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Smells great. I definitely get a green sense from smelling 212 in a vial and first waft on my skin. I got a bunch of high end samples and this was one of them. Just putting 3 dabs from a finger on my pulse points, 3 dabs in total, i got great longevity and sillage on a hot amd humid day. It reminds me of walking passed another male and thinking, "hmm whatever he is wearing smells great" . I sort of feel like it smells like an already died down scent. It's similar to Eternity in broad terms, but not as obvious. I love it and plan on getting a bottle.

If you like green, this is for you. Eternity, even darker scent lovers may like it. Wouldn't be a regretful blind buy fo sho
20th August, 2017
I get more of the spice and pepper in this one. Maybe it's my body but I don't get much of the citrus or green scents coming through. It definitely has longevity and sillage.
17th June, 2017
Nearly a perfect summer men's fragrance. A pleasant fresh, citrus, and masculine fragrance that projects well and lasts a full day. What more can you ask? Carolina Herrera hit this one out of the park.
04th March, 2017
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Such a classic! The musk and sandalwood combo stays pleasant on me all day. Elicits compliments and simply a joy to wear.
14th November, 2016
I have got a lot of compliments from this fragrance & I used to love it, longevity & projection both excellent.

However, lately (SOMETIMES) I am getting a weird vibe which reminds me of "Gutkha" (a kind of chewing tobacco with betel nut) which is widely available in Indian Sub-continent.

The problem here is it actually smells like the Gutkha is chewed & spat out on a Mild steel plate which is rusting.

Hence the smell i get is the rusting MS plate with some fresh green accords.

Really weird!!!

27th September, 2015 (last edited: 29th September, 2015)
this is one of my brother's favourite fragrances and for a while i had to borrow it from him, because i didin't own any fragrances.

from the moment I sprayed it, i was hooked. it gave me this fresh,ultra modern and cool smell, that made me think i was the coolest and best semlling dude out was amazing.

after purchasing a bottle and wear it for several months now, i began to detect the metalic and musky note in the dry down, and i have to say it is a little cloying and anoying to my nose.

this is a perfect casual outdoors scent for spring and fall. be careful with the trigger though, or you will choke people up!

13th September, 2015

One of my all time favorite scents and one of the best from CH too.It is really FRESH,SUMMERY and COOL fragrance.Reminded me of a beautiful Garden after rain!

A great starter fragrance,Nise sour,Top notes is a little Aquatic but middle/base are Light.ROMANTIC and suitable for HOT moments.212 is a spirit an unforgettable experience for me.

Good sillage and long is a good idea for a peresnt at a modern man.Perfect for most situations example OFFICE,INTIMATE and EVERYDAY.why?because it is loveable specially for ladies and you often get compliments of them.

11th May, 2015
Nice grass freshness a bit sweetness but then dries down to a peppery base which its
too much for my taste.
But a good creation for sure.
04th October, 2014
A little on the synthetic side but still love it

Great summer scent. The projection is heavy IMO and the longevity is out of this world ESPECIALLY if on clothes. In the mornings i will hit my pulse points and will still smell it on my clothes 3 days later even though they've been sitting in a hamper.

Dries down to a nice mellow scent. Can't be beat for the money.

Pros: Nice clean sweet smell, longevity, great projection
Cons: synthetic opening"

