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Reviews of Trish by Trish McEvoy

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Notes: Almond Flower, Blue Lotus, Tonka Bean, White Amber, Cashmere Musk, Indian Sandlewood
There're a myriad of these smooth, luscious skin scents out there now...YES! I didn't think I would like this upon sampling for the first time this morning...first impression is a little off...maybe the Lotus...didn't work with the rest of the formula, but the top goes away very quickly which seems to be par for these fragrances. What's left is a honey-smooth (although no honey in this mixture) drydown with a soft amber(thank god for soft ambers), musc, and the cleanest, sexiest sandlewood. Pure golden light for the skin and brain which puts you in a soft mood for the day and evening. Sillage is light to non-existant...perfect for me!
Would I buy this...probably not...way too expensive for me, although if I happened upon some, I wouldn't turn my nose up at it. I get a similar mood from my Jo Malone Nectarine and Honey, and a Muskier, and even more exquisite return from Narciso Rodriquez "For Her" Musc oil, whose fruity notes linger throughout.
I've been seriously investigating Muscs this fall season...for the first time in 30(?) years. Why did I wait so long? They are so earthy, sensual, and "me" in a whisper of a scent.
31st October, 2007