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Love or Hate...

Such a unique smell. Chocolate & Patchouli coupled with Coffee & Caramel. I think the main thing here is that the sweetness of the gourmand aspects are counterbalanced by the patchouli note. Without this note (and the tar as well), then this fragrance would be nauseatingly sweet. I think this is a very clever concept on the part of the perfumer.

When I first tried this, I was taken aback by the harshness of the first spray. It seems like the tar, lavender and patchouli dominate all within the first 30-40 mins. It's only until later that the coffee, chocolate and caramel blend into the composition beautifully, leaving a wonderful chocolate skin scent by the very end.

Angel Men/A*Men is a fragrance which takes you on a journey. It's not always apparent from the start where you will end up, but it's worth the wait. I would say if you are trying this for the first time, then please give it time to develop on skin. I think you must like chocolate or gourmand fragrances to warm up to this one. I am impressed and I think it's good value for money. Maybe don't overspray but nevertheless the coffee & chocolate caramel drydown at the end is irresistible and well worth the patchouli and lavender phase in my opinion. Great overall fragrance and one which was a trendsetter in perfumery. Definitely worth a try.
15th March, 2016
3rd time owning...seems to smell different each time. Formally more chocolatey, now seemingly more tarry? IDK. Still good though. I don't know if I want a 4th. Probably another flanker first.
16th February, 2016
This fragrance has hands down proven two basic facts for me...." Never Judge a fragrance in a single wearing" and "our nose change with time and age". When i first tried it in 2004 i discarded it immediately and thought of it as SHIT. those were the days when i was in love with Cool Water and only preferred fresh aquatics. Today in January 2016 this smells like heaven to me. I bought it in December 2015 Christmas and have enjoyed it thoroughly. It is a fragrance best experienced in Cold weather. It warms you up and makes you feel cozy.
Another thing about this fragrance is that it grows on you. First wearing it was ok, Second time it was Above average, third time it was good and now after a dozen or so wearings i absolutely love it. I even enjoy the harsh opening tar note to the fullest. Its to the point of being addictive now.
As a fellow member wrote this fragrance is almost like a living being. It evolves on your skin and smells different upon each wearing.
The honey and chocolate in the drydown are amazing
The coffe in the middle is spell bounding.

A true masterpiece.
14th January, 2016
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This is one of the most complex fragrances i have ever come across.
It behaves differently in different conditions & keeps you guessing all the time.
The dry down after 2 hours is simply amazing, smells like a chocolate cake + cookies + rose & jasmin.

Sometimes smells like chocolate cookie dipped in with milk & made a paste of. (Real gourmand)

Projection: Excellent
Longevity: 16+ hrs

18th November, 2015
Well, as modifications go, it starts out very interestingly. The high note blasts of the original Angel (Harold Hill's Brass Band) are "subdued" by a dark, spicy woody affect that won't frighten the horses and that makes the original Angel, lurking in the background, snorting, pawing the ground, feel a bit sleepy.

No fear. In about half an hour, the dark, spicy, woody affect has disappeared and we are back to the original Angel, all the louder for the nap it has taken. Actually, I rather liked the new notes and sort of wished the original Angel had taken a powder after introducing them.

Love the original, but no need to seek out this variation, unless you want to keep spraying it every half hour. Pleasant, but so wish the new boy on the block had stayed longer.
07th November, 2015
This is bad. Just very, very, very bad.

An an experiment, or some kind of joke, then go for it, but I cannot see how anyone smelling of this can be taken for less than an attention-seeking know-nothing. I feel embarrassed for the wearer when smelling this on others.
01st November, 2015
I blind bought this over Bvlgari Black some time ago... I regretted the purchase immediately as I found out that the local retailer was not going to bring BB back ... Even though later still got the latter fragrance, I still cannot understand the hype for A*Men ... My bottle is still full and somehow feel like its going to remain like that ...

29th October, 2015
I got this in 2012, before it was re-formulated? I'm guessing. It has remained one of my powerhouses and has never let me down as a fragrance. It does its job.
It's one of my favourite scents although not versatile, only wear it on Cold Winter nights and days that require a sense of warmth in your life. It's a fragrance that gives you that warmth effect accompanied with good winter sense of fashion. I'm a huge fan of the tar, coffee and chocolate vibe to it.
I wear fragrances because it makes me feel a type of way, and how it correlates to my fashion. Compliments come after.
I don't really get compliments on this one however I do get asked what I'm wearing. So it will get you noticed that's for sure if that's what you're hoping for

Scent - 8 personally. 6.5 general consensus
Longevity - 10 preformulated
Sillage - 10+++
Versatility - 2
04th September, 2015
Angel Men was too sweet and synthetic for me to appreciate. I can understand it getting better reviews from the younger audience but its not for me.
20th August, 2015
I used A*men daily for about 3 months before it began to stink, on my skin at least. It changed from a smokier, less-powdery version of the womens fragrance to a dreadful Axe body spray mixed with Lemon pledge scent. It was dreadful. So I "gifted" it to my dad. He loved it, and my mother did too. It smelled great on him, as most "dark" fragrances do. So I may repurchase it in the future, but only as a gift for my father.
17th May, 2015

A*Men is A Great Show by THIERRY is not so easy Forgettable.Definitely one of the best Frgrances in my father collection. Everytime He wore it The scent stay in our place for a long time!

