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Negative Reviews of Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

Total Reviews: 65
Acqua di Gio smells like dish soap and the opening is even worse. A big headache trigger to me with its intense citrusy smell. Nothing special, I don't get what makes this fragrance so popular.
08th February, 2018
This is a terrible fragrance and I have no idea what the mass appeal is. Women seem to love it and men definitely seem to wear it LOUD! It stinks! It smells of septic rot. The wafting of this is so offensive and thick, with its cutting treble to the nose. It mixes poorly with the skin. It is too available and needs to be banned from the market. This is not some phobia about a bad relationship or a jealous encounter. This is based strictly off of my nose and common sense. This smells of fecal matter sprayed with obnoxious sickly sweet and lemony cologne. Bad body odor from someone who sleeps in their socks and doesn't brush before bed after eating garlic and chicken cutlet. It's vomitous. Avoid! Please!
23rd March, 2016
Tmoran Show all reviews
United States
What the h#% happened to this fragrance? I used to love this stuff. Its always been synthetic. But I dont really care. I think people need to stop equating synthetic with bad. It simply isnt the case. A well done synthetic is preferable to a poorly done natural smell. Think about it. A fart is totally natural. About as natural as you can get. But I would still rather smell like ADG than that.

Perhaps that is being to kind to Acqua di Gio. At least what they are calling Acqua di Gio these days. I havent had this in my collection for a few years as i got caught up in other frags and sorta got bored with ADG. I wanted to revisit it and went to Ulta to try it out and decide what size to get. I really dont know when or what happened but ADG of 10 years ago is nothing what ADG is today. The smell comming from the tester was so generic and light I almost questioned its authenticity. I thought someone had to have walked in there with a fake and swapped it with a real tester.

Unfortunately it turns out ADG has been reformulated somewhere along it life. I have smelled numerous bottles and they all smell of the same generic lemon pledge type smell. Its a shame as the newer reformulation doesnt even have a passing resemblance to its predecessor. In all honesty the newer essenza version has more in common with true ADG than what they are trying to push on people today. Its insulting and just bad business. I really dont know what has been going on with armani lately. All I do know is they have become somewhat the laughing stock of the fragrance community and I think its well earned. Why would you take your best selling frag of all time and change it to the point that you cant even recognize it. I actually thought the popularity of this stuff died off as I stopped smelling it everywhere I went. Turns out I was wrong. I have been smelling it all along but I guess the sheep never noticed a recipe change. Thumbs down until they wake up and return this to its former sythetic bliss.
22nd June, 2014
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Kol Show all reviews
United Kingdom
got this as a present used it once & sold it on ebay generic rubbish. How this is popular is beyond me
01st December, 2013
Don't like this one. I see there are a lot of good reviews, but this one does nothing for me. It's loud without saying nothing. Try Fujiyama, it smells similar but not as cloying.
11th October, 2012
3.4 oz. Bought years ago in middle school.

I only had a chance to wear Acqua di Gio a few times back in middle school and occasionally in high school because everyone and their fathers told me how great it was.

Really it does smell nice. Like clean flowers, but it just doesn't mix with my skin well at all. I test sprayed it on a strip of paper at the duty-free and it smelled gorgeous so I went ahead and bought a bottle. Who would have thought that it would give me headaches later.

Still, I don't mind spraying it on notebooks or whatever because as long as it's not on my skin or body it smells fine. However, once it does touch my skin it just gives me a nauseating headache.

02nd July, 2012
I tried so hard to like this one. But ultimately, there's no there there...
10th June, 2012
I've never had any desire to try this, but the other day I got a sample of it, so I thought why not? This stuff is just awful and smells of flowers - it almost made me gag. I'm sure if I hadn't scrubbed it off, it would have given me a headache. It is supposedly popular, but I don't recall ever smelling this on anyone.
25th February, 2012
I cannot stand this potent marine/acquatic piercing concoction...

