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The moment I put this on my skin I am transported back in time, to my last years in high school. It doesn't remind me of anyone specific, but rather brings to mind a certain type of girl I went to school with. Pretty, well mannered, glossy haired girls, dressed in crisp white shirts, lamb wool sweaters, and trendy jeans. They got decent grades, were popular with a certain type of boy, and never skipped class. They traveled in cliques and wore tinted lip balm. They may have played field hockey. I guess there was nothing to actively dislike about them, other than their complete lack of distinctiveness. We attended the same school, but lived in parallel universes. Wearing this scent feels wrong, like I've skipped back in time and morphed into one of them briefly.

Other than the associations, it's a pleasant fruity floral; clean, sparkling, up. I don't get much tea out of it.
18th November, 2017
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United Kingdom
Floral light

A gentle manadarin with quite a nice camellia note open the top notes, with the drydown developing a honeysuckle that is quite synthetic but not bad. In the base there is a clear magnolia added, and on my skin it is essentially a floral scent that is sweet but not overly so. Decent silage and projection, with over four hours of longevity.

26th September, 2013
Having lived through the 80s and having my senses assaulted by big 80s perfumes, I can understand how refreshing and groundbreaking this was when released. For me the quality of the ingredients make it unwearable. The top notes make my eyes water, the middle notes are pleasant enough, however the drydown is so sickeningly sweet I can't wait to scrub it off. For me the test of a good fragrance is when I'm still enjoying it 8 hours in and this one doesn't pass that test. Inventive it was; other fragrances have done the tea accord with better quality ingredients since.
01st April, 2013
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this really is perfect parfume creation!
it has all the notes i like! this is my type of scent! i dont like patchouly, ambery, mossy and animalic heavy scents, my nature cant accept easily...but here,

this is perfect creation, but things they have put in smell so cheap and synthetic! that it hurts when putting on, it is masterpiece, smells exotic, but in reality it is synthetic if i compare it with buildings, its like perfect building made of paper....for me to be real must be made of real material!......still i admire it, but cant enjoy putting it on, i wish they can make the same thing but with real stuff!
27th September, 2012
Up top there's a nice, slightly astringent herbal note, quickly supplanted by a piercing floral that never seems to dissolve or diminish. It reminded me of a cup of tea with fourteen spoonsful of sugar in it: no matter how good a brand of tea you use, the grainy sweet sludge at the bottom of the cup is what it all comes down to. One of the few perfumes for which I've ever wished I could hit the pause button during the first minute, and hold it there forever.
30th January, 2010
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United States
I get an instant headache smelling this perfume. I do have a problem with fatty aldehydes, so many of the great classics I can't wear (I try over and over). I was very surprised to have this immediate strong reaction without any aldehydes listed in the notes. I was expecting happy fresh flowers with sweet fruits and I got a blinding frying pan to the head.
I'm positive it is heaven for most people but if you are in the minority it's brutal.
01st July, 2009 (last edited: 09th February, 2010)
This is a VERY strong fragrance. It is actually a nice scent as long as you don't go overboard with it. My favorite Tommy scent for ladies is Dreaming, his newest perfume.
08th August, 2008
This was the first perfume that I ever bought for myself. It was about $100 for 100ml but I really liked it at the time. I remember that the bottle was some kind of limited edition and was completely plated in some kind of silver coating.

Now I just think it's way too in-your-face floral and don't use it any more.

It was a good ride while it lasted. I ended up taking years to use the perfume and finally finished the bottle when it's silver coating was peeling off.
25th October, 2006
I find Tommy Girl to be bright and lively, but there's also something sharp - almost biting to my senses. Among it's many fragrance notes, I am unable to distinguish the specific offender...I much prefer to notice this scent on someone else.
21st March, 2006