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Neutral Reviews of Dream Angels Halo by Victoria's Secret

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In my opinion, it is not an unbearable scent, I find it simple and boring. It smells like a light candy note, I do not smell any notes listed above, just sweet light candy. This doesn't last long on me at all and I much prefer Divine and Desire in the Dream Angels line.
20th December, 2008
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United Kingdom
Top notes: tiare flower, violet leaves, water hyacinth
Middle notes: freesia, jasmine flower
Low notes: sandalwood, warm amber, vanilla orchid..these are the notes according to the VS site, which don't quite match with above..hmm.

I used to adore this and wore it everyday, had the matching products, liberally dusted myself with the sparkly powder, etc. I was also living in the US at the time and spending too much money in general at VS, so.. I'll always have a soft spot for this because it's what I wore when I met my husband in London (and as such, wear it when the evening's activities need a push ;), but I don't think I'll ever wear it regularly again. I'm not sure why, it just seems to have an odd powdery finish that I'm not fond of.
20th January, 2007