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Neutral Reviews of Dream Angels Heavenly by Victoria's Secret

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The opening has a Soapy Plasticy Begining at first but it dries to a
semi sweet Vanilla But it has a bitter
base of Quince an innocent sweetness of freesia and intoxicating orchid.
and the drydown turnes powdery of Iris Violet and musk.
I can also pick up a note of incense
in this too it's clean fun flirty
& sexy!
16th August, 2010
kewart Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I bought a bottle of this whilst on a visit to California,
simply because we don't have a VS shop over here and this is
the scent I liked most in the shop. It''s not a great work of art
but it is easy on the nose and reminds me of my holiday in San
24th May, 2010
I love the mist, but it only lasts about 10 minutes, I agree it would be nice to spray at bedtime.
I tried the edP hoping it might last longer, but it smelled like pure caramel, totally different scent altogether.
So I passed on it.
24th November, 2009 (last edited: 01st December, 2009)
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Haudry Show all reviews
United States
I can see why people like this. It's a very sweet and comforting scent. But, on me it has no lasting power and no sillage. The dry down smells kind of like cake. It would be good to spray before bed or if you want to wear something inoffensive to work.
14th July, 2009
Not sure why this is so popular. Kinda boring and very uninteresting to me. Am I missing something profound???
13th October, 2008
This is **supposedly** according to VS, the "most popular fragrance. I don't get it AT ALL. It's so ... plebeian. Not really very nice...kind of a nothing fragrance. You know, similar to washing your hands with some soap that kind of has a scent. It is so boring I don't even understand why people pay money for it. It reminds me of all those "cashmere" scented things that are coming out now. Not really sure cashmere smells like anything other than wool, but in someone's mind it smells like this perfume. Yawn....
29th April, 2007