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Reviews of Acqua di Gi˛ pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

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A very fresh, unoffensive, summertime scent. Best suited to younger guys, but wearable by anyone. A victim of its own popularity. Not something I personally wear much, but a great standby. If a guy could only have one bottle, he could do much worse than this.
06th July, 2010
Acqua Di Gio is phenomenal and very fascinating from topnotes to basenotes. ☼ It is great in its own creativity albeit overpriced ☼

The ambery basenotes started off with citrus punch is a great combination.

Sillage and longevity are moderate on my skin. Applying ADG liberally would definitely not offend anyone ☺☻☺☻

Cheers ♪♫
31st May, 2010
I cant imagine Alberto Morillas could make this type of crap.... any ways to me its self repellent.
23rd May, 2010
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I don't understand why people complain about having the same things as everyone else.Let's face it if you don't shell out the $ you pretty much garunteed to wear what evryone else does.iit's a matter of hiw much you spend that detrmines exclusivity.With that being said. Adg is a phenomenal frag, fresh and good for any occasion.
02nd May, 2010
I always likes frags, but really interested in knowing more after smelling ADG.

Always a bottle or 2, or three in my collection. I think it came out in '96. I would highly recommended this to anyone who likes (Aromatic) aquatic frags. Not to strong, wears (on me) for many hours. To me it is a "timeless" scent. It does not hurt that ladies enjoy the way this frag smells on a man when they get in close. Made with some pretty decent ingredients, good quality overall.

Do you believe in "love at first whiff...?"

Dear, sweet ADG, we have been together for so long...

ADG for me is like being in a troubled relationship.

You stick it out, or you move on.

You love it, or hate it.

My nose says to my heart, "You can do better ! You deserve better, you know there's so much more out there," but there are some great perks, comfort and security in my familiar frag. My heart sticks it out.

Sure, I have gone out wearing other frags, who hasen't ? All my attempts to move on have been in vain ! Gentle, ADG, she is as soft and faithful as she is vibrant and sweet smelling. There is something alluring about her, she always tempts me back and this keeps us together.

Sure, she's popular, everyone loves ADG ! That is not why I know that I can never leave her. We will never be apart. I always return to her because she loves my body chemistry and I hers.

My heart sticks it out, it is possible we may be with each other forever.

Dear, sweet ADG, we have been together for so long...

- Applied almost daily since '97 and not ashamed to admit it.

so um... I really like ADG. :P
28th April, 2010
A classic. One of the most copycat victim. Canźt help it. Marine/floral. Really refreshing. Makeźs you desire to go to the beach and go for a dive on the ocean. Feels like the oceanźs breeze. All I could ask of this one is a little more lasting power. Than it would be perfect. I own a 200ml bottle and will buy another when this one runs out. A must have in your wardrobe. Definitelly.
23rd April, 2010
Sorry, fellas... i don't like it.

It's a very popular cologne, and maybe that's the reason why i started hating this fragance. When you have to smell all day something you don't like much, finally, you hate it...

Just after spraying, it doesn't smells bad at all, but after some time, the remaining smell that lasts for hours... well, i found it very disgusting.
A work-mate wears it and some days, when he "baths on it", i feel nauseated (note I don't hate my colleague, so it's not like "i don't like the fragance because it remembers me that hateful guy").

WARNING: never, i mean NEVER buy a fragance based exclusively on reviews: EVERYONE HAS A PERSONAL TASTE. YOU HAVE TO SMELL IT BY YOURSELF!!!
03rd April, 2010
I think the smell is very nice, however, it is so overplayed used and abused that I will not buy this. If you have any sense of individuality, this is not the cologne to get. I think its cool to be a little unique sometimes. i feel like 9 out of 10 people are wearing this, So I rather get something unique.
02nd April, 2010
Amazing. Everyone wears it.. But, amazing. Smells manly, yet aquatic in a sweet way. I almost get a hint of melon or cucumber. My go to scent, if ever there's doubt. If you want to be unique with this scent, layer it with something else lightly, or my secret with this cologne, being at a higher altitude and the sun here, Coppertone. Coppertone and this stuff almost brings me back to growing up near the beach.
26th March, 2010
I love this fragrance. Some experts say it's too simple and dull. I would say, it's fragrance is intelligent, soft, fresh and clean. It's very practical and suitable for everyday use.
The best analogy I can think of is how maestro Giorgio Armani dresses himself.
He wears a plain black t-shirt, black jeans and black watch. It's simple, but who says it's a minus? You don't have to wear your best suit every day.

P.S. I am not a perfume expert, just a man who loves fragrances.
24th March, 2010
This fragrance is extremely popular and I can see why, but for that reason alone I stray away from it. Those less in-the-know seem to think that cologne is for covering up the way they smell, but it's actually about finding what mixes with your chemistry to create a great smell. This scent doesn't mix with my chemistry, it covers it up, and it seems to work in the same way on everybody I know who wears it. It's got a decent longevity, though, and is a safe scent for going to work in most cases.
23rd March, 2010
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United States
Well I liked this when I was younger and tested it out among a lot of others at a department store. It was the second cologne I actually bought myself rather than getting for Christmas. Now if I'm going for a fresh fragrance I get Cool Water period. Acqua di Gio is good but Cool Water is better. And two fragrances in the 'fresh' category are too much for me.
22nd March, 2010
Acqua di Gio is among the big pile of citrus/aromatic/aquatics, along with Versace Pour Homme, YSL L'Homme. I'll say it's among the best, but apparently extremely common now. I'm sticking to Kenneth Cole Reaction, Riverside Drive, Cool Water, and Green Irish Tweed instead.
15th March, 2010
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nope! I thought it's could be special, I bought it, and said: hey man you have acqua di gio, one of the best seller in the world!
but it was not one of the best perfume.
I feel something like Orange, in top note !!
13th March, 2010
Nothing special...I never understood why this is the common man's favorite frag. I won't give it a negative since it isn't a bad frag. It just didnt live up to my expectations.
12th March, 2010 (last edited: 29th January, 2011)
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United States
Try it before you buy it.

