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Negative Reviews of In Love Again by Yves Saint Laurent

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Mostly I smell blackcurrant - both leaves and fruit. I find it sour and with a sharpnees that sets my teeth on edge. My husband bought it for me when we revisited Paris where we spent our honeymoon. How many sad unloved bottles of this vile stuff have been bought because a husband wanted an obvious romantic gift?

Since then I have trained him to be more discerning and less literal!!!
13th May, 2010
I am one of those people who turns Pamplelune into catpee; so did happen with In love again too after ten minutes. The first 10 minutes are pleasant; but then I get catpee and hairspray.
Reminded me very much of Babydoll,( wich I love and can wear )at first.
I'll stick to Babydoll when I'm in the mood for a summer scent like this.
05th May, 2007