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Negative Reviews of X-Centric by Dunhill

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I normally like Dunhill fragrances - a lot.

But this is rubbish.
It's VERY light.
All I smell is a weak rubbery note and maybe a bit of ozone.
Stays incredibly close to the skin.
Stupid bottle top as well.
Very disappointing.
24th January, 2011
This is the only Dunhill fragrance that I've worn and not enjoyed. I bought it blind, and since it was Dunhill I thought it would be appealing to me. It has a weird and synthetically cloying smell, not unlike Burberry Touch and Kenzo colognes. A major disappointment.
12th January, 2011
I really wanted to like this perfume a lot. Judging just by its notes it sounded so apealling, but I could not find the "Eccentricity" of this perfume at all. It is so common, actually it reminds me of several other scents. The word for it is "mediocre", and that is being generous. On the other hand, it is not repulsive, it is actually pleasant and I could wear it anytime, specially if I want to go unnoticed because it will no call the attention of anybody. (Good "camouflage" scent???) LOL
12th December, 2010
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X-Centric: synthetic to the max but not necessarily unpleasant: Annoying opening - generic middle - nice base.
10th August, 2009
CologneJunkie says it best: Hugo or some such nonsense, with a none-too-lovely drydown of cheap deodorant soap. The PERFECT gift this Christmasolstihanumas for any relatives you love to hate (and vice versa).
16th October, 2007
Hmmm .... weak thin & watery .. smells like a child covered in watermelon ,, thank god for Edition & others by Dunhill
26th May, 2007
I was at Marshall's today checking out their sales & I saw this. I gave it a quick spritz on the back of my hand. BLECH! Way too strong and masculine for my liking. I asked the nearest SA where the bathroom was & she said in the back behind the shoe racks. Well, when I got to the shoes, I found they had several pair of Converse Chuck Taylors, which I adore. So I checked out the Chucks for several minutes before I got to the bathroom to wash it out. Before I took the soap to the back of my hand, I sniffed what the drydown was like. To me, it smelled just like Hugo! Again, blech. So I scrubbed my hand, and of course 3 hours later I can still smell it. Now, it smells like Coast soap.
13th September, 2005
X-tra boring! --Dunhill is appealing to the masses on this debockle. It's not a bad scent at all, but it's neither original OR memorable in the least. Run-of-the-mill scent; comes out fresh, fades fast.
02nd July, 2002 (last edited: 27th March, 2003)
No I was not impressed ! It smells very much like Nautica Latitude and Longitude.
The bottle is quite impressive a much funky modern purple version of the Desire bottle.
I was very much impressed with Desire when it first came out. This one is a let down.
01st September, 2001