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Not sure how it took me so long to finally get a whiff of this, but suffice to say that this is underwhleming, giving the ubiquity and popularity of this fragrance.
Yes, it's pleasant, light and fresh, but at the same time it is bland, unadventurous and I find, linear.
I think this is kindof like the 'hot top40'...inoffensive and catchy, but there really is nothing compelling about it's pedigree or quality.
A better option IMO is chrome legend, which is more fruity and salty, and has better staying power.
I simply can't give this more than a 'meh'.
09th May, 2011
As many have already written here, this is quite pleasant. Simple, balanced, fresh, clean yet not soapy - which is good. So not bad at all. Seems to have been done for a wear-it-and-you-have-nothing-to worry-about every day type of use, which is absolutely fine.

Just a little too common..maybe because they sell tons of it and you can smell it everywhere around you..

And a little too tame for my taste..It won't drive you or anyone around you crazy - but again, a good fragrance.
30th April, 2011
This is a pleasant, light and fresh scent. I'd say it is designed to be non-offensive and have the widest possible appeal. No notes particularly stand out, other than a light musk. The scent is not sweet, not heavy. The "marine" note is low-key, certainly not synthetic or tiresome. A pleasant no-brainer.
18th April, 2011
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I wanted to like this especially since it was a blind buy. Curse my misfortune. The lemony top notes were there and those were ok. Others have described the smell of industrial cleaner, which may explain the reason it smells like a wet rag after it's been used to clean tables during the dry-down. Ugh, that dry-down. I'll probably just gift it to someone and hope they'll have better luck with it. Revolting.
14th April, 2011
Really popular, broad appeal. Somewhat an aquatic scent, fresh top notes of sweet fruit and only the lightest spice to add some depth, then eventually turns into a fresh, clean smelling musk with various woods. It is both unoffensive and very, very, very idiot proof. It's longevity is so low that even if you bathed in it, it would come off in less than a day, despite the fact you'd nauseate your co-workers, friends, roommates, significant other, spouse, etc. while it managed to project.

Unfortunately, after smelling this day in and day out on an acquaintance of mine, I quickly grew sick and tired of this fragrance. It constantly began to remind me of Pine Sol (Lemon) or any other lemon based or "fresh scent" smell cleaning product. The fresh dry-down became more of a lingering synthetic that I could not get out of my nose, and any kind of rosemary or jasmine note only served to remind me of this fragrance.

Women seem to like it. The slightly more sophisticated women comment on it. The two people I know who are wannabe connoisseurs, much like myself, balk at the cookie cutter quality.

You can't go wrong with this. You can't impress anyone with it either. This is very much what high schoolers wear, since I walk through my hallways and get blasted by this and Axe/Tag/whatever they wear. I do hope university is not the same way.
14th April, 2011
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United Kingdom
I find the level of Calone in this to be compelling and at the same time nauseating so that I can't stop smelling the fragrance and can't also stop the growing feeling of revulsion that is my response to smelling it. I applied some to my wrist in order to try to do a review and could only tolerate it for about fifteen minutes before scrubbing it off again. The thick, waxy, synthetic lemon in the opening notes under the Calone make this virtually identical to a host of cleaning products.
07th April, 2011
ARMANI ACQUA DI GIO pour Homme - This fresh summer standby smells like sunshine pierced pineapple infused with chlorinated swimming pool air bubbling all throuh it. I'm sure it is the proud achievement of some synthetic fragrance chemist somewhere because it definitely does work. The great thing about AdG is that 2-3 spritzes produces 2-3 feet of a sillage halo that glows off of the person for a good 4 hours before retreating to skin scent status for the rest of the day. AdG is tuff stuff and its endurance and reliable uplifting sillage is the hidden "superpower" that keeps this iron man fragrance #1 in sales for ten years now. A big thumb up!

27th March, 2011
At my fragrance counter, ADG remains, regrettably, our overall top seller. I will gladly show and sell it if it's requested specifically, but if a customer approaches me for advice, I will avoid even mentioning it. To me, ADG is a fine fragrance for what it is, but there is absolutely nothing even remotely special about it.

