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Neutral Reviews of X-Centric by Dunhill

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United States
This is the best of the least--by which I mean that at Dunhill's lowest ebb, they were producing some really mediocre scents. X-Centric, which is from that period, is not bad. For Dunhill, which was and wants to be again a serious fashion brand, the gimmicky name (XS all over again.....) and the gimmicky bottle (albeit from a house known for its lighters) seem out of line with their image. The scent itself? Woody, floral and spicy--quite nice, actually, if a little artificial smelling. Some of my favorite notes, clary sage (which Dunhill has always used to great effect) and Guaiacwood, along with the cedar and cypress, create a woody base for the very floral heart and spice notes. With the amber and patchouli this could almost be a masculine floriental, but one that has been put on a diet. The ad campaign seemed totally at odds with this scent, which is neither dangerous nor eccentric
12th May, 2015
One part fresh aquatic fragrance mixed with one part spicy woody fragrance. It's all quite subtle to my nose. Not as in-your-face and synthetic as some of the other Dunhill fragrances. It's nice, but not nice enough to add to my "To Buy" list.
30th September, 2008