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Reviews of Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

On me, this smells of sour bitter lemon pledge. I don't get much of a marine note and it is not that fresh. Yet I smell it on others and it smells fresh and clean. I give a neutral rating because it might just be my body chemistry.
02nd December, 2015
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Chronologie IX

Acqua legend!

The smell of Mediterranean, associations and memories. Refreshing, airy, modern, classical and of character.

Gio is a summer's universal perfume that leaves a beautiful trace. It's discrete and unobtrusive, but still constantly perceptible. It is a summer's classic for every occasion and every outfit.

This is one of the first perfumes I got and that have a sentimental link, which is also a reason why the watery - citrus group of perfumes is one of my favorites. There has been so many tries to create something better than this, and to devalue it because of it's popularity, but all of them failed.

If there is ever a mathematical unit for perfume, my suggestion would be - 1 Gio per second squared.

For the end...this is the best summer's perfume of all times.
17th October, 2015 (last edited: 20th October, 2015)
Got this from a girlfriend in high school and will always consider it a cool classic. Great for summertime, leaves a fresh strong aquatic smell. You do not have to wear to much of this stuff so be generous with it, it is easy to spill too much on and when that happens the scent will overwhelm you. So use with caution.
07th October, 2015
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i have to be honest, at first i tough " ok another citric fragrance". it smelled good, but to me was just another "summer" fragrance , and gave it to my father.

after trying different kinds fragrances, and began to understand more and more about them, i went back to "Acqua Di Gio" and gave it a second chance. and then i realise how little i knew about fragrance back then......... i was blown away of how this thing actualy smelled. is a very uplifting, freshy, and masculine citrus/acquatic fragrance, and not to mention it smelled fantastic and my female friends loved it!

there are many fresh scents out there, but "Acqua Di Gio" is definitely the best!!

i know, i know is really popular and everyone use or used it, but at the end of the day, a good fragrance is a good fragrance, an man this is for sure one of the best out there....i mean is top seller for a reason ;)

13th September, 2015
After reading so many reviews on AdG, and after my own long experience with this master creation, here's a version I'd like to present. AdG is a wonderful aquatic fragrance of 90's with a cool, masculine aroma. Best meant for everyday use in office, it's clean and creates a soothing air. It is a CLASSIC and is meant to stay around for some more decades.
07th September, 2015
C'mon, everyone has got to love it. I went to middle school/high school in the early 2000's and the guys used to absolutely drench themselves in this stuff. I do not find it to be very mature, so would not recommend for an older gentleman. It is very aquatic and somewhat fruity with a nice touch of cedar. Reminds me of the summertime. In have actually never owned a bottle and I do not really plan to, but I could point it out from a mile away. Recommended for ages 15-25. 8/10 for me.
03rd September, 2015
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United Kingdom
This is quite unsophisticated stuff, but it does a good job

That job is making summer feel a fraction more summery. Only a fraction mind, but any incremental step towards hot days and cooling scent joy is worth a trip.

I can't ever remember being complimented on it and I feel as if it's a precursor to better cooling scents. Like it's trying to take my virginity but I'm okay with just flirting for now.

Try it. If you like it prepare to move on and thank it for starting you on a path.

Or just where it for the office on hot days for as long as you like.
28th July, 2015
I give AdG a thumbs up, although I no longer own a bottle or see an occasion where I might wear this. My positive review is based on two things: first that this was an original in its genre, and second because of how well-blended it is. It's a nearly perfect aquatic. Hats off to Mr. Armani.

There are those who will decry it as too commonplace and overused, and that because it's so popular it can't possibly be good. If that were the case we'd have to also include Pop Tarts, Heinz Ketchup, Irish Spring, and Bud Light--each of which have a loyal following of millions and which all have their strengths.

As it is, with everyone bent on wearing AdG, I figure there's that much more room for lovers of powerhouse fougeres and leathers like myself (e.g. Aramis, Polo, Azzaro PH, and Quorum), to make an impression. Vive la différence, mes amis!
18th July, 2015
This would always get me a compliment back in the 90's, from my hairdresser in particular who adored the scent ..this was all in its first year when it captivated millions and got everyone excited..the Italian citrus summer with a melon cuddle and sea salt bite... fast forward 18 years, tried this again in a department store and smiled ahh memories ..I gave a good spray and then found my girlfriend in the store ..smell this I said, hoping to get her senses rocking and her intrigue..smells "alright" she said
19th June, 2015
It smells fresh and aquatic, it's a straight up no mystery cologne, like "Oh, hey, I smell pretty good.. what's up...hello?" This fragrance does have a nice scent to it with some distinctive masculine scent but it just doesn't project enough.