Sweet,Warm and Attractive.In my opinion it is Much better than Female version.So strong opening but Gradually i found a LOVELY scent on my skin Like a Creamy Vanilla or Coffe mate!In fact it had blended so Well on my skin.

Certainly it is Sharp and Offensive if wearning Everyday and in the Hot weather even more 2 spray but when you Wearning it in Right Mood you will To see REAL NATURE it.

Where is the right mood?Generraly special Moods like a ROMANTIC evening in WINTER because in my opinion A*Men is Supplement HOT moments meantime in the Prties Most people can besotted with Your EDT.For some people It is really Heavy then you must to test it before buy!


Lonegvity?Is really Weird on my skin.

18th April, 2015
Okay, in my whole life.... I've never smelled anything this awful. The only thing that tops this in terms of how vile it is, is Pure Malt. Honestly, Secretions Magnifiques smells better than this! A*Men and Pure Malt, both smell the same. They smell like a cat urine. Very ammonia scented. On top of that, its smokey and sweet. Just disgusting. If I was next to any man wearing this, i'd probably run the other way. Just my opinion though. Apparently, tons of people like this... I just.... I can't .... I just can't.
07th April, 2015
There was a chocolate confectionaires store in the area I grew up in 40yrs ago that my parents used to take me to when I was kid. I remember the scent of melted chocolate, candied fruit and peppermint being intoxicating. Why anyone would want to smell that way though, I just can't get my head around. AMen is the exact copy of that confection store scent. I live in Florida and can only imagine how this fragrance would turn on a hot and humid day.
27th March, 2015
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Sweet and strong, this original entry is the epicenter of the A*Men legacy. The main note list of peppermint, patchouli, coffee, cedar, leather on the Mugler website is accurate. All are there, with the coffee and patchouli being most prominent, at least to me. There's not a ton of evolution to the scent, and I think its consistency is one if its greatest advantages, as the patchouli and coffee seem to slowly take over, the coffee giving a chocolate-like display, though it does not truly smell like milk or dark chocolate, or even rawer cacao.

Projection and longevity are great, as a few sprays project a few feet, and it lasts 12+ hours, with even more on clothes (also an advantage, in most cases).

For some perspective, I'd be remiss if I didn't add that after experiencing the flankers---specifically, Pure Malt and Pure Havane---the original just does not seem complete. The sweetness of the coffee isn't satisfying, as even the much-maligned Pure Coffee seems to beat out Angel Men in terms of the fragrance alone. The leather is an odd addition. There's credit to be had for the originator, but Pure Malt and Pure Havane (PH is sweeter than PM, by the way) simply blow Angel Man out of the water.

The main selling point of the original is that it's less sweet than Pure Malt or Pure Havane, if those two are too overwhelming simply because of the sweetnees. Of course, some will find Angel Man itself too sweet, and to those, I'd recommend staying away from PM, PH, PB, B*Men, Taste of Fragrance.

Very good fragrance, but not one I need to buy a bottle of since PM and PH exist.

7 out of 10
27th February, 2015
Definitely when applied to the skin properly this is a worthy scent to have in the collection.
23rd February, 2015
I really don't like this style of fragrance. This juice is far too sweet and cloying, and leaves me feeling like I've just had a huge second slice of raspberry cheesecake when I was already too full to have the first one. A fragrance that a high-school boy might get as a gift from a clueless relative. No grown man should be caught dead smelling like this.

05th January, 2015 (last edited: 12th February, 2015)
I purchased a legitimate sample after watching DracDoc's review. I have Pure Malt and am a fan of it.

But this! I hadn't read any reviews other than watching DracDoc.

Opening notes: URINAL CAKES!!

Dries down to stale urine.

It's so bad that the similarity with Pure Malt has almost put me off Pure Malt. Almost. Not Quite.

