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Neutral Reviews of A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

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Very distinctive, you know exactly what the scent is when you smell it. Doesn't smell cheap but it's not refined at the same time. I get plenty of tar and the chocolate/coffee. Reminds me of when you take your t-shirt off at the end of the day after wearing a very masculine scent and then happen to smell the shirt later or even the next day. It never smells bad but just has a worn, masculine smell which not fresh and clean like most modern scents. This could be very appealing or intoxicating for others.

Impressive performance both in projection and longevity.
06th April, 2018
Love or Hate...

Such a unique smell. Chocolate & Patchouli coupled with Coffee & Caramel. I think the main thing here is that the sweetness of the gourmand aspects are counterbalanced by the patchouli note. Without this note (and the tar as well), then this fragrance would be nauseatingly sweet. I think this is a very clever concept on the part of the perfumer.

When I first tried this, I was taken aback by the harshness of the first spray. It seems like the tar, lavender and patchouli dominate all within the first 30-40 mins. It's only until later that the coffee, chocolate and caramel blend into the composition beautifully, leaving a wonderful chocolate skin scent by the very end.

Angel Men/A*Men is a fragrance which takes you on a journey. It's not always apparent from the start where you will end up, but it's worth the wait. I would say if you are trying this for the first time, then please give it time to develop on skin. I think you must like chocolate or gourmand fragrances to warm up to this one. I am impressed and I think it's good value for money. Maybe don't overspray but nevertheless the coffee & chocolate caramel drydown at the end is irresistible and well worth the patchouli and lavender phase in my opinion. Great overall fragrance and one which was a trendsetter in perfumery. Definitely worth a try.
15th March, 2016
Well, as modifications go, it starts out very interestingly. The high note blasts of the original Angel (Harold Hill's Brass Band) are "subdued" by a dark, spicy woody affect that won't frighten the horses and that makes the original Angel, lurking in the background, snorting, pawing the ground, feel a bit sleepy.

No fear. In about half an hour, the dark, spicy, woody affect has disappeared and we are back to the original Angel, all the louder for the nap it has taken. Actually, I rather liked the new notes and sort of wished the original Angel had taken a powder after introducing them.

Love the original, but no need to seek out this variation, unless you want to keep spraying it every half hour. Pleasant, but so wish the new boy on the block had stayed longer.
07th November, 2015
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Angel Men was too sweet and synthetic for me to appreciate. I can understand it getting better reviews from the younger audience but its not for me.
20th August, 2015
I used A*men daily for about 3 months before it began to stink, on my skin at least. It changed from a smokier, less-powdery version of the womens fragrance to a dreadful Axe body spray mixed with Lemon pledge scent. It was dreadful. So I "gifted" it to my dad. He loved it, and my mother did too. It smelled great on him, as most "dark" fragrances do. So I may repurchase it in the future, but only as a gift for my father.
17th May, 2015
As the four hundred sixty-ninth entry in the A*Men discussion I have little, if anything, to add but this - I initially, and for years after, found it to be quite revolting. I got around to trying its delicious and more focused predecessor, Animale Animale, and figured I should return to Mugler's offering later on when I understood things a little better. I still find it crassly chaotic in the opening but now I harbor a small appreciation for it for creating an opening that can keep people guessing and interested. The notes involved don't seem to blend together in the first stage, instead radiating alone in parallel lines from the body, unlike similar scents like the later Rochas Man, which is obviously cut from the same cloth but more of an intentional melange.
I'm still not in love with A*Men but I respect any frag that can use coffee and mint together without making a total mess.
04th August, 2014
I decided to give this a shot as it is regularly offered up as a "masculine patchouli" option. It's been 4 hours since the single shot to the chest application, I'm still waiting for the patchouli, not that I will be able to notice it past the intoxicating, overbearing, headache inducing wretched stink of having bathed in cocoa butter. This smells EXACTLY like "Palmer's Cocoa Butter" would smell, if you applied it directly to the inside of your nostrils. I actually have some, and did a side by side comparison of the two, and the major difference is that Palmer's Cocoa Butter doesn't induce a headache.

