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Positive Reviews of 273 Rodeo Drive for Men by Fred Hayman

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Brut at half volume!

Disliked Brut in the 60's.

Stayed away in the 70's.

Thought it had disappeared in the 90's.

Now to 273.

Once you get past the Bergamot, Lavender

blast. Things get better.

In the drydown, I find quite a pleasant touch of

Oakmoss. Mmm.

This seems much simpler in composition to the Brut..

I kind of like it.

Sampleworthy. Yes! Bottleworthy. No!
29th June, 2015 (last edited: 22nd June, 2016)
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United States
273 for Men opens with a blast of what is primarily lavender, joined by a supporting bergamot note that adds just a faint citrus sparkle to the heavy floral onslaught. The now slowly receding lavender remains well into the heart before giving way somewhat to a very strong musky cedar accord that takes on the mantle of the starring role, sweetened by supporting amber and slightly powdery oakmoss from the base. Projection and longevity are exceptional.

273 for Men is the epitome of the 80's powerhouse scent in every way. It goes on super-strong with its lavender floral, and it stays strong throughout, adding its even stronger cedar and musk tandem later. I definitely do understand the Antaeus comparisons, but the woody-floral composition of 273 for Men is no clone, only passingly resembling the Chanel classic. Whether you will enjoy 273 for Men will depend on how you feel about slightly sweet masculine florals. I am not the biggest fan of the genre (rose scents withstanding), but I definitely can respect this rather minimalist composition and do not regret my blind buy. I *do* regret the very shoddy nature of the bottle design including its extremely cheap feeling lightweight plastic cap, but I guess Fred Hayman had to cut corners somewhere to get to its $15 street price per bottle. The bottom line is 273 for Men does not set the world afire, but it earns a "good" 3 stars out of 5 and a "buy" rating if you like collecting woody lavender minimalist throwback compositions "on the cheap."
05th October, 2012
I do not believe this does not have castoreum in it! I think that is one of the reasons people are getting the likeness to Antaeus. Besides the musk, there is something very animalic about this that smells an awful lot like castoreum. If you like Kouros, Portos, Antaeus, you will most likely like this as well. I have a vintage mini of this, but judging from what others are saying, this still has an animalic edge to it. Amazing for the price.
08th June, 2012
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Way more than you would expect for $13.

I understand why people compare 273 to Antaeus - there's something in 273's cedar/oakmoss/smoke accord that has the same weird mintiness as Antaeus' beeswax. This is much drier and less complex than Antaeus, but it's shockingly good for the price.

Dry, almost burnt herbs sweetened with a very cinammony cedar drive this smoky fragrance. As Bigsly points out it's not too far from Jacomo de Jacomo, though I find 273 more pleasant. There's a kind of candied, floral softness to the smoke in 273, and at least a little incense. Again, as Bigsly said this is a very niche-y scent, not what you would expect for something so inexpensive. Because it is so unusual I find it pleasantly unisex - it's certainly not girly and flowery, but it's definitely not conventionally masculine.

273 has some layers to it - it flickers back and forth between something very bitter and smoky and something very sweet and smoky. Really a nice surprise. Kind of a wearable spin on what Mugler was going for with B*Men.
10th October, 2011 (last edited: 17th December, 2011)
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United States
This is something of a traditional, dry, herbal fougere. Don't think you are getting a fragrance that is very close to Antaeus with 273. I don't find there to be much of a similarity at all, actually. The top notes could be similar (both may have a strong lavender note, for example), since I avoid top notes as much as possible, but the rest is very different. Antaeus features strong beeswax and castoreum notes, which are totally absent in 273. Instead, it is closest to Jacomo de Jacomo (1980), once the strong clove note in JdJ dissipates (note that 273 is woodier). 273 is a simple fragrance, but it does a lot with a little, and doesn't have a "synthetic" or "chemical" quality. For the first hour or so, there is a smokey and almost phlegm-like quality, but it's quite interesting once you get used to it, and a nice change of pace when you are in the mood for it. It takes quite a while for the cedar to emerge, and it's not that strong. The amber and oakmoss continue for a long time. Longevity and projection/"sillage" are very good, but you have to be careful with olfactory fatigue with this one. You can buy this one very cheaply now, so unless you don't like the notes listed, it's definitely worth considering. What I find interesting about it is that it has an almost "niche"-like quality, in that it focuses on a small number of notes and is natural smelling. Moreover, I'm not sure for what social occasion this is intended, if any. It's a bit harsh at first, so many wouldn't want it as an "office fragrance." It's clearly not "romantic," nor is it for partying. I guess it could be good for some sort of leader or boss who wants everyone to know who is in charge.
07th May, 2010 (last edited: 25th April, 2011)
Funky, Deco-ish bottle on top of a deep, warm, smoky floral scent. The poor man's Antaeus, indeed! Good stuff -- well worth every penny and then some. Perfumania has the best price I've found.
27th March, 2007
FYI - this smells almost exactly like Antaeus by Chanel
08th July, 2004
Floral yet very masculine. Like nothing else I've smelled. Very strong, yet mine is only cologne strength. Goes a long way and won't quit. Doesn't evolve much but smells great from the start. Not many supporting products that are widely available though.
The box is bright yellow with red writing, uniquely shaped. The bottle is a black pyramid, slightly slanted, with red writing. Very different from other bottles and easy to spot.
Named after Fred Hayman's Rodeo Drive boutique address, 273.
23rd December, 2002