22nd July, 2013
I really like this fragrance. It works really well on my skin. It's kind of clean and kind of boozy at the same time. It works well with someone who smokes, if that makes sense. I think it's great.
27th March, 2013
About ten years ago, this was one of the best synthetic frags around. Now, that I've sampled so many frags its just ok. Definitely a good club frag. If you are new to the frag scene, you might want to check this one out. A good blind buy.
03rd November, 2012
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United Kingdom
Starts off cool, I get the green grass in the opening and a light citrus, however after i've had it on for an hour or so and it's warm outside the Gardenia shines through for me and adds some warmth and gives a very light floral smell which i enjoyed. A solid classic in my opinion great in summer/spring. decent longevity as well.
31st August, 2012
212 Men
My divine flight of fragrances began with the insouciant acquisition of 212 men by Carolina Herrera, so with no doubt this fragrance holds a very special place in my heart. I remember very profoundly my first reaction after sniffing this juice was, just like any other individual out there = hmm yea, I got hit by something very fresh, clean and soapy but somehow it is very unique.
Well this uniqueness in the blend is certainly distinctive enough to mystify any untrained nose. Hence, could very well be the reason of this cologne being widely appreciated, especially in Tropical countries.
Presentation= I thought being a designer house; Carolina Herrera did a reasonable job with the presentation of the bottle. It’s a cylindrical shaped Bottle layered in metallic grey color, which is supported by a magnetic cap. Nice concept but it is hard to relate this bottle with the juice inside, both are poles apart. The sprayer has a wide reach and it works pretty decent. Now this fragrance performs best when you spray more and with a good atomizer, I think it is a safe recipe to ensure that people repurchase this bad boy in quick succession.
Scent= For all the enthusiasts of green smells, this fragrance should certainly be sitting at the top of their list. This fragrance opens up with a flash of moist and fresh cut-green grass note, which is very well supported by a crispy ginger smell and allusion of lavender. The fluent partnership of these notes lasts for at least one hour, ensuring the opening of the smell to be pleasantly unusual. After an hour or so, ginger note starts losing its influence on the fragrance and tames down enough to bring forth the sweet creaminess of the florals. The sweetness is not overwhelming, it is very tender and for some reason the projection of the scent remains potent throughout this phase. The makers made sure that the sweet and gentle florals notes didn’t affect the projection of the scent. Eventually musk emerges in the last segment of the dry down and fosters the scent till it fades away completely. The life of the fragrance is at least 8-10 hours on any given day, which is an ace for a spring/summer fragrance. There are good numbers of ingredients employed for this juice, but that doesn’t make it a complicated scent. The fragrance can be easily used for multiple intentions, hence amplifies the versatility factor to a great extent. So anyone who wants to smell good should reach out for this offering from Carolina Herrera.
Analogy= This fragrance celebrates its 13th birthday this year, but it still smells very much modern. I imagine a contemporary green house garden in the middle of a city on a nice summer morning. This garden is enclosed by the glass walls, so the smell of the fresh grass and flowers doesn’t escape and easily mingles up into a sensuous scent cloud. A man who just took a shower with a ginger shower gel enters the garden in a white T- shirt and Blue jeans, lies down on the grass bed and waits to feel, the first warming rays of the sun to kiss his face.
30th May, 2012
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United States
Out of all 66 positive reviews of this, I expected someone to bring up the strong comparison to Creed's SMW, but no!
I know this has been out for a while now, and I think I tried it on back in the day, but today I fell for this in Sephora...My wife wore 212 on our first date and the men's version came out a year or so after that, but I didn't give it a serious try. Today I smelled a strong similarity to Silver Mountain Water by Creed (my all-time favorite scent). Lasting longer, costing a fraction less, adds up to a quick decision to pick it up! I smell it on myself (after one spray to the neck) still after 6 or 7 hours now! Sort of soft, sort of strong, I can see why many say this should be marketed as unisex, but I love it! I'm giving it a shot!
27th March, 2012
This is light, fresh and green (tea leaves).

It's also dull, and somewhat generic smelling.

It won't turn heads, but some will like it.

Seasons: Summer
Age: Under 35

Rating: 6.5/10

Verdict: Not impressive, but decent.
14th March, 2012 (last edited: 22nd June, 2012)
Smells good, worn it twice and received compliments from females both times. Has great longevity. I used one spray on my neck, I personally can smell it all day long. I can also smell it on my clothes for a few days.
06th February, 2012
What a great fresh fragrance - starts with fresh green herbs/grass, then transcends to something spicy musk, and then finally settles down to its woody base not loosing its initial charm of notes.

