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Well, it's 2017, almost 20 years since butterbean's review. My bottle isn't that old. I probably bought it around 2008 or so. I just tried it on after a long hiatus, and remarkably it seems the same as the day I bought it. I didn't think I'd want to wear it again, since I'm nearly 60 and didn't think it would appeal. But it smells so fresh, it brings back my younger days. VS does not make this scent anymore. They now have a collection of fruity body sprays under the Pink name which are light and not long-lasting.
20th July, 2017
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United States
Although I've branched out a bit from Pink (my new faves being Chanel No. 19 and Bulgari Black), I still wear it. It's very appropriate for warm days, or during dreary cold weather when you are dreaming of summer. I don't give a flip that it was meant for someone in her twenties, and I'm well past that age -- I feel pretty when I'm wearing it, and it nearly always lightens my mood. Also, of all the scents in my wardrobe, it's my husband's favorite; he thinks it's sexy.

The top notes are reminiscent of pink lemonade on the grass, and not necessarily the kind made from real lemons. However, I get freesia and peony very soon after the initial burst of "powdered pink lemonade," and this is probably my favorite part of the scent experience. The muguet note is barely there on my skin (a shame, because I love it), just a rounding out of the freshness of the other florals. Gradually this deepens to a lightly warm, woody drydown. Vanilla is listed, but it is very faint on me and I get mostly sandalwood and light musk, with a wash of the fading peony. A far better fragrance than the dreck VS is putting out these days...
11th February, 2009
I love this fragrance, whenever I wear it I would get alot of compliments and it worked very well with my body chemistry and lasted surprisingly long for a Victoria's Secret scent, it really does remind you of "Pink" when you put it on. It always put me in a good mood when I wore it, this was also a fragrance I wore when I was a little younger but would still wear now if I ever get around to buying another bottle.
03rd May, 2007
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I love this fragrance. It is certainly pink. Pink lemonade, pink grapefruit, pink flowers, pink, pink, pink! Fresh, fruity and very pretty. A nice Sunday afternoon fragrance, it's fresh, sparkly and happy. It's not a 100 year old classic fragrance for sure, but it's young, flirty and very feminine. A+ for VS. This is one of their best.
29th April, 2007
A cheery, bright, optimistic fragrance that comes off a bit brassy in the top part of the composition but dires down beautifully and has surprisingly good staying power. As with just about every Victoria's Secret scent - save perhaps two or three - Pink has that floral-fruity thing going on for the most part, and in this case we're talking *pink* flowers and *pink* fruits, particularly grapefruit (though I think that's more the mandarin - pink mandarin? - and bergamot coming through, as grapefruit's not actually used here.) The topnotes are a bit tart and a bit fresh but also a bit fake. It's not until you're well into the drydown that the scent loses its fakish edge and begins to smell like soft peonies and freesia, tempered by a jot of spicy warmth from the juniper. Eventually, the florals too fade and you're left with a dusky, lightly powdery scent that remains, subtly, for a remarkably long time. Two sprays on the same spot easily lasts up to eight hours, which is truly impressive for something relatively light to begin with and not all that intense.
20th September, 2005