YUK! Who wants to smell like this!?
28th October, 2014
Angel Men or A*Men is interesting and powerful juice, but as much as sampling it was interesting, I had to decide that it would be a bad habit to start wearing it. I could get used to the smell and enjoy it, but I didn't want to do that to the people around me, and when I later smelled this on someone else I was really glad I didn't buy a bottle. The stuff was so strong and distinctive that it has put me off the Thierry Mugler house, and I don't think I'll ever buy one of their fragrances.

The upside is that this is powerful stuff that presents different notes at different times and gets better and better as it dries, smelling almost like the world's best brownies at times.
08th October, 2014
As the four hundred sixty-ninth entry in the A*Men discussion I have little, if anything, to add but this - I initially, and for years after, found it to be quite revolting. I got around to trying its delicious and more focused predecessor, Animale Animale, and figured I should return to Mugler's offering later on when I understood things a little better. I still find it crassly chaotic in the opening but now I harbor a small appreciation for it for creating an opening that can keep people guessing and interested. The notes involved don't seem to blend together in the first stage, instead radiating alone in parallel lines from the body, unlike similar scents like the later Rochas Man, which is obviously cut from the same cloth but more of an intentional melange.
I'm still not in love with A*Men but I respect any frag that can use coffee and mint together without making a total mess.
04th August, 2014
This was recommended to me by a friend of mine who said it was irresistible. That's certainly one word for it. It's quite powerful, so I suppose resistance is indeed futile.

I'm...I was going to give it a thumbs down. But I waited. And I'd say almost 2 hours in is where this stops being an angry cocoa butter hand lotion and becomes something different entirely.

It's not necessarily warm. It's almost chaotic. This is certainly unique; it's as if sweet and spicy are having a land war on your skin (or my skin at least.)

I think I love it. Or hate it?

A*Men is a wonderfully unique chaos. That's my two.
10th July, 2014
Just had to get this after all the encouraging reviews and even though this was a blind buy, I must say this is elegance at its best and a powerhouse. Like most reviewer have mentioned its either you love it or hate it... and its that exact love/hate vibe that I love about it, I love to wear strange smelling cologne that people with no "nose" will hate but someone with the knowledge, exposure and the "nose" will appreciate. Its one of those you want to wear while wearing a nice smart shirt with jeans or probably when you're in a suit and want alot of attention. I highly recommend this to a more mature 30+ age range because anyone below won't really pull it off. Like I mentioned earlier this juice is a powerhouse and you'd wanna take it easy on the trigger as this stuff goes 12+ easily with minimal strays.

Conclusion: Sweet caramel tonka beast you want to always have in your collection when you feel like seeking attention while kinda dressy.

UPDATE: This beast is a masterpiece, I keep getting different whiffs of complex gourmand out of the world goodness almost like a candy floss shop and believe me that's just from 2-3 minimal sprays. This juice is one in a million, I haven't gotten any comments from anyone yet after three days of wearing it, not that its not good but because the kind of people I work with are not into colognes and wouldn't really say anything as all they know is "he smells good all the time" lol!!!! But believe me when I say this juice is a must-have, actually I think you'd wanna keep it for those special days you wanna dress up and smell good. I've always kept my Terre d'hermes as my big gun in my arsenal but now I feel I have two big gun.
17th June, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental

Accepted wisdom has it that the men’s fragrance style of the 1980s was heavy, crass, and bombastic, and that the bland, apologetic aquatics and “fresh” fougères that have held sway since the early 1990s are the natural reaction to the excesses of Kouros, Antaeus, and Macassar. Such reasoning ignores an important counter-trend in men’s fragrances of the 90s: the gourmand woody orientals, of which A*Men was among the first and most extreme. Along with its near-contemporary Le Mâle, A*Men launched a raft of sweet, foody fragrances for men that would come to include Pi, Rochas Man, Lolita Lempicka au Masculin, Body Kouros, and their ilk. With their overwhelming potency, unrelieved sweetness, and raspy synthetic wood base notes, these scents leave the much-reviled mossy, leathery 1980s powerhouses smelling positively subtle and sophisticated. Fragrances like Havana, Kouros, or Jules might be bold and aggressive, but they were also clever in their complexity and dangerously suggestive in their animalism.

Not so the gourmands. They are for the most part about smelling "yummy," and doing so from very far away. No brains required, just a good set of lungs and plenty of chocolate, coffee, licorice, or vanilla. The only challenging thing about them is how strong they smell. With mint and patchouli to play against its gigantic chocolate pudding accord, A*Men is a bit less dumb than the worst of its breed, but its insufferable volume amply makes up for those odd touches of sophistication. I’ve been smelling this stuff on my fellow man for more than a decade, and it never fails to nauseate me.
08th June, 2014 (last edited: 12th June, 2014)
My girlfriend at the time, her step dad gave me a bag of samples for Christmas. One of the fragrances was A*men at the time I had no idea how much of a beast this fragrance was. Now that I have another samples I think its time to grab a bottle.
28th May, 2014
I decided to give this a shot as it is regularly offered up as a "masculine patchouli" option. It's been 4 hours since the single shot to the chest application, I'm still waiting for the patchouli, not that I will be able to notice it past the intoxicating, overbearing, headache inducing wretched stink of having bathed in cocoa butter. This smells EXACTLY like "Palmer's Cocoa Butter" would smell, if you applied it directly to the inside of your nostrils. I actually have some, and did a side by side comparison of the two, and the major difference is that Palmer's Cocoa Butter doesn't induce a headache.

