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United States
Top: Bergamot, Neroli, Green Tangerine
Middle: Jasmine, Rock rose, Marine note, Rosemary, Persimmon
Base: Cedar, Patchouli, Musk

Formulated by nose Albert Morillas, Aqua di Gio homme (AdG) is Armani Parfums biggest cash cow and one of the progenitors of the fruity aquatic genre. Much has been written about its ubiquitous presence in hang out spots all over the world, but its hard to deny that its a well made fragrance. Inspired by Giorgio Armani's vacations in the isle of Pantelleria, the aim was to evoke "the voluptuous rush of wind and water, brilliantly combining sweet and salty flavors, with the bittersweet power of of sea water on sun-drenched skin."

The opening hesperidic blast is pleasant and invigorating, and soon after the salty-floral-fruity heart appears. Things are kept light and pleasant, with hedione (synthetic jasmine) lending a pleasant floral aroma, a bouquet of fruits (melon, etc) gushing in the accord, and a very well integrated aquatic note imparting a slightly salty tinge. There's also a spice accord hidden in there somewhere...if you smell closely enough you can detect a coriander note warming up the proceedings. The whole heart notes phase is expertly balanced with none of the various facets feeling out of place. It is however rather fleeting and within an hour or two the woody-musky base rears its ugly formulated head (AdG used to feature a better musk and cedar note in its hey day).

Yes its ubiquitous...yes its nothing outstanding (it ain't 1996 anymore)...yes there are a zillion other fruity aquatics on the market...and yes it has been done better before (1995s Creed Millesime Imperial). But credit is due to AdG for being one of the early fruity-aquatic trailblazers, and for opening up the genre for other fast-followers (it also outsells Imperial by quite a mile). And despite the inferior reformulated base, its still smells good. Like it or not you will still be seeing AdG ads in Vogue or Forbes 5 years from now..

Rating: 7.25/10.0
07th October, 2009
It seems to me that the only reason people are negatively reviewing this frag because it's popular. I personally have never smelled this on anyone, and I live near San Jose. I do smell quite a bit of unforgivable though....ugh.
01st October, 2009
Let's get it out of the way: This is one of the greatest fragrances ever. I would not mind smelling like this for the rest of my life. Clean, incredibly masculine, almost a cleaner, crisper version of Cool Water, to my nose (not that I don't absolutely love Cool Water). Like many others have noted however, you WILL remind her of some dude from her past if you wear this. Probably the most popular fragrance in the US, but for very, very good reason. Acqua Di Gio is the real deal....THE best fragrance of the 90's.
20th September, 2009
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Well well well....what do we have here?! AdG I see. A fragrance that many of us guys have owned at one point in our lives, and has gotten many people, including me, interested in fragrances as a whole. I know that alot of these folks do have a very difficult time accepting something mainstream and popular, but alas, as much as it crushes them, they must SOMEDAY, SOMEHOW learn to accept AdG's fame and glory. Some of these folks spend years searching high and low for the classics of yesterday and tommorow, but what about today? What are the classics of today? Generic mainstream conformity are what many may refer to this as. But what about the scent that defined what generic mainstream conformity smelled like? Now we`re beginning to paint the picture. The love I have for AdG does not revolve purely around it's scent, but rather more about what it's done for me and my love of frangrances, as well as the fragrance industry as a whole. AdG challenged me to think outside the box when many people thought within it. For this thought provoking reason alone AdG should be saluted. Somerville Metro Man has also made a very valid point referring to AdG as``Wonder Bread`` however IMHO I believe it should be classified as ``Smart Bread``, whole wheat disguised as white bread LOL! Fabulous job Armani!
04th September, 2009
A very citrusy aromatic tea like scent. It's extremely versatile and inoffensive and hard not to like. There's a reason it was copied and was sold so many, it's an exceptional scent.

But, that's the problem with it. It was copied so many times by other houses so there are countless similar fragrances as well as Aqua Di Dio selling so much that numerous people are wearing it. It's popularity and trendsetting ability lowers the value of the fragrance.

