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Negative Reviews of A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

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This is bad. Just very, very, very bad.

An an experiment, or some kind of joke, then go for it, but I cannot see how anyone smelling of this can be taken for less than an attention-seeking know-nothing. I feel embarrassed for the wearer when smelling this on others.
01st November, 2015
I blind bought this over Bvlgari Black some time ago... I regretted the purchase immediately as I found out that the local retailer was not going to bring BB back ... Even though later still got the latter fragrance, I still cannot understand the hype for A*Men ... My bottle is still full and somehow feel like its going to remain like that ...

29th October, 2015
Okay, in my whole life.... I've never smelled anything this awful. The only thing that tops this in terms of how vile it is, is Pure Malt. Honestly, Secretions Magnifiques smells better than this! A*Men and Pure Malt, both smell the same. They smell like a cat urine. Very ammonia scented. On top of that, its smokey and sweet. Just disgusting. If I was next to any man wearing this, i'd probably run the other way. Just my opinion though. Apparently, tons of people like this... I just.... I can't .... I just can't.
07th April, 2015
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There was a chocolate confectionaires store in the area I grew up in 40yrs ago that my parents used to take me to when I was kid. I remember the scent of melted chocolate, candied fruit and peppermint being intoxicating. Why anyone would want to smell that way though, I just can't get my head around. AMen is the exact copy of that confection store scent. I live in Florida and can only imagine how this fragrance would turn on a hot and humid day.
27th March, 2015
I really don't like this style of fragrance. This juice is far too sweet and cloying, and leaves me feeling like I've just had a huge second slice of raspberry cheesecake when I was already too full to have the first one. A fragrance that a high-school boy might get as a gift from a clueless relative. No grown man should be caught dead smelling like this.

05th January, 2015 (last edited: 12th February, 2015)
I purchased a legitimate sample after watching DracDoc's review. I have Pure Malt and am a fan of it.

But this! I hadn't read any reviews other than watching DracDoc.

Opening notes: URINAL CAKES!!

Dries down to stale urine.

It's so bad that the similarity with Pure Malt has almost put me off Pure Malt. Almost. Not Quite.

YUK! Who wants to smell like this!?
28th October, 2014
Angel Men or A*Men is interesting and powerful juice, but as much as sampling it was interesting, I had to decide that it would be a bad habit to start wearing it. I could get used to the smell and enjoy it, but I didn't want to do that to the people around me, and when I later smelled this on someone else I was really glad I didn't buy a bottle. The stuff was so strong and distinctive that it has put me off the Thierry Mugler house, and I don't think I'll ever buy one of their fragrances.

The upside is that this is powerful stuff that presents different notes at different times and gets better and better as it dries, smelling almost like the world's best brownies at times.
08th October, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental

Accepted wisdom has it that the men’s fragrance style of the 1980s was heavy, crass, and bombastic, and that the bland, apologetic aquatics and “fresh” fougères that have held sway since the early 1990s are the natural reaction to the excesses of Kouros, Antaeus, and Macassar. Such reasoning ignores an important counter-trend in men’s fragrances of the 90s: the gourmand woody orientals, of which A*Men was among the first and most extreme. Along with its near-contemporary Le Mâle, A*Men launched a raft of sweet, foody fragrances for men that would come to include Pi, Rochas Man, Lolita Lempicka au Masculin, Body Kouros, and their ilk. With their overwhelming potency, unrelieved sweetness, and raspy synthetic wood base notes, these scents leave the much-reviled mossy, leathery 1980s powerhouses smelling positively subtle and sophisticated. Fragrances like Havana, Kouros, or Jules might be bold and aggressive, but they were also clever in their complexity and dangerously suggestive in their animalism.