I haven't found anything strong enough to strip this off my hands! I can't wash it off! My vehicle still reeks of it! It infects EVERYTHING!

A+ for being able to enter all the rooms you didn't even attempt to physically enter in person! If that's what you are going for, of course.

Did I mention that it causes headaches and reeks of cocoa butter?
22nd May, 2014
Thierry Mugler - A-men
If you like a scent that hits your nose with a chemical warfare-attack of polished rusty metal, wet plasters, butterscotch-chocolate pudding, red pepper/paprika and hot metal-shavings with slightly melted plastic edges, finished with a sweet scent of glue, and the sour medicinal-note of rabbit-food and yeast-pills, then this will make you a man... Amen.
26th April, 2014
This is a truly amazing fragrance. Complete opposite of a linear fragrance. I personally love this one from start to finish. Definitely a fall or winter scent that will get you noticed. Some will love it and some will the it but hey there's no pleasing everyone. As soon as my sample is gone I will be purchasing a 100ml bottle if this. This scent makes me want to try all of Thierry mugler's line of fragrances.
24th February, 2014 (last edited: 01st October, 2015)
I created an account just for the purpose of writing a review on this fragrance. I purchased this cologne blindly (worst mistake I've ever made) and sprayed a very small amount on my skin to test it out. The nausea that ensued, coupled with headache from the fumes, is something that I will never forget. I only wish I was exaggerating or joking, it really was that bad.

Maybe it is just my sense of smell, or how it reacts with my skin, but I must say that this will go down as one of, if not the worst purchase I've ever made.

Please please please do yourself a favor and find this in a store and try it out before you even think of buying it. As it stands, I'm giving away my bottle (which is full but for one half-spray).

Pros: Admittedly, the dry down isn't that terrible, but it takes too long to reach, and isn't even close to pleasant enough to be worth the wait.

Cons: It made me nauseous. Extremely pungent in a very horrible way.
21st February, 2014

This stuff just ruined my day. I've been reading some of the reviews on this and thought I'd swoop by the mall at lunch and spray some on to see for myself. One tiny little squirt on my wrist; really, that's it. I'm back here at work and the whole office is pissed off at me. My presence is filling the building. I've tried to wash it off twice but it's still hitting me like a punch in the face. Everyone knows it's me. This is like a cruel practical joke. Forget the "notes" or whatever. People are starring and I have a meeting in an hour. This would be funny if I could get it off. But I can't. I'm a little bit embarrased.

Make sure you spray yourself at least 6 times before you go to work. You'll get noticed. Chicks will dig you. Your boss will love it.

(just kidding. don't ever do that.. really.)

Maybe onion will get it off.
11th February, 2014
Wearing A*Men is little like dressing like a rock star: you will stand out, you will get attention, not all of it good. I have put a *single shot* on after my morning shower and still been able to smell it 23 hours later upon waking up.

The scent itself is lovely, I will let others with more refined noses discuss the notes. If you like the scent it is an easy buy, but you damn well better like it because you will be smelling it all day. I wish the bottle had a 'half shot' selector switch.

While I do like it, this one is relegated to my "one in a while" pile with my skinny jeans and band t-shirts.
06th February, 2014
The best part of this fragrance is the bottle...

...seriously, forget about the content of this designer bottle, guaranteed to stand out in your bathroom - but why would someone buy a fragrance only for the refillable bottle in chrome or gold version?

What about the fragrance?

In my humble opinion its definitively not for men !
It's a cloying, sticky and extremely sweet scent, very loud and strong, guaranteed to radiate for more than 10 meters around you. Could be defined as the extract of a couple of boxes of different kind of chocolates, M$M's, some sweets from your kids last birthday party mixed with a couple of drops of honey and caramel.
If you wish to walk around as something edible and yuckyly sweet, go ahead.
To be honest, I bought this stuff (blind) on ebay and gave it upon arrival to my mother in law as a gift - to whom else should I have given this powdery and cloying subtance without feeling guilty? However I asked her to keep the bottle for me, once she finishes its content... hope it won't take forever.

15th January, 2014