A friend of mine had it and it smells nice on him, when I bought it, I did not have nearly the same connection, even before it landed on my skin.

Just by sniffing it, it strikes me as being synthetic and alcoholic, with the jasmine being more evident than elsewhere. The drydown was not as appealing; it was less aquatic and more...lightly caustic. Definitely doesn't work for me.

On a uniqueness, or lack thereof, you'll be smelling like the great multitude of aquatic wearers out there. As with all fragrances, try before you buy. For me, it was overhyped, overpriced.
08th March, 2010
When I was a teen this was my first fragrance I bought. Now as I have matured, and expanded my horizons I no longer care for it. Too boring for my tastes, with no longevity. I have only used half of the the first bottle bought in 1997. Recently I compared my bottle with a new sample to check it smell, only to find that my vintage GIO has changed. Over the years it has fermented into something much worse than original.
17th February, 2010
This is just plain good. The scent itself, the sillage, the longevity. No wonder this is a best-seller. I can't stop smelling myself when I'm wearing this.

Yes, probably half of the guys in the room wear it. Yes, it would probably remind your girlfriend of somebody from her past. But it shouldn't take away from how great this scent is. As they say: Don't hate the player, hate the game.
05th February, 2010
ummmmmmmmm, whats the problaem with this, it is absolutely so clean and refreshin, like taking a swim in a freshwater lake, i think it would get better reviews if it was less mainstream, but you cant say that makes it a bad fragrance.
31st January, 2010
it seems as if every time i pass someone at work or at the store all i can smell is the marine or acqua note,

i hate to give this a bad review because it is a great fragrance, but everyone is wearing it, or something copied from it.

personally i would rather wear something that is different, it is a shame that this has been copied so many times.

if it was an expensive creed cologne i would save up and buy it, just for the fact that not every one and their brother would have it.

it's just over worn, but a great fragrance. once my bottle is gone i will not purchase another. i may even give whats left to a friend.

6 out of a 10

28th January, 2010
Used to be one of my favorites, but I rarely wear it now.

I used to call it "liquid sex" - if you were going out to the club, and you wore this, you were probably going to get lucky.

It has become so popular, with so many people wearing it now, it just doesn't have the appeal that it once did.

Still, an enjoyable cologne.
25th January, 2010
Influenced by all of the comments, good and bad, about ADG, I recently bought a bottle. It instantly became a favorite of mine when, last week, the bartender/server at my local, upon whom I have a major crush, said I smelled "delicious." Yes, I know she works for tips -- but I like to think she was sincere. Even though I prefer the heavier stuff (Bulgari Black, Narciso, Tuscany, Yatagan) you know I'll be wearing this when I see her next.
17th January, 2010
I'm revising my earlier review.

AdG is certainly a classic, but I've found that it is just plain unremarkable. There aren't any notes that jump out at me or interest me in any way, it's just plain "nice" smelling.

Safe buy for sure, but I cannot think of any situation where I'd wear it over more interesting safe buys...
15th January, 2010 (last edited: 15th December, 2013)
I love this scent very much that I even have a spare bottle with me. I've been using it since 2001. I've also received much compliment from women of different ages with this scent. Acqua di gio has a very fresh & clean scent. Needless to say this started it all for the armani line of fragrances.
10th January, 2010
Go this as a gift recently, and what can I say: it is an awesome sent. Clean and crisp, it smells great. I was at a nightclub recently, and the bathroom attendant had several colognes to wear, and this was one of them. Even hough everyone wears his, I cannot deny that it is a great sent, a classic. I love wearing after a shower; it makes me feel so clean.
17th December, 2009
elegant , masculine , worthy of it's popularity , and it still does the trick for me.
03rd December, 2009
i used to love this, but will now forever associate it with getting beat up by my drug addicted ex-husband.
02nd December, 2009
Not quite lemon Pledge and human urine, but close to it. In the bottle it smells like a chemical concoction strong enough to act as a solvent for cleaning varnish from a carburetor. This industrial strength citric acid degreaser, once appliedto the skint turns into diluted citronella with a floral chypre base. The ordor evaporates within minutes, leaving scant traces of alcohol. The user requires an overnight marinade in order for it to be noticeable more for more than a half hour. This is nothing more than a below average rip-off of 4711 Eau de Cologne and a wanna-be version of Christian Dior's Eau Sauvage. I don't recommend this. The only reason it is a best seller is that it is dirt cheap.
23rd November, 2009
Belki cok fazla kullanıldıgı išin olabilir..Baharatlı temiz bir koku..Takım elbise ile ofis ortamında yada eşofmanla diskoda iyi gider..18-35yas arası daha uygun gibi geldi bana..ăok ta matah bir koku degil işin tŘrkšesi..
10th November, 2009
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United States
Not terrible, but largely uninspired though. AdG is a typical aquatic with all the usual hallmarks. I do find this more complex and smoother than Cool Water. I suppose every guy under 30 ought to have one aquatic in his collection since the media tells women that this is how guys are supposed to smell. And if you have to have a fruity aquatic, this is the one to get (or Creed Millesime Imperial if you want to splurge for top notch). AdG is relatively cheap but has poor sillage and poor longevity. But hey, everyone else in America is wearing it, so why not?

02nd November, 2009 (last edited: 10th November, 2009)