It tones down to bare arm reach so quick, I guess this is if you want to get all up close and personal but want to have clean morning sex at the same time.

Inoffensive, a crowd-pleaser, I would say generic but it has just like two notes that make it standout, projection is medium, longetivity is good, laid back. Good but pass for me.
30th April, 2015

Nice Frag from the greatest designer Kingdom in the history of the world!

I bought this when it first came out in the mid 90's and got alot of compliments on it..........then everybody was wearing it and the uniqueness was out the window. It's like the line in that Eagles song "Call someplace paradise and you can kiss it goodbye". I picked up a small bottle again the other day because I hadn't had it for a while. I really missed the scent of citrus and melons and in my opinion that is where this Frag really scores.
30th December, 2014

Acqua di GIO is a WINNER.a MEMORABLE italian fragrance.a very PLEASANT everyday is so VERSATILE as many younger brand try to copy this master ADG scent in this years but they know ADG is a EVERLASTING fragrance.

This fragrance is not sharp,is not spicy it is LIGHT,it is bright,it is very first spray the citrus notes are very remindes me of cold drink in HOT summer days!

I have some many colognes but this one of the few actually people always compliments.Everywhere i go,i get asked what this cologne is?some friends even remember me everytime they smell this fragrance.

I recommend it,those looking for a GREAT EVERYDAY fragrance in HOT is definitely worth to buy if you like citrusy fragrances.its is truly all about what you expect from a cold fragrances.
...Ah i miss you but indubitable lovely GIO is in MEMORY,in my HEART for ever.

SILLAGE?Very Good.

LONGEVITY?Around 7 hours on my skin.for a Aromatic Aquatic,it is EXCELLENT.Bravo mr MORILLAS.

Thank You ARMANI.

16th December, 2014
Giorgio Armani is a very committed entrepreneur. Still nowadays, it is not unusual finding him somewhere around his shops, amd personally checking out the way stuff is presented and client served.
He belongs to those men who has really left a mark in the world, of fashion, elegance and style in this case.
Fragrances represented for his kingdom, a natural acquisition. And here he left his remark: by the very first Armani pour homme, a masterpiece even today, after almost 30 years.
Acqua di Gio ph is not an exception.
I personally met for the very first time in summer '99, and since then it has always been a stable presence within my collection.
Dressing him, help you to increase your pragmatic and joyful approach to things of life.
It is boosting up your energy, with that typical charme of gentleman with a care approach to life and people.
Technically i is one of the most impressive, and long lasting acquatic scent in the market: an innovation, for its time, combinimg a slightly fruit undertone with earthy amd mossy facets.
Highly reccomemded, for anyone interested in leaving a trace in the memory of others.
Be aware....this scent can help you, but being remebered, it is up to you, to your style, to what you do and the way you choose to do it.
Take care of you and have a womderful life.
22nd August, 2014
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Modern classic. Everyone loves it for a reason. It sprays probably too much so it goes down fast. Also, it doesn't last as long as it used to. Perry Ellis Red is Di Gio, but better. Di Gio is still Di Gio though. Thumbs up.
03rd July, 2014
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United States
What the h#% happened to this fragrance? I used to love this stuff. Its always been synthetic. But I dont really care. I think people need to stop equating synthetic with bad. It simply isnt the case. A well done synthetic is preferable to a poorly done natural smell. Think about it. A fart is totally natural. About as natural as you can get. But I would still rather smell like ADG than that.

Perhaps that is being to kind to Acqua di Gio. At least what they are calling Acqua di Gio these days. I havent had this in my collection for a few years as i got caught up in other frags and sorta got bored with ADG. I wanted to revisit it and went to Ulta to try it out and decide what size to get. I really dont know when or what happened but ADG of 10 years ago is nothing what ADG is today. The smell comming from the tester was so generic and light I almost questioned its authenticity. I thought someone had to have walked in there with a fake and swapped it with a real tester.

Unfortunately it turns out ADG has been reformulated somewhere along it life. I have smelled numerous bottles and they all smell of the same generic lemon pledge type smell. Its a shame as the newer reformulation doesnt even have a passing resemblance to its predecessor. In all honesty the newer essenza version has more in common with true ADG than what they are trying to push on people today. Its insulting and just bad business. I really dont know what has been going on with armani lately. All I do know is they have become somewhat the laughing stock of the fragrance community and I think its well earned. Why would you take your best selling frag of all time and change it to the point that you cant even recognize it. I actually thought the popularity of this stuff died off as I stopped smelling it everywhere I went. Turns out I was wrong. I have been smelling it all along but I guess the sheep never noticed a recipe change. Thumbs down until they wake up and return this to its former sythetic bliss.
22nd June, 2014
Genre: Aquatic

It’s one of the best selling men’s fragrances on the market. It has 185(!) previous reviews here on Basenotes. Everybody knows Acqa di Gio, and everybody seems to have an opinion on it. Too ephemeral. Can’t scrub it off with turpentine. Weak. Outrageously potent. Too sweet. Too sour. Lively. Dull. Sophisticated. Gauche…and so it goes.

