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21st February, 2018
In Love Again, this one the La Collection version. I bought it to layer with Kelly Caleche. They play nicely together being variations on a theme first explored with ILA, then petalled up for Rose Ikebana and then kid leathered up for Kelly Caleche. Jean Claude Elena has stated that his Hermes perfumes are for day use, in keeping with the staple wardrobes of the fashion house. Let's not forget those Hermes scarves either. You can femme up for evening but it is good to reach for a perfect day fragrance. Without resorting to Light Blah this reworking of YSL's "In Love Again" joins the fragrances that I will wear when playing with my grandchildren; that probably means skin to carpet and rusk smearings. Narciso Black, Pierre de Lune, Eau du Sud and In Love Again.
23rd April, 2016
to me, this smells exactly like a fresh rose bloom . Say, a pink, apricot or yellow rose. Lovely.
16th August, 2012
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I first smelled this on one of my classmates when we were students during a pediatrics rotation at a large hospital, and I will never forget it. She was coming in from the cold one winter morning, and I got a whiff of this perfectly sweet lovely fresh fruity/floral fragrance trailing from her heavy wool coat. I stopped her immediately and asked her for the name, and she told me, "It's in Love Again." So I looked it up directly and bought a bottle.
This is a warm citrusy rich floral with lovely sillage and longevity. I would call In Love Again a sister to Kelly Caleche, and Rose Ikebana...and a cousin to Jean Claude Ellena's other fruity florals. In Love Again is sadly discontinued (again) but hopefully someday it will be relaunched (again). If you are a Jean Claude Ellena fan (like me), pick one up if you get a chance.
30th May, 2011
I smell grapefruit and as someone mentioned somewhere else, a subtil hint of grape leaves, like a vineyard. Dries down nice on me as most frags end up too overpowering me and give me a headache throught the day. Not this one!
20th April, 2007
In Love Again must be the fraternal twin to Eau D'Hadrien. EDH's lemony topnotes and woodsy drydown are mimicked here... ILA begins with grapefruit citrus topnotes and clearly a more musk laden drydown - much lighter on the wood notes. For my senses, it comes off VERY uni-sex. Remains slightly sweet. Appropriate for wear during the heat of summer. Classy too!
12th May, 2006
This smells like grapefruit and blackcurrants.
14th March, 2006
I just adore this fragrance. It is very light, happy and fresh with nice grapefruit notes. I understand that it will only be available every four years, and although the bottle is 100ml, I honestly think I will buy a second bottle in case I run out.
02nd December, 2005
A refreshing fragrance for modern women. Top notes include grapes, grapefruit, brimbelle. Middle notes include tulip tree, grapefruit, water lily. Base notes possess a touch of blackberry, sandalwood, mush.
06th November, 2005