It is without a doubt the official cologne of the unimaginative. Some men who come to my counter buy it because it remains the most popular of our fragrances, but this I discourage, as I believe all men ought to at least marginally attempt to find a signature fragrance. Why show up to the club smelling like 80 other guys in the place? It's not as if differing body chemistry types make much of a difference, as I find the lighter water type colognes keep a fairly consistent smell across them all.
26th March, 2011
man114 Show all reviews
United States
Typical aquatic type scent. This one puts up some synthetic fruity notes on top and bottoms them with the typical woodsy notes. Nothing too original, but seems to be a very popular version of it. Somewhat more synthetic than some up front. Almost too many people wear it. Seriously you'd be more original wearing a less common BOD spray. This stuff is easy to do a knockoff of too. Like those Cool Water $3 copies smell close enough that people can't tell the difference. One day last summer I splashed some knockoff version of it on before going to a car show (I'll usually wear a knockoff if I'm wearing it for a short time and not expecting a lot of longevity). I got the same compliments and no one could tell the difference. Personally I don't know what you'd get compliments anyway from something that is so common that everyone is wearing it but whatever. If I want a good unqiue version of this type of scent I'd wear the old Unisex FCUK before this, it smells more natural and less synthetic. About the only thing I can say is it doesn't go too green like Polo Sport or Cool Water.
24th March, 2011
There is nothing to be upset about this fragrance! It smells very clean and fresh. In summer, 80% of guys wear this (or azzaro chrome!) but I dont care. This fragrance is very presentable and unoffensive. I dont hate aquatics as such because they give more options to play during summer time.
When a fragrance is of good quality, I gotta acknowledge it. In many ways, this fragrance is a landmark. Tracing the history of colognes from 4711, clubman, aramis, PRpH, APH, Quorum, Drakkar Noir and cool water. This just goes to show that fragrance evolved from earthier side to air-ier side (if any such term exists). I am not a snob so I dont lament this transition even though I am a huge fan of 70s and 80s style fragrances.
This is not a bad fragrance at all. But as a man grows up, he should grow (figuratively) his wardrobe too. Just as you give up wearing chuck taylors for pair of oxfords and jeans-tshirt for suit, you gotta give up AdG and wearing something more "manly".
A+ if your are under 21.
F if you are above 30.
20th March, 2011
When I was a wee lad in the early '80s, I fondly remember my older brother (by 10 years) receiving Polo as a stocking stuffer on Christmas morning. At first, I was intrigued by the scent, but shortly thereafter, while having to share a locker room for swim team, I started associating the scent with smelly, sweaty high school kids that trenched themselves in the stuff.

A decade later, now finding myself around other chemically imbalanced, testosterone filled teenagers, I found that Drakkar Noir was the over-used odor-masking agent of choice.

Fast forward to the 2000's: Acqua Di Gio not only is the masking agent of choice for high school kids, but also for every smelly man, young and old, in every social setting. Its very upsetting, for at one time, I thought the scent was intriguing myself.

I don't dislike the scent on its own merit (although its never been at the top of my favorites list), I dislike it because I'm convinced that every dude with menacing B.O. thinks that this is the one scent that can trump their own stench.
08th March, 2011 (last edited: 23rd May, 2011)
Glamour worldwide freshness. Over a woodsy/musky base with a bold rose-patchouli insertion the nose performer settled down a bunch of synthetic but appealing fruity-floral-marine subtle notes. The somewhat sour/aromatic citric top, as enriched by chemical sea nuances and hedione, infuses to the aroma a crisp bitter-salty initial (but stable) undertone in order to balance the fruity-floral central sweetness. The outcome is a salty-sweet crisp floral-marine concoction ideated to rise up in the air a iodate breeze effect as emerging for real by tumultuous oceanic-mediterranean sea waves. The strong projection of the fruity, airy, salty patchouli exudes a very masculine charismatic whiff lot appealing for the mass and arousing a fresh, bold, confident aura around the wearer which i figure tall, with grease on hair and with a black t-shirt under an starched suit. Rosemary and white musk are clearly detectable and provide a woody aromatic touch to the juice while a strong presence of jasmine gives an hint of glamour and cool sophisticated (salty-floral) feel. The fruity notes (may be mellon and peach) couteract with their mild flashy feature the salty angular undertone projected by marine synthetic notes and tart citrus while the cedarwood gives a touch of stableness to the entire concoction. What can i add? Some of my favourite fragrances are Mazzolari lui, Scent Intense, Patchouly Noir and Black Tourmaline so it's hard to me approaching myself to these featherweight kind of scents, the ozone-marine on particular. I appreciate some of them very much as Bvlgari Aqua, Kenzo Pour Homme and Horizon for instance or some boise/salty (slightly marine) concoctions as Sel de Vetiver by The Different Company. In order me to wear an aquatic or semi-aquatic its smell might be a lot woodsy and with coniferous aromatic heavy insertions. This is far to happen with Acqua di Gio'. Anyway it's hard for me to deny this is a well made and appealing fragrance (even if it is so far from my parametres) above all if I focus my attention over its notable projection and longevity. Neutral is my rating.
19th February, 2011 (last edited: 11th January, 2014)
Light reasonably pleasant scent. Seems pretty simple though I keep looking for some complexity, but it doesn't seem to be there. Projection seems low to me, but maybe that is because the scent is so light. I agree with other comments that it is a summery, beachy fragrance. Too bland for my taste.
16th February, 2011
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For all of you hating on this fragrance, this is the most popular in the country for very good reason. It iis the best smelling fresh scent I have ever laid my nose on. I have gotten more compliments on this fragrance from friends, family, and strangers than all the others COMBINED. One girl actually told me, "Oh my god, what are you wearing, I just want to eat you." An outstanding compliment for an outstanding fragrance.
21st January, 2011
Yeah it's popular, but it's popular for a reason. Safe without being boring. Suitable for anything. Lasts and projects enough to be noticed. In fact, it can be deceptively strong for a citrus based scent so go light. But if you get this right, you've got yourself a great fragrance for any occaision.
19th January, 2011
I would place ADG together with Issey Miyaki and CK One category. However, ADG will be placed for the lowest intensity out of the 3.