What does Acqua di Gio actually smell like? Why is it so overwhelmingly popular? Two questions, to which I propose a single answer. The name, which I’d loosely translate as “Eau de Joe,” gives a clue to Acqua di Gio’s actual composition. Disregard the loud and tenacious slug of Calone, smell Acqua di Gio carefully, and you’ll find it’s built on a tart lemon top note, followed by an accord of green jasmine and Mediterranean herbs over a light wood and clean musk foundation. In other words, it’s a very traditional eau de Cologne formula floating in a tub of melony-aquatic Calone. Therein lies the genius of Acqua di Gio, and the key to its broad appeal. The underlying structure is as conventional and comfortable as can be: a safe, recognizable formula tricked out in contemporary wrapping.

At least “contemporary” as of 1996. That Acqua di Gio feels so trite and tiresome today has less to do with its ubiquity or quality, I think, than with the ravages of time. Clouds of Calone are no less dated now than those “powerhouse” leathers and fougères that are so inextricably bound with the 1980s in the public imagination. The style is just SO twenty years ago!

Just as importantly, Acqua di Gio suffers from its defining Calone component having long since been commandeered by every soap, shampoo, and laundry detergent on the drugstore shelves. This leaves poor Acqua di Gio smelling banal and cheap. It was never a complex, nuanced, or original fragrance, but what simple appeal Acqua di Gio once held has been trampled by a stampede of similarly scented toiletries and household products. I don’t begrudge this scent’s many admirers, but wearing Acqua di Gio today feels to me like an exercise in high camp. Or maybe just plain slumming.
08th June, 2014
Sun, sea, salt... and summer in the Mediterranean.

The first time I smelled this, I found it really appealing. There's just something about it that makes safe and likeable, which I still wonder about. Then, I tried other things, forgot about it, dismissed it. As my tastes grew, I called it cheap, common, used the word "aquatic" and put it out of my mind for a few years. That is until recently... when I revisited it, tried it with an open mind, and surprisingly... it was still appealing! It actually feels like lying on an Italian beach, after a swim in the Mediterranean on a hot day in summer.

To start off, I can understand it's popularity, but I'm going to try and focus on why it's popular. Aqua di Gio is the fragrance which started the aquatic trend of the late 90's and which continues to the present day. Put simply... it was a landmark in that field, and spawned countless imitations, very much like Davidoff's Cool Water did 8 years previously. To me this fragrance does not smell as cheap or as cliché as other people make it out to be. It is popular for a reason, and just because it's common doesn't mean it smells any less good.

If I just focus on it's smell, not it's reputation, I would say that it reminds me of the beach under the hot Mediterranean sun. I really think the advertising fits the fragrance perfectly. I get salt water, hits of peach, jasmine and musk. In fact, when I close my eyes I get the impression of a basket of peaches and herbs and flowers all drenched in seawater and left drying in the sun. I don't know why, but that smells fantastic on skin!

I think I know why this is so appealing to many people. Personally I think it's to do with the salty watery vibe it gives off, coupled with flowers and sweet musk. It smells like warm skin, like you just stepped out of the sea (note: this smells nothing like a swimming pool... for those of you talking about calone etc.). To me it gives off a sweet smell of sweat, mixed with sea water and a jasmine floral musk type vibe. In short, it's like stepping out of the sea on a beach in Southern Italy, that's what I get out of it.

Having said that, it's very common and I can only see this working in certain situations, namely summer (especially hot summer days, I think it would do amazingly well then), any situation which involves swimming (beach, pool, vacations), I think it's perfect for a summer holiday by the beach; and finally I find it works best in casual situations, definitely a t-shirt and jeans type scent. Maybe a white or light coloured shirt but never a suit.

Yes it's common, a best-seller worldwide, but in the right type of situation (beach holidays, swimming, t-shirt casual), it works amazingly well. Summer Classic!