I haven't found anything strong enough to strip this off my hands! I can't wash it off! My vehicle still reeks of it! It infects EVERYTHING!

A+ for being able to enter all the rooms you didn't even attempt to physically enter in person! If that's what you are going for, of course.

Did I mention that it causes headaches and reeks of cocoa butter?
22nd May, 2014
The best part of this fragrance is the bottle...

...seriously, forget about the content of this designer bottle, guaranteed to stand out in your bathroom - but why would someone buy a fragrance only for the refillable bottle in chrome or gold version?

What about the fragrance?

In my humble opinion its definitively not for men !
It's a cloying, sticky and extremely sweet scent, very loud and strong, guaranteed to radiate for more than 10 meters around you. Could be defined as the extract of a couple of boxes of different kind of chocolates, M$M's, some sweets from your kids last birthday party mixed with a couple of drops of honey and caramel.
If you wish to walk around as something edible and yuckyly sweet, go ahead.
To be honest, I bought this stuff (blind) on ebay and gave it upon arrival to my mother in law as a gift - to whom else should I have given this powdery and cloying subtance without feeling guilty? However I asked her to keep the bottle for me, once she finishes its content... hope it won't take forever.

15th January, 2014
Not love or hate, love AND hate

As the title says, this really is love and hate, not love or hate. Something about a sweet gourmand such as this that is both titillating and just resulting, depending on the moment. To me, I mostly get chocolate and patchouli, from start to finish. Best strategy for this one is the smallest spay to the lower chest or stomach, just so there is some distance and space from its intensity/projection. Sexy in molecules, horrific when normally applied.

22nd October, 2013
Loud and sweet

This was one of many samples I picked up at Nordstrom and it seems like one of those controversial, love/hate type of frags. It is very bold on opening and extremely sweet throughout, which was quite awhile actually with solid longevity. It also reminded me of something very lady like, and 50+ type of ladylike at that. There is a lot of hype that also goes for Pure Malt but if it is in any way similar to this one then it would be a let down.. Definitely not my cup of tea.

03rd August, 2013
I was always confused about this perfume.I can not actually say,if i like it or not.Very sweet.The never ending perfume.But can cause anger among people close to you because of the initial blast projection of tar.It grows so well after 8-10 hrs and becomes a truely gourmand.Somewhat ,I respect this but can not put the best comments because of the dirty first impression.Buy at your own risk.But a must have,because I smell it in my old cloths even after 1o days.Can be used by confident female enthusiasts as well.Not at all for humid climate like India.
14th May, 2013
AHS Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I love the dry down as the chocolate, caramel etc is so tasty and warm and i would love to wear this fragrance on a cold day. However, i cant bring myself to wear this scent because of that horrible TAR. when i sprayed this on my skin, that tar note made me feel sick. Something about that smell that i just couldnt bare to smell.

So, unfortunately i cant wear this because the top is something i personally dont want to smell, and i wouldnt want people to smell me like that either.

But, this doesnt stop this from being a great fragrance as its got one of the best dry downs ive ever smelt.
19th February, 2013
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United Kingdom
I love the opening of this, but as someone else says, it gets a bit too cloying. the vanilla and caramel could be nice if there was something slightly sharper there, as it is, I get a distinctly chocolate box vibe from it.
15th February, 2013
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I will never vote negative on a fragrance just because there is a note I don't like. So with that said, A*Men gets a personal negative vote or me because I just cannot stand the patchouli note. It is pure headache inducing. I really like Pure Leather o the alternative to this. I do not mind the tar note in the beginning like some may not, I just really can't stand the patchouli in this!
21st January, 2013
Here's my A*Men story:

About a year ago I purchased a bottle of A*Men on eBay. Upon reading the box and scanning the bar code, I realized it was a fake. It smelled lavender and chocolate. I knew this couldn't be real.