Thumbs down...!!!
10th December, 2011
Armani describes Acqua di Gio as a fresh, woody/aquatic... but when the clean citrus top notes flee this scent, all that remains is the lingering fish bowl-like odor of barnacles, algea and musk. This due to the overwhelming presence of "calone", an aquatic fragrance note also known by its chemical designation "methylbenzodioxepinone".
04th November, 2011 (last edited: 13th November, 2014)
I am so happy I did not blind buy this.
this smell like cucumber,semen,salt and ice blended in a blender.

fortunately it projected like crap and didnt last long at all on my skin, so I was not very self concious wearing this.
07th October, 2011
I wanted to like this especially since it was a blind buy. Curse my misfortune. The lemony top notes were there and those were ok. Others have described the smell of industrial cleaner, which may explain the reason it smells like a wet rag after it's been used to clean tables during the dry-down. Ugh, that dry-down. I'll probably just gift it to someone and hope they'll have better luck with it. Revolting.
14th April, 2011
Ralph Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I find the level of Calone in this to be compelling and at the same time nauseating so that I can't stop smelling the fragrance and can't also stop the growing feeling of revulsion that is my response to smelling it. I applied some to my wrist in order to try to do a review and could only tolerate it for about fifteen minutes before scrubbing it off again. The thick, waxy, synthetic lemon in the opening notes under the Calone make this virtually identical to a host of cleaning products.
07th April, 2011
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When I was a wee lad in the early '80s, I fondly remember my older brother (by 10 years) receiving Polo as a stocking stuffer on Christmas morning. At first, I was intrigued by the scent, but shortly thereafter, while having to share a locker room for swim team, I started associating the scent with smelly, sweaty high school kids that trenched themselves in the stuff.

A decade later, now finding myself around other chemically imbalanced, testosterone filled teenagers, I found that Drakkar Noir was the over-used odor-masking agent of choice.

Fast forward to the 2000's: Acqua Di Gio not only is the masking agent of choice for high school kids, but also for every smelly man, young and old, in every social setting. Its very upsetting, for at one time, I thought the scent was intriguing myself.

I don't dislike the scent on its own merit (although its never been at the top of my favorites list), I dislike it because I'm convinced that every dude with menacing B.O. thinks that this is the one scent that can trump their own stench.
08th March, 2011 (last edited: 23rd May, 2011)
The next young hotshot to pass me by saturated in this juice runs the risk of being upended and used as a mop, because I don't want just any clean - I want that lemon fresh streak-free shine only a bacteria-banishing chemical bomb like this can provide.
05th January, 2011
Thumbs Down due to the fact this fragrance screams the following: Cheap, High School, Douche-bag, Greaser, Slimy.

It is so widely worn and by so many novice owners every time i smell Acqua di Gio, it is over applied, i smell em before i see em, and more often than not worn by a douche-bag.

Enough said. If you are on this site to begin with, i suggest getting in the hunt for something more unique to avoid smelling like a High School football player, or that guy at the cellphone kiosk in the mall.
24th December, 2010
mill4r4 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Oh dear, alot of people are not going to like this. I tried this again hoping to be able to like it and to be positive.

This fragrance began its assault on my nostrils by using a plethora (good word) of rosemary wrapped in jasmine. I found it quite odd, not unpleasant, but jasmine as a top note, and I kept getting lots and lots of lime.

Interesting, I thought, where is this going, then it happened, a wet melon smell and brine. A particular note that seems to keep cropping up in male fragrances, on me it smells really nasty, and I avoid it at all costs. Occaisionally there would be fruity whiffs but mainly it was that salty seaside odour.

The base introduced woods and resins, but where was my beloved patchouli? It appeard to have been wrestled to the ground by hulking cedar and smothered by the dynamic duo of white musk and rock rose.

6 hours later and it was still there, a test to my endurance to the cause. 'People' seem to really like it, a fragrance cannot have this degree of longevity and be a lemon surely? On some skins it shines cleanly, an intelligent fragrance that matures and develops. However, on me it is a scrubber, I need to go and wash now.
24th August, 2010
I cant imagine Alberto Morillas could make this type of crap.... any ways to me its self repellent.
23rd May, 2010
Sorry, fellas... i don't like it.