If you into airy, watery scent, this is a must for you. It is not overpowering and does not give me headache like CKone and does not smell sourish like Issey Miyaki.

It is a very light frag but thats meant to be.

15th January, 2011
Simply said, popular because of it's quality

for an aquatic scent, AdG PH had an atomic sillage. Durability also wonderful, last much much longer than first I expected. The scent itself is not ALL about water. It's more like on the beach, lot of sand, you're waiting for your hot lemonade to arrive while enjoy looking on the sea and get your face blowed by gentle breeze

Honestly from deep down inside my heart, I give this perfume an A score. It's surely a favorite contender for the king of aquatic category
10th January, 2011
The next young hotshot to pass me by saturated in this juice runs the risk of being upended and used as a mop, because I don't want just any clean - I want that lemon fresh streak-free shine only a bacteria-banishing chemical bomb like this can provide.
05th January, 2011
Thumbs Down due to the fact this fragrance screams the following: Cheap, High School, Douche-bag, Greaser, Slimy.

It is so widely worn and by so many novice owners every time i smell Acqua di Gio, it is over applied, i smell em before i see em, and more often than not worn by a douche-bag.

Enough said. If you are on this site to begin with, i suggest getting in the hunt for something more unique to avoid smelling like a High School football player, or that guy at the cellphone kiosk in the mall.
24th December, 2010
I've only recently started wearing this cologne, and I realize it's sort of another "Drakkar" in the sense that every High School / College kid these days wears it, but it's still a nice smelling cologne. A new staple of my cologne shelf.
08th December, 2010
I once told my buddy that this scent smells like a high school prom. The boys don't use their regular axe spray or whatever and borrow dad's aqua di gio for their big event.

Not sure how true this is but it's what I think of. I do really like the scent, its just too widely used for me.
07th December, 2010
Own it and loved it, however... it is so recognisable! So much so, that it is imposible to wear.
01st November, 2010
I have delayed reviewing this long enough. Last week a local magazine was running a promotion and offered some free samples. Guess what? ACQUA DI GIO POUR HOMME was one of them! That's right, 14 years on and AdG is still featured in promotions and tie-ups! Is it any wonder that it's been at the top of the best-selling men's fragrances of the last decade?

Back to the scent review. Much has been written about the blend of synthetic notes in AdG. Yes, I agree they are generic and often found in many of the more contemporary designer sports fragrance releases. But what sets AdG apart from these also-rans is its immaculate blending and flawless balance. Applied judiciously, it projects rather smoothly and smells pleasantly clean and fresh. I'm not surprised if women actually love it.

Unfortunately there are many misguided boys who believe that bathing in this fragrance is a surefire way to make the ladies 'drop their panties'. Just last night one such idiot in office attire arrived late at the cinema and sat right behind me. I could smell him long before I actually saw him coming - he was reeking of this stuff! As it was already dark in the cinema, I have no idea if his odious cloud did drop anyone's undies. But it sure raised my hackles.
28th October, 2010
İ think that fragnance's best important speciality is smelling fresh but you can use this every season very cool very sexy. ican imagine when i wear this i feel so oriant this is your chose your adaptation.
23rd October, 2010
Finaly tried this out !!! And after trying it Id have to say its nice but why on earth is this the most bought mens cologne,lol ? To me its a nice subtle smell that cuts through without being overpowering but its really only OK at best. And there is so many better colognes out there for much better prices... But to describe the smell now... HMMM.... The opening is like a sour lemon-lime smell similar to 7up mixed with musk(the musk to me is the best part of the fragrance) and it smells pretty linear throughout but the farther you have it on the lemony-lime smell fades and the musk takes over...