All in all a very safe fragrance, you cannot go wrong with this beauty; sillage is very good, longevity is awesome and projection is excellent! I would suggest this as a buy for all age groups, according to me it's a sophisticated fragrance, displays class!
03rd October, 2011
An awesome all year around fragrance where we have the dominance of green notes giving a recently cut grass aroma mixed with some sort of metallic vibe into it. Great for who is just getting into fragrances.
21st August, 2011
FISS80 Show all reviews
United States
I really enjoy this scent!! I am not a summer fragrance kind of guy because I really enjoy smelling dynamic and changing scents and it seems most of the scents that fit this category are made for fall/winter wear. Another reason is that almost ALL summer scents disappear from my skin with an hour niche and designer alike. I decided to peruse the blogs on basenotes and find a few summer scents to wear because I have no choice but to wear a summer scent(pensacola,fl 100 percent humidity everyday lol!!). I came across reviews of this scent as well as Bleu de Chanel. Originally I felt that Chanel was the fragrance that I would choose after spraying both on my wrists because I felt that 212 was not projecting as much as I had hoped. I was happily mistaken!! While I was in line to pay, I smelled this wonderful green scent and lo and behold it was 212!! I had never heard of this scent before joining basenotes and I have never smelled anyone wearing it. I promptly left my place in line to go get a bottle and I am so glad I did. It seems as if as the day goes on the silliage actually intensifies. It has only been a day but I am very happy that I made this purchase. A definite smell before you buy though.
26th July, 2011
chet31 Show all reviews
United States
I tested this several times, most recently against Azzaro PH, previously against Dior Homme and Dior Eau Sauvage. I preferred the initial notes of all three of the comparisons over the 212. It was hard to compare them on dry down, since the 212 did not last for me (nor did Eau Sauvage, for that matter). It's not that the 212 was unpleasant, but it's hard to get excited about it when I know 3 of 3 comparators were preferable.
03rd June, 2011
Beautiful freshly cut grass top notes, and the dry down is to die for. Great longevity, i get anywhere between 7-10 hours on my skin. Have had many compliments with this fragrance, and it projects extremely well on my skin. Reccomend this one for 18-30 year olds. Great for the summer!
17th May, 2011 (last edited: 26th May, 2011)
Great smell. Very versatile.

Smells like a metallic grass that dries down to a floral musky scent. Can be used for any time of the year and for almost any occasion. Kids stay away I say.
01st March, 2011
A sweet, fresh, slightly powdery fragrance reminiscent of the smell of fresh cut grass. Yes it smells somewhat synthetic, and yes it smells good. Dries down to the distinct Carolina Herrera DNA/house note found in Chic for Men (minus the watermelon and cinnamon found in that fragrance). Great for spring & summer!
31st January, 2011
This fragrance is to die for (again, only in Summer). It reminds me of fresh cut green grass. So pleasant and at the same time so modern, even after 11 years, it smells great on me. Sometimes, i couldnot get enough, so I even wear it in winter, mostly when I am at home.
Ladies love this but the downside is that this is one of the most popular colognes and almost every young man has this. That will not stop me from buying this. Great refreshing smell and lasts decent hours (5-8).
26th December, 2010
Fresh, cold and somewhat elegant. Longevity and projection are moderate on me. Scent itself is quite unique and appreciable. Despite just moderate longevity and projection, I have to give this one a thumb up.
10th March, 2010
This cologne is very famous here in Brazil. It's very common to find or to hear about guys wearing this fragrance. Maybe this is due the fact that 212 Men lasts long and can be used in many ocassions (during summer or winter, day or night, formal or casual events). I love it. 5 stars!
07th March, 2010
very impressed with the longevity of this one
the sandalwood at the base is very powerful & stays there forever
staying power excellent
23rd October, 2009
After a bland, kind of sheer and clear fruity/floral opening that reminds me of a stronger and more synthetic version of L'Eau Par Kenzo, we get a heart and base with a shocking lack of blandness!

I always just assumed that the base would be that ambery-wood accord that perfumers seem to toss around so often, which is why I never really gave it the time of day. But 212 turns very dry with (just as jenson says) incense and sandalwood, softened slightly with some sort of clear musk - exactly as the pyramid says (which certainly doesn't happen often for me). Excellent! It smells rich without being overbearing.

I'm still not a huge fan of the opening, but the outstanding base smells like it could have come from something much more expensive and well-regarded.
22nd September, 2009
What a discovery this has been for me...i know i know, this sounds like i was born just yesterday! i mean this has been around for so long and somehow, i just ended up dimissing it on card test/opening accords.. well, today, i had my arms free for 4 scents (sampling session in a mall)...very randomly i chose to spray 212 on my upper Palm... 1 minute into the scent and i felt, hmmf..wasted one spot..i should have tested something else, coz it felt very generic..fresh, musky, gingery green accord..i had sampled a lot of other scents in between and had almost forgot what i had on my left upper palm towards the end...i just kept on going back to it..what was generic an hour ago had morphhed into a pretty "Sandalwoody"+incense+white clouds kinda accord. an accord that i could compare with Tam Dao or a Gucci Rush with bits of Kenzo Air in there...absolutely lovely! just goes on to show how skin test is the only way to judge a fragrance...i was late to sample this scent, a scent which probably everyone on Basenotes has tried/sampled decades back//
20th September, 2009
A SUPERB classic here in Brazil..
I bet it has copaiba oil in it...this is the green secret.

10 thumbs up!
18th September, 2009 (last edited: 08th November, 2009)