admit that it is not for everyone.

This patchouli gourmand is powerful and there is nothing young and flirty about it. It can easily be worn as a unisex with its chocolate patchouli with caramel and vanilla.

For those turned off to Angel, I recommend giving this one time and several wearings before writing it off.
09th November, 2012 (last edited: 11th November, 2012)
OK, so here's the legendary Angel. For all the drama and notoriety, it's not nearly as sickly sweet as I had imagined it would be.

So what does it smell like? Well, its that synergy that happens when patchouli and vanilla mix and it smells like burnt caramel. It's got lavender and some sort of aromatic green menthol-ish herb on top for brightness. It's also got a milky note, so it kind of smells like dulce de leche, the caramel you get from heating a can of evaporated condensed milk. There's also an animalic undertone, a sort of vaguely poopy sweaty smell like a very dirty child (which was especially unnerving when mixed with the milk smell), as well as some sort of fruits and chocolate. But it all came together to smell like a multi-layered caramel smell with lots of bright non-gourmand aromatics and a thin layer of gross underneath.

Time has proven that you can add almost anything to this Angel formula and get gold. From A*Men and its flankers to the hundreds of gourmands influenced by Angel, this really has launched a revolution. And that's my main issue with Angel - After smelling it with smoke and coffee and malt and woods and cotton candy and licorice and leather and everything else that's been thrown at it, Angel seems a little less compelling than its spawn. The only thing that Angel brings to the table that's missing from its descendants is that gross animalic milk smell, which was the part I didn't like. Aside from its general loudness, I have no technical issues with Angel, but I'd personally much rather wear A*Men or New Haarlem, which take the Angel structure in directions I like better.
05th November, 2012
I agree with the previous post...Angel is unforgettable in a BAD way! It is overpowering, aggressive, in your face foul and I have yet to smell anything worse...well, there is still Shalimar but that's not the point. Angel smells like a dirty, trashy woman to me, no offense to those who like it, it smells like an unshowered woman that sprayed perfume on to kill the funk rather than bathe! It is sweet, rancid and just nasty smelling. I have not and will not try it on, I am afraid; and every woman I smell wearing it offends my sense of smell.

I do not like Angel!
02nd November, 2012
I thought I was ready to experience this classic. Gourmand orientals are probably my favorite genre and I'm really into fragrances with character and depth. That said, this is the first fragrance I've tried that made me want to scrub it off my wrist immediately. I fought the impulse and tried to give it some time but I couldn't go longer than 20 minutes.

My first impression was vile. Angel is so sweet it smells dirty. It made me feel sticky and in need of a shower. It smelled like I had my face against a dirty wooden floor after a 4 year old birthday party, in which the raspberry popsicles and vanilla ice cream were a hit, got out of hand and ended in a mess of sticky-faced, noise-picking, obnoxious children. Also brought this imagery of a landfill for popsicle sticks.

It shrieks. I tried to ignore it while browsing the rest of the store, hoping that it would simmer down and reward my patience with something pleasant smelling. But I felt like I was being followed by a banshee.

I do have to give Angel credit for being so salient and uncanny. It evokes memories of my past nightmares. The scent is permanently branded into my memory as a synesthetic image. The main notes I could detect were raspberry, an overdose of patchouli, and a smidge of vanilla. All scents that should be agreeable, but somehow the combination is raunchy and undeniably unforgettable.
21st October, 2012