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The best by far of the trio and sadly missed (sniff) Kind of a contradiction... spicy and fresh, sweet and sophisticated, and strangely enough somehow fashionable even trendy (at the time) and yet classically feminine. A sentimental personal fave, reminds me of my first real job and first real love. The latter ended painfully but, like the fragrance, was sweet while it lasted.
14th September, 2009
In my opinion, it is not an unbearable scent, I find it simple and boring. It smells like a light candy note, I do not smell any notes listed above, just sweet light candy. This doesn't last long on me at all and I much prefer Divine and Desire in the Dream Angels line.
20th December, 2008
this scent in my opinion is way too strong. One spray and I am covered in it for hours. My college roommate wore this perfume and it would smell up our dorm room like no other. Haunting.

However, there are some that may like this quality in a scent - most scents I find to wind down and show their base notes more with time but this one does not seem to let go of the florals. Freesia I can definitely smell in this. I am surprised VS lists Vanilla orchid as a base and even warm amber for that matter, the only one I can even remotely smell is sandalwood.
19th September, 2008
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United Kingdom
Top notes: tiare flower, violet leaves, water hyacinth
Middle notes: freesia, jasmine flower
Low notes: sandalwood, warm amber, vanilla orchid..these are the notes according to the VS site, which don't quite match with above..hmm.

I used to adore this and wore it everyday, had the matching products, liberally dusted myself with the sparkly powder, etc. I was also living in the US at the time and spending too much money in general at VS, so.. I'll always have a soft spot for this because it's what I wore when I met my husband in London (and as such, wear it when the evening's activities need a push ;), but I don't think I'll ever wear it regularly again. I'm not sure why, it just seems to have an odd powdery finish that I'm not fond of.
20th January, 2007
Halo is the only fragrance of the Dream Angels Collection that I care for. I love the staying power of this scent. I can sray it on in the morning and it goes strong all day long. I love smelling it on my jackets and sweaters long after I've taken them off.
14th October, 2006
Strangely, this scent is spicy-clean! It reminds me very much of Very Sexy for her (the original)but with more spice. The top notes are a little sharp at first, but they mellow into the sandalwood base very nicely. Light and fresh ~ especially nice if you're not a big fan of traditional florals. I imagine this blend would appeal to a wide array of individuals.
21st April, 2006