Edit: If you're interested in the "Essenza" version released in 2012, I couldn't find much difference between the two just that the eau de parfum focuses more on the woody and floral aspects of the original and less on the aquatic, fresh citrus side.
30th April, 2014
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United Kingdom
The hesperidic citrus with an aquatic bent discloses this as a summer scent, with a jasmine drydown leading into a fruity phase. It becomes more aquatic with time, with the most notable addition in the base being a rather generic cedarwood note. Nice, refreshing, but in the later phases very generic. Poor longevity of less than two hours on my skin.
13th March, 2014
This is a nice citrusy clean scent that eventually dries down to a calm woody fragrance. It is highly overused by the teenage crowd which is a bit of a turnoff but I have never heard anyone say that they don't like the smell. My wife lives it so I will probably always own a bottle but definitely not a "stand out" fragrance in my own personal opinion.
24th February, 2014
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United States
one of my most favorite fragrances next to le male. smells great and it gives you great sillage and longevity. i use this one for spring and summer. i usually apply 3-4 sprays. 1 on the chest, 1 on the neck, and 1 on the back of the neck and you're good to go. this will get you compliments and even though it is overused and overpriced you at least need to own this once in your life.
28th January, 2014
Certainly a great fragrance to have in your collection. I got this and find it perfect to wear iin Summer weather since is aquatic. To me, i can only wear aquatic type of scents in the summer time and find this one very pleasing. For me this is a day time scent. I would wear something different at night. Giorgio Armani did well with this fragrance and it is definately a classic!
09th December, 2013
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United Kingdom
got this as a present used it once & sold it on ebay generic rubbish. How this is popular is beyond me
01st December, 2013
AdG is a staple that almost seems like it's required to own for everyone. It's popularity stems from it's unoffensive and safe aroma, I've never met anyone who truly didn't like it (bored of it, maybe) and it's actually a top notch fragrance. It's aquatic without being too aquatic and it can be worn with anything for any occasion in any season. It's that versatility that makes it such a staple.

AdG is one of scents that I will never be without. If my bottle finishes, I'll go that day to pick another one up. It's not my favorite (nowhere near, in fact) but I don't foresee it ever falling out of favor with the masses.

It's popular for a reason, and it's not all hype. Buy a bottle and you'll see.
29th November, 2013
Amazing Scent

An amazing smell. Very versatile, but unfortunately poor longevity.

Cons: Poor Projection, Poor Longevity"

02nd August, 2013
Timeless stunner!

I just recently purchased a new bottle of Acqua Di Gio after having not worn it since the late 90's. Upon first spray I immediately recognized the smell and am glad to say that it smells exactly as I remembered. This has got the wow factor that many of the newer fragrances lack. There are a lot of fragrances that have come along that have tried to improve on AdG, but despite that this still outsells them and is still a big seller for Armani. The smell is going to be very familiar to most people which is a good thing. Can be worn in pretty much any situation and would be hard to offend unless they just didn't care for fragrance period. Acqua Di Gio is the ultimate "Go to" fragrance and the best aquatic ever.

Pros: Smells incredible.
Cons: Extremely popular."

31st July, 2013
review by stefly321

A great summer fragrance. By saying that, i mean it needs heat to bring out the magic of this juice. If i wear this in cooler weather nothing much happens, but go clubbing on a hot summer night and this stuff comes alive in a very positive way! So save it for those hot summer days and nights. Don't waste it on the colder months.

Pros: Great smell
Cons: Only lasts about 4 hrs until it starts to fade."

26th July, 2013
I can wear this year round -- day or night.
It's a great (generic) scent that shouldn't offend most.
It has a strong, citrus and cedar aroma that stays throughout.
The fragrance fades after a few hours, but that's OK if you want to change later.
I believe it is expensive mainly because of its popularity.

It's the kind of fragrance you "throw on" when you can't make up your mind of what to wear, but just want to wear "something".
11th May, 2013
Yes, this scent is incredibly popular. But it is for good reason, it just smells really good. The ultra hipster mentality of some of the reviewers on this site is ridiculous by hating anything that someone else may be wearing other than yourself.

With that said, I normally stay away from this one because a woman once told me that I "smell like her ex-boyfriend", and I'm sure that's the case with this one a lot. I still will throw it on if I'm just going to lounging around the house after work and want to smell fresh.

If you are on a budget or have no plans of making Acqua di Gio your signature scent, I highly recommend picking up Perry Ellis 360 Red instead. It's a tad spicier than ADG, but I actually prefer that when it's essentially the same exact scent otherwise. I most likely won't replace my bottle of ADG when it's gone, and just stick with the Perry Ellis for what I use it for.
23rd April, 2013
One of Armani's better moments within a mediocre output. Ladies are always complimentary if I'm in a bland-I'll wear this to work mood. Not too sure what the attraction is bar the lively marine freshness.
04th April, 2013
On a bright summer day, you're walking on the beach with your woman. Holding each other's hand, the two of you stroll leisurely by the water's edge. The little waves splash against your feet, very gently though, not enough to wet your rolled-up jeans. Then a light sea breeze cools your faces, leaving the two of you very relaxed and refreshed at the same time.
30th March, 2013