I went to Macy's last week to sample a "genuine" bottle of A*Men.
Could not believe it smelled like the fake I purchased. Absolutely not for me.
I don't know why, but all I get is the lavender and chocolate. It reminds me of a bathroom spray. And not in a good way.

I've smelled the woman's version on a few ladies and it smells wonderful.
I just don't get this one (the men's version) or it's popularity.
To each his own.
20th September, 2012
I mainly smell chocolate. I like chocolate. Do I want to give off this aroma? No.
10th August, 2012
I love sweet scents but this is silly. Would prefer not to smell like a coffee shop.
Obviously there is more to this scent but it's just too "edible" and almost novelty like for me.
29th July, 2012
I'm one of those lucky people who has never smelled this on another person. I was charmed by its waywardness when sprayed on a paper slip.
When I tried it on my skin, though, I was knocked to the floor by a speeding rush of burnt rubber, chocolate and suppurating sweetness. Where were the bergamot, mint, lavender hiding? There's no denying this is rich, but it's dizzyingly heady. Whereas other strong perfumes enrobe, this one is just wants to rule. It's like being trapped in a bubbling cafétiere with a big fat patchouli fairy (who really should be watching its weight) pushing down a plunger made of vanilla-infused chocolate.
Well, what can I say? I'm glad it had average staying power on me; I'm glad such olfactory mayhem in a bottle exists; I'm glad it continues to surprise. The glass is half full – but it's also half empty.
08th June, 2012
drseid Show all reviews
United States
A*Men opens with an immediate blast of coffee grounds and a hint of cinnamon and mint before a strong chocolate note emerges in the heart notes, sweetened by patchouli and tonka bean, with hints of the remaining coffee spiked with honey and even a bit of sweet dark tobacco leaf. The coffee grounds and patchouli hang around into the base notes, while the tonka bean takes an even more prominent role. A*Men is quite potent and projects very well with superb longevity.

Hmm... This is a tough one for me to like as I am not a gourmand fan at all. The scent is very strong, very sweet and edible. These are not qualities I personally look for in a fragrance. That said, the quality is definitely here. There also is a good amount of skill exhibited because the list of notes seems never-ending, and yet somehow it works in a crazy way. I personally do not want to wear or smell this, but I can see the point of view of those that do. I guess I am in the "neutral" camp with A*Men... Quality, just not my kind of quality. 3 stars out of 5.
06th June, 2012
The top notes are overpoweringly chaotic, but thankfully they do not last long. The mid notes are interesting and unique, if a bit juvenile. The dry-down is the real show stopper. It has a nasty chemical flavor to it. It smells like a chocolate scratch and sniff sticker.
23rd May, 2012
Good longevity, good smell
But again: This is a lesson in trying it on. I found tho scent to be very hard to wear all day. On my skin it was a little spicier than expected. It made me overly nauseated. So beware this is a good fragrance but you need to make sure it isn't too sweet or spicy for you to wear all day, as it was for me. I was almost sure I was going to buy a bottle before wearing it all day.
Final Conclusion: Good scent well made and developed deeply but can be too overbearing on the senses so definitely don't buy blindly.
21st May, 2012
I suggest that you don't have the same misconception about this scent that I had.

I thought this would be a sweet bakery gourmand scent of vanilla, chocolate and coffee. In a sense, it is. But there are other ingredients here which make is stronger, spicier and less sweet like Patchouli for example.

Essentially, this is a very controversial, loud and powerful scent.

Not a sweet and pleasing one.

This scent you will either hate or love.

Therefore, you should not blind buy this.
10th May, 2012
quizas Show all reviews
United States
A*Men smells like leftover holiday fruitcake forgotten in the back of the fridge until mid-August, tossed out, dug out of the trash by the dog, and summarily vomited all over the already-rank living room carpet of a 3-bedroom duplex rental shared by five bachelors.