Ratings varying from 1-10:
Longevity:7 (I get anywhere from 5-8 hours)
Overall Rating: 7

BEST TIMES TO USE THIS: School,Work, Could use as a club scent but theres better colognes out there for clubbing in my opinion, and just goin out whenever... Also can be worn any season of the year although spring and summer would be best
AGE RANGE: I believe anyone could wear this really

All in all a decent scent but im only giving it a neutral rating based on the price,its popularity, and its nice smelling but its unoriginal and nothing to brag about
17th October, 2010
I remember in high school, I was the only person to wear this and let me tell you, I drove the ladies WILD!!!! I would stop people right in their tracks every time I was around, literally! Both guys and gals would follow me just to sniff me or ask me what I was wearing! Even teachers and faculty would stop to smell me! There's just something about this fragrance that is so alluring, pleasant, masculine, and sexy! Unfortunately, out of high school and into college and the real world, I soon found out that everyone wears this! I don't mind much though, I still wear it from time to time and it's still one of those scents that makes you wonder how something can smell so good!

Upon the initial spray, you can definitely detect the rosemary and jasmine but to me, it somewhat smells like a pleasant bug spray, if that sounds appealing at all. However, the heart notes and basenotes is where this truly shines! Persimmon fruits, marine notes, cedar, patchouli, white musk, and rock rose? What does all that smell like? Well, it's slightly musky and a bit woody but the rock rose gives it a subtle floral vibe with the fruits giving this a slightly sweet tinge. Now imagine all that mixed with the aquatic notes, and there you have it! The best way I can describe this is picture something that smells bitterly sweet and salty, almost like sprinkling salt and sugar on a bowl of citrus fruits. Try it if you haven't, there's a reason this stuff is an all time best seller! Plus, the purpose of musk is to give a fragrance longevity and this one is no slouch in that department! I get about 7 hours every time and though it's a bit pricey, it's more than worth it! My final rating A-

29th August, 2010
mill4r4 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Oh dear, alot of people are not going to like this. I tried this again hoping to be able to like it and to be positive.

This fragrance began its assault on my nostrils by using a plethora (good word) of rosemary wrapped in jasmine. I found it quite odd, not unpleasant, but jasmine as a top note, and I kept getting lots and lots of lime.

Interesting, I thought, where is this going, then it happened, a wet melon smell and brine. A particular note that seems to keep cropping up in male fragrances, on me it smells really nasty, and I avoid it at all costs. Occaisionally there would be fruity whiffs but mainly it was that salty seaside odour.

The base introduced woods and resins, but where was my beloved patchouli? It appeard to have been wrestled to the ground by hulking cedar and smothered by the dynamic duo of white musk and rock rose.

6 hours later and it was still there, a test to my endurance to the cause. 'People' seem to really like it, a fragrance cannot have this degree of longevity and be a lemon surely? On some skins it shines cleanly, an intelligent fragrance that matures and develops. However, on me it is a scrubber, I need to go and wash now.
24th August, 2010
A really pleasant, fresh, marine inspired fragrance that ages very well. If it weren't so common, I would've made it a staple in my weekly cycle.
14th August, 2010
The one, The Only ,The Famous!! Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani!!!
This stuff is really cool one of my favs for the summer, With Z by Zegna and Polo Blue, i like it i really do I have 2 bottles of this and the shower gel!!!
Just got lucky!!! :) cause the gel was for free!!
Well longevity on this one 6-8 hours on my skin!
The first hour is just heaven!!! like a nice and fresh clean shower in the hot afternoon!!! and the silliage is very descent it projects like crazy!
And in the second hour it starts the fruity-acquatic side of it and it still projects
then it stays close to the skin and i reapply it 4 hours later
because I love the first 2 hours!
I think this and Z by Zegna are the most compimented of my collection
The Girls love it!!
Mi gf Goes crazyt with this!
And here where i live! it's not too common!
But a lot of guys use 360ª Red by Perry Ellis
Or Just me by Paris Hilton
But the real thing is this
I dont like the other 2 is much as i like this one!
You Should try it!
this is a little bit more natural!

11th August, 2010
Wow, this stuff really disappoints, although it isn't offensive either. I'd smelled it a while ago on one of those magazine samples and liked the orange freshness. In fact I made a fragrance of my own based in part on what I remembered the paper sample smelling like (fresh, orange, ambery - I may have been deluded) - but in person, on my skin, I find it incredibly boring. And then it fades into a really dull nothingness. Modesty aside, mine is much better, especially the drydown - which is puzzling to me because I find that is usually the easiest thing to get right. Then again I'm using mostly natural ingredients. Still, a little Sandalrome or some warm macrocyclic musk would make all the difference. Definitely nothing sexy or unusual about it.
15th July, 2010