Not so the gourmands. They are for the most part about smelling "yummy," and doing so from very far away. No brains required, just a good set of lungs and plenty of chocolate, coffee, licorice, or vanilla. The only challenging thing about them is how strong they smell. With mint and patchouli to play against its gigantic chocolate pudding accord, A*Men is a bit less dumb than the worst of its breed, but its insufferable volume amply makes up for those odd touches of sophistication. I’ve been smelling this stuff on my fellow man for more than a decade, and it never fails to nauseate me.
08th June, 2014 (last edited: 12th June, 2014)
Thierry Mugler - A-men
If you like a scent that hits your nose with a chemical warfare-attack of polished rusty metal, wet plasters, butterscotch-chocolate pudding, red pepper/paprika and hot metal-shavings with slightly melted plastic edges, finished with a sweet scent of glue, and the sour medicinal-note of rabbit-food and yeast-pills, then this will make you a man... Amen.
26th April, 2014
I created an account just for the purpose of writing a review on this fragrance. I purchased this cologne blindly (worst mistake I've ever made) and sprayed a very small amount on my skin to test it out. The nausea that ensued, coupled with headache from the fumes, is something that I will never forget. I only wish I was exaggerating or joking, it really was that bad.

Maybe it is just my sense of smell, or how it reacts with my skin, but I must say that this will go down as one of, if not the worst purchase I've ever made.

Please please please do yourself a favor and find this in a store and try it out before you even think of buying it. As it stands, I'm giving away my bottle (which is full but for one half-spray).

Pros: Admittedly, the dry down isn't that terrible, but it takes too long to reach, and isn't even close to pleasant enough to be worth the wait.

Cons: It made me nauseous. Extremely pungent in a very horrible way.
21st February, 2014
Seriously, this is meant to be a fragrance for men or an air freshener?
I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would wear such a strong and loud scent. Maybe if I were dancing around all night in a club, this could be my fragrance, but in the real world no thanks. This stuff is cloying, powdery, unimaginative and the packaging is virtually satanic. Eau Hell no!!
09th January, 2014
Very strong stuff....

I smelled a sample at the store on a tester strip and fell in love with stuff. Then I committed to spraying ONE squirt on my skin while I walked through the stores for a few hours. By the second hour, I left the mall to drive home and specifically to wash this stuff off of me. I drove home with the windows and sunroof open and this stuff was still smelling strong throughout the car. Got home, used rubbing alcohol all over my arm, and then took a soapy shower and the scent was still very much there.

Now, I did get a compliment in the elevator but it wasnt a "what are you wearing" comment but more of a "sniff, sniff... I smell something strong... Oh it's your cologne... Nice". This stuff smells like an air freshener. Now I will say, that the scent after I showered smelled pretty nice. I think the problem might be that the tester sprayed sooo much with one squirt. It was like a spraying a bottle of formula 409.

Pros: Incredible longevity and reach.
Cons: Overpowering and too sweet smelling"

20th October, 2013
Novel, bold, interesting...but ultimately unsatisfying

A*Men is one of the most polarizing fragrances on the market today, a true "love it or hate it" product. It's legions of admirers cite the longevity and sillage, as well as the completely original combination of tar and sugar notes. Detractors can't get the sugary, syrupy caramel scent off their skin fast enough.

While A*Men is not a fragrance I would choose to wear, I concede there is much to admire here. If one can get past the neutron bomb opening, the drydown is immensely satisfying. IT reminded me of one of my favorite fragrances, Elixir des Merveilles. The difference is that where A*Men is nakedly aggressive and uncompromisingly gourmand, Elixir instead emphasizes patchouli, spice, and amber. The sweetness is still there, but it plays a supporting role. I vastly prefer Elixir, though I admit I wish it had some of A*Men's power.

As others have said, use this sparingly--one or two sprays at most. It seems well-suited for the younger set. Hard to imagine wearing this to the office and being taken seriously.

Scent: 2/5

Sillage: 5/5

Longevity: 5/5

Pros: Kaiju sillage and longevity
Cons: Syrupy sweet, overly gourmand"

14th July, 2013
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Gary F Show all reviews
United States
Strange Combination

I would have liked this one so much more if it were either the tar note or the sweet note - or if either one of these had been combined with something else. What I dislike is this particular combination of notes. The good news is that if you like it, you will great great longevity out of it for the price. Just not for me.

Pros: Longevity
Cons: Strange Combination of Tar and Sweet

28th June, 2013
Dino Tar

Being a big fan of Pure Malt and Coffee I was surprised for my distaste for this one.  I have worn it several times and tried so hard to like it, but in the end it's still just a really-bad-heavy- tar-stank-bomb. Anyone I've been around in the testing process seems to agree.  The fact that it mellows out about 2/3 the way through its 15 hour nuclear longevity is not enough of a consolation. 
20th May, 2013 (last edited: 01st February, 2014)
I was curious about it because of all of the popular reviews on YouTube.