10/10 on sillage and longevity.
10th April, 2012 (last edited: 03rd May, 2012)
I'm not a fan of gourmands. This is syrupy and saccharin. Lots of vanilla and patchouli stays with you whether you like it or not. Don't believe the hype. Sample it.
14th March, 2012
Give it a chance! It's not my thing because the opening is too harsh, but I definitely love the dry down- a very pleasant coffee, caramel, chocolate, overall dessert feel. Don't wear this if you're gonna be in enclosed places (not safe for elevators!), but maybe more for outside or at least ventilated areas. Funny, I have a sample that's been sitting for about a month, and when I sprayed it, I liked it a lot because it was weaker. If sweet's your thing, look past the opening and you'll love this one.
07th February, 2012
The opening and middle produce dominating notes of very bitter dandelion, soap, and something like very strong, generic potpourri - the kind that always gave me headaches. This lasted on my husband for about an hour, and on me for at least two (it could have been longer, I went to sleep). The drydown on him was very, very light, very caramel, with little hint of any other note, and dissipated quickly. On me, it strongly resembled Parfumerie Generale's Coze (plus a hint of Dr. Pepper) upon awakening, and lasted total about 15 hours.

I can understand the appeal for some, but I find it very, very abrasive. If you like the drydown, try PG Coze. You don't have to endure a harsh start, and it is more soothing and well-balanced overall.
05th February, 2012
Ratfink Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A weird combination of very strong, sweet coffee, combined with soft licorice and bleach. Interesting, but overly synthetic and possibly only bearable in small doses. What starts off as a bang ends up a whimper - it dries down to a weak, sweet chocolate scent after a couple of hours.
13th January, 2012
I have the sample of this and am not sure whether to buy a bottle of it or not.

First off the opening of this fragrance is a bit overwhelming, it has a what i would describe as a harsh tar smell which i wasnt too keen on.
After the opening a*men drys down into a delicious chocolate and coffee aroma with a pleasent hint of caramel which was quite surprising. The projection on this fragrance is quite strong and the longevity is a beast so only a few sprays are required per application.

The reason im not sure if I should buy this is because im not sure if want to walk around smelling like a coffee shop. When I buy a fragrance I consider two things:

1:Do I like it?
2:Will the ladies like it?

The answer I would have to give is, I like the dry down but im not sure if the ladies will.

This isnt the kind of fragrance I would imagine wearing on a date as it smells warm and delicious but not sexy and confident.
I think in the future i will buy a small bottle and keep it for cosy winter nights.


I bought a 50ml bottle and am quite pleased I did. I wouldnt wear this on a date but would be happy lounging around at home wearing this.
08th January, 2012 (last edited: 29th January, 2012)
A*Man, together with Acqua Di Gò, L'Eau D'issey and a bunch of other mass-market fragrances was surely a groundbreaking release during the 90s. Its minty-chocolate top notes paired with a strong caramel-coffee accord gave birth to one of the most innovative and distinctive smell in modern perfumery but I still can't say I like it. It may be because A*Men has been overused (ad nauseam) by herds of teenagers overwhelming the population with its overly sweet aroma, it may be because after A*Men, Thierry Mugler invaded the market with countless (and IMO pointless) micro-variation on the main theme, it may be that, after all, A*Men is just a less radiant version of Angel but, as a matter of fact, I don't like it.

That being said, this is probably one of the best option to get introduced to a genre that, during the years, had a little more to offer...
30th December, 2011 (last edited: 31st December, 2011)
You have to really like caramel to wear this fragrance. I own it, and I can only wear it on cold nights, because it adds an air of warmth anywhere you go. Keep in mind, this fragrance is very overpowering and lasts a very long time. Everywhere I go, I leave a trail of caramel goodness, whether I wanted to or not.

I gave it a neutral rating because its not very versatile. It really reminds me of a caramel mocchiato from starbucks.
07th October, 2011