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Reviews of Acqua di Gi˛ pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

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This is a very pleasant, natural-smelling fragrance which maintains its integrity throughout the day. I wore it when I used to travel extensively as it was a perpetual source of freshness between airport layovers and long car trips to the hotel.

If you like this fragrance, I strongly suggest Silver Mountain Water by Creed. It's considerably more expensive, but it features many of the same characteristics as Acqua di Gio.
24th August, 2005
Over rated, over priced, over bearing. The good thing is that is does not stay with you........who would want to be around that all day!
15th August, 2005
This nice scente is very fresh and long-lasting. The girls also love this.
13th August, 2005
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This fragrance is uninspiring and utterly heartless.....ideal for the american and british market.
12th August, 2005
Honestly this cologne isnt bad at all, women really seem to love it. However, it is not without a big problem. You can get Acqua Di Gio about anywhere (even walmart has it). That makes it easier to get than Abercrombie and Fitch which I can vouch for as being very overused. The halls of my high school smell of Abercombie and Acqua Di Gio. If you just want something nice and dont care that every 3rd person has this stuff, then go fo Acqua Di Gio. Otherwise, just keep looking...
09th August, 2005
I could complain about this one all day. Should I ever meet Mr. Armani, I would chase him down the runway and slap his greedy a**. When Acqua di Gio first came out I loved it. I purchased and wore constantly. Nobody knew of it, and I relished in the compliments. They were all still wearing Cool Water.
Now when I smell I Acqua di Gio it is ALWAYS on some 20-something, wannabe hot-shot player (Or worse, on a middle-aged, newly- divorced, wannabe hot-shot player!!) He is wearing some combination of blue shirt/khaki, trucker hat/ironic t-shirt, or Express Men sale merchandise/over-sized steel watch. Sometimes gold chain. Acqua di Gio screams I am trying too hard, I follow the pack, and "you know you want it." I wish Armani had priced and distributed Acqua di Gio with the same level of class as his ready-to-wear-- instead of his Armani Exchange.
09th August, 2005
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United States
I love the smell, but being a college student, smell it way too often. I wish my peers would find something else so I can walk 5 feet without smelling it on someone.
04th August, 2005
This scent generated $100 million in US sales ALONE last year. And it shows-EVERYBODY wears this stuff. It's a decent scent, but it's so widely used that you might as well try something else. Go into a big city on the train, and you're sure to smell Acqua di Gio. Better yet, go to your local department store. Ask them what the best-selling men's fragrance is at their store, and they're sure to say "Acqua di Gio". After all, look at those sales figures...
01st August, 2005
It might be "too popular", but it's classic! And nobody uses it nowadays:)
04th June, 2005
i don't mind it so much -- in fact, i tend towards liking it -- but it's possibly the most overdone fragrance in existence. if you're looking to stand out in any way, acqua di gio is *not* the way to do it.
28th December, 2004
This stuff is best selling for a reason. Clean and crisp, I love it. Lasts all day on my skin and you gotta love the Cedar notes.
15th December, 2004
This is irrefutably the most over-rated men's perfume ever to be released and the most over-priced. It would be a wonderful perfume if it lasted more than 5 minutes (and I'm being serious). What went wrong here? It is a disgrace this has ever seen the light of day, and it lives only on the Armani name - yes, for blandness. Cannot belive that other reviewers rave about this rubbish. After 5 minutes of fresh watermelon you are left with lemon-like acidity that is disgustingly sour.
20th November, 2004
i give it a two thumbsup rating.
04th November, 2004
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Totally overrated. Don't let the name "Armani" decide what you buy. If you like smelling like soap I suppose it┤s OK. It is very sharp and too common, this one lacks personality. Women like it I've heard, perhaps they should wear it. Try the latest Van Gil instead.
05th August, 2004
fresh elegant perfect for summer days
31st July, 2004
mmm..i feel freah, nice and comfortable wearing it everyday. sometimes i forgot i also have a few other fragrances in the wardobe. Yeah, I should wear something that feels good to me. Mmm..What else can i say..
13th March, 2004
Overrated! cost too much, annoying sour note and it don't last very long.
02nd March, 2004
After reading all the positive reviews and of all the awards it has received (even here in South Africa), i was so hoping that this would be the fragrance that i was looking for. However, after trying it i was very disappointed at how sour it turned out to be once it had settled down. This didn't deter me in trying it a few more times as i thought maybe it would grow on me, but to no avail. The fragrance just develops into a blunt sour melon-type smell (on my skin that is) that leaves me wondering "Is this it? Is this what everyone is so hyped up about?" It's not the worst fragrance i've smelt, but it's just not one that would make me say "Wow!" Just my thoughts.
01st March, 2004
i find the smell is quite weak and i have to put a lot on to make it have a stronger smell. Apart from that i dont mind this but there are better smells, its a poor man Ck1 to me
17th February, 2004 (last edited: 19th February, 2004)
I agree with mattias this stuff have a sour note. I can't understand as can be so popular.
18th December, 2003
Great!!! This one is definitely is a must have for every man. The ladies absolutely love this one. Although nowadays everyone is wearing it, so if you're looking for a stand out fragrance, this isn't it.
05th December, 2003
If you think of fragrances as either "heavy" or "light" or "high" or "low" this one is really really "light" or "high" ...hard to explain but although i always like the first whiff of this that's all i can personally take.... nice smell but i prefer others to wear it ! So a thumbs up but only on that basis ..but buyers beware might end up giving your bottle to your pal !
28th November, 2003
Ok here goes... surprised that I'm the first negative voice on this one. Undoubtedly a complex fragrance, in my opinion Acqua di Gi˛ has a far too sharp sour note I just cant stand. This especially becomes apparent (surprisingly) on the drydown, where this acidity becomes unbearable! Furthermore there is a floral quality to it which makes my stomach turn, since it is still ranked very high , I suppose I┤m one of few with this viewpoint.
14th July, 2003
Best among Marine Scents. Hot summer days and Gio goes hand in hand. A true summer classic.
28th November, 2002