I bought this and (luckily) received a sample at the same time.
In the store and on paper, it was a very interesting scent.

After about an hour on my skin (at home), it smelled like I had poured used motor oil inside of a plastic Halloween pumpkin filled with chocolate Tootsie Rolls from Halloween five years ago. I couldn't wash it off fast enough.

My wife hated it, too.
11th May, 2013
Wow!!! I cannot believe that THIS is getting so much love and hype!! After the skunky tar open its just too damn sweet, synthetic, and loud to be worn anywhere outside of a sweaty "mosh-pit"! (I seriously can't imagine anyone over the age of 25 wearing this!) Don't get me started on the gimmicky, refillable flask-packaging..... (But I definitely realize it certainly wasn't designed for a forty-something year old in an Armani suit sipping a martini... Which is more my speed!)
Anyway, to each his own. Sorry kids, just not my cup of tea!
05th January, 2013 (last edited: 11th January, 2013)
My worst scent experience so far. I will never ever spray myself with this thing...
16th December, 2012
OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I've just been to sample this stuff for the first time. DISGUSTING and REVOLTING in every way possible! Never ever ever has a fragrance actually made me want to vomit until now. Got back to the office and immediately tried to wash it off my hand but it's still there! Eeeuw!
31st October, 2012
bFlay Show all reviews
United States
Don't really understand the popularity of this fragrance... It's a tarry vanilla musky scent with a viscous petroleum note that evokes thoughts of old ladies pumping gasoline. Odd but true in my opinion.
14th September, 2012 (last edited: 20th March, 2013)
Absolutely dreadful. Smells like a coffee drinkers breath after their early morning fix. Incredible sillage and longevity - unfortunately.
21st August, 2012
I can't stand it, to me it's truly revolting!
05th July, 2012
disgusting top notes, like a baking gone wrong when you mistake by putting chemical instead of baking powder in your cake mix then burnt it.
dry down is little better, no more wired chemical smell, but unpleasantly sweet.
05th July, 2012
There must be something I don't get. It seems to be wildly popular, but all I can smell is a pot of cocoa that was burned, then left to go rancid. I bet that wasn't part of the perfumer's pitch to mr. Mugler, though.
29th May, 2012
Ugh... Smells Luke burnt rubber. The opening is sickening, and the dry down isn't any better. Blind bought it, and regret it.
20th January, 2012
really wanted to like this because of the interesting note line-up. Disappointed, doesnt smell good at all. tar note makes it really hard to enjoy. very unusual scent thats either a love or hate. points for cool bottle and monster projection & longevity though.
12th January, 2012
I'm a very easy person to please, especially when it comes to smells but this is the only fragrance to date that I really disliked immediately, I sprayed some on and straight away PHYEW, it was absolutely overwhelming and overpowering of a smell I dont know what but it smells burnt and and sickly, like burning sugar in a hot pan. Really nasty, the dry down isn't quite as bad, but why should you buy a fragrance that is only acceptable when it drys down, the burnt rubber/sugar/whatever smell doesn't ever go away it's just milder, which is a shame, because I wanted to like this.
08th December, 2011
Usually, I am a sucker for ambery and reasonably candyish fragrances. I love vanilla in every shape or form and tonka is one of my favourite notes. However, I really hate the so-called "gourmand" fragrances. You are supposed to eat your cake not wear it. Angel Men makes me physically ill. No kidding. It is just too sweet, too cloying, too intense and too rich. I also detect a "mediciny" note in the composition. Could it be the tar? Anyway, I find Angel Men really loud and annoying (not as much as Angel for women, but still). I truly believe that subtelty is a very important quality for a masculine fragrance. Angel Men is anything but subtle.
01st December, 2011
Really didn't like this one at all. The burnt tyre smell and harsh thick smell overwelmed me all day. The opening was harsh and very dark burnt smelling, I hoped it would mellow in the middle but it didn't. Couldn't wait to have a shower once I got home. Don't know who this suits but it isn't me.
30th November, 2011
This smells so awful.

It smells like pickled ginger. If you love pickled ginger then you will love this.

16th November, 2011