It's a very popular cologne, and maybe that's the reason why i started hating this fragance. When you have to smell all day something you don't like much, finally, you hate it...

Just after spraying, it doesn't smells bad at all, but after some time, the remaining smell that lasts for hours... well, i found it very disgusting.
A work-mate wears it and some days, when he "baths on it", i feel nauseated (note I don't hate my colleague, so it's not like "i don't like the fragance because it remembers me that hateful guy").

WARNING: never, i mean NEVER buy a fragance based exclusively on reviews: EVERYONE HAS A PERSONAL TASTE. YOU HAVE TO SMELL IT BY YOURSELF!!!
03rd April, 2010
nope! I thought it's could be special, I bought it, and said: hey man you have acqua di gio, one of the best seller in the world!
but it was not one of the best perfume.
I feel something like Orange, in top note !!
13th March, 2010
JMang Show all reviews
United States
Try it before you buy it.

A friend of mine had it and it smells nice on him, when I bought it, I did not have nearly the same connection, even before it landed on my skin.

Just by sniffing it, it strikes me as being synthetic and alcoholic, with the jasmine being more evident than elsewhere. The drydown was not as appealing; it was less aquatic and more...lightly caustic. Definitely doesn't work for me.

On a uniqueness, or lack thereof, you'll be smelling like the great multitude of aquatic wearers out there. As with all fragrances, try before you buy. For me, it was overhyped, overpriced.
08th March, 2010
When I was a teen this was my first fragrance I bought. Now as I have matured, and expanded my horizons I no longer care for it. Too boring for my tastes, with no longevity. I have only used half of the the first bottle bought in 1997. Recently I compared my bottle with a new sample to check it smell, only to find that my vintage GIO has changed. Over the years it has fermented into something much worse than original.
17th February, 2010
i used to love this, but will now forever associate it with getting beat up by my drug addicted ex-husband.
02nd December, 2009
Not quite lemon Pledge and human urine, but close to it. In the bottle it smells like a chemical concoction strong enough to act as a solvent for cleaning varnish from a carburetor. This industrial strength citric acid degreaser, once appliedto the skint turns into diluted citronella with a floral chypre base. The ordor evaporates within minutes, leaving scant traces of alcohol. The user requires an overnight marinade in order for it to be noticeable more for more than a half hour. This is nothing more than a below average rip-off of 4711 Eau de Cologne and a wanna-be version of Christian Dior's Eau Sauvage. I don't recommend this. The only reason it is a best seller is that it is dirt cheap.
23rd November, 2009
if i only have walmart/drug store frags ill want this, but once ive smelled real scents this just smells generic and its ubiquitous in college campuses and with youths and its for people who cant think of anything else to do and lack individuality
29th August, 2009
Every guy and his dog wears this vile scent,WHY!?
28th August, 2009
Horrific. I don't get how this foul stench is a best seller. Is it based on trend? Those who pimped it out are having the last laugh. This is black flag bug spray with a cantaloupe mashed into the smell before it quickly dies off. I actually snicker when I get a gush of this aroma in any club setting. Dare to look for a manly smell and the women will go nuts over it. Never tell her or anyone what the scent is that you are wearing once you find that masculine smell. Let the wanna be's continue to smell like bug repellent.
30th April, 2009
jrd4t Show all reviews
United States
No good. It's tinny and synthetic to me. Clearly many people like it, but I really can't find the love for it. It's just thin, generic stuff to me.
15th February, 2009
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The majority of Armani's clothing has the initials AJ or Armani plastered all over it -- why do that -- it's so cheesy. I imagine people who buy clothes that are a walking advertisement for the designer, wear ADG also. I love Armani suits and would like to own several, but the House just can't hack it with perfumery - be honest.
Come on -- let's evolve. Stop buying this.
01st December, 2008
Well, Acqua di Gio, I've had a long history with you, but as I now enter my 20s, you're giving me a headache.

It's a shame I skipped Issey all those years - I like Issey a lot more.
12th November, 2008 (last edited: 17th December, 2010)