I have a bottle and it smells fantastic but because of the excessive popularity of it I will not buy again. If you don't care about that then go ahead and get it, it's a great scent. I cannot give it anything but a thumbs up because Armani did a great job.
01st September, 2009
if i only have walmart/drug store frags ill want this, but once ive smelled real scents this just smells generic and its ubiquitous in college campuses and with youths and its for people who cant think of anything else to do and lack individuality
29th August, 2009
What else can we say about AdG that hasnt been said. Its a classic fragrance. Say what you want about everyone wearing it, about the fact that many companies have copied/tried to copy it, it is a best seller for a reason. It smells very pleasant and non-offensive. DOnt get me wrong its far from being my favorite, but it does get my props for being a scent that keeps getting suggested and worn by guys all over the world.
29th August, 2009
Every guy and his dog wears this vile scent,WHY!?
28th August, 2009
Armani Acqua di Gio pour Homme

Acqua di Gio, the 1996 scent created for Giorgio Armani, is the most popular scent in terms of sales in the world as of 2008. Popularity and sales do not automatically confirm greatness on any artistic endeavor. Conversely those attributes shouldn't be made to seen as detriments, either. Acqua di Gio is popular for a reason and that reason, I think, is Wonder Bread. I love bread of all kinds, a fresh-baked croissant, a crunchy baguette, savory whole grain loaf, you get the idea. If you put down a jar of crunchy peanut butter and grape jelly and ask me what bread I want it on, I'm going to choose Wonder Bread. Wonder Bread just tastes great in that situation. I really like the other breads I mentioned, more, but for a good old PB&J I'm going to choose Wonder Bread. Acqua di Gio falls in the same category. It isn't my favorite fresh scent out there in fact it probably doesn't crack my top 20, although that's probably close. Yet, on a sunny summer day there are just days I want to wear Acqua di Gio for all of the things it does right. The one thing Acqua di Gio gets very right is it is composed in a light style which keeps it from ever becoming cloying or heavy on me. Right from the beginning the lightness of touch is evident as a breeze of jasmine on top of other florals lead this into a fruity heart paired with a very typical aquatic heart. This would be the ideal description of many feminine fruity florals but because Acqua di Gio keeps its composition so muted this works well as a masculine and if someone is getting nervous about wearing a fruity floral the base is full of strong he-man accords. Starting with cedar followed by patchouli and a sheer white musk. Acqua di Gio is that very easy-to-wear scent that owes its popularity to that quality, I think. There is nothing challenging here but there is also nothing to make one want to turn away either. As many scents in this class Acqua di Gio has average longevity and a decent amount of projection. Acqua di Gio is perfect for that sunny day I'm in the mood for a little PB&J on Wonder Bread.
22nd August, 2009
Simply ADG is one of the most popular fragrances, probably because of being fresh and mild. Nothing distinguish. Highly common. But altogether it smells... nice. so it goes nuetral.
11th August, 2009
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United States
I guess if one cologne had to be overdone, this isn't a bad one for it to be... Way too light for me, Lemony, can barely smell anything upon spraying, and after 15 minutes, have to literally inhale my wrists to get anything.... I mean yeah if you don't want to overpower or offend anyone, this is probably the best cologne, but be prepared to respray often if you want to smell it.
30th July, 2009
This scent is ridiculously good. Although everyone and his brother has or does wear it, the ladies go crazy for it. We all want our individuality, of course, but I can't help but spray this one on here and there before going out. The ladies know it by name, and don't care if theres 10 other guys in the bar wearing the same thing, as long as they can smell it on you.

Do I think it smells good? 5/5
Compliments from the ladies? 5/5
Overall 5/5
24th July, 2009
Magaluf 1998!!!! Great Scent!! Freshest fragrance you can buy but at 29 I think i've outgrown this. More suited for teens to early 20s. Still love this everytime I smell this though!
19th July, 2009
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Good stuff. Gets lots of compliments, too. It's rather light, which is something I love. Not heavy or overbearing, just a light scent which is pretty fresh smelling. I get tons of compliments when I wear this stuff. The top notes in particular are amazing, and when it gets down to the base notes, it's less impressive but still good scent. A keeper in my opinion. Only bad thing I can name is the fact that it's so darn popular.
16th July, 2009 (last edited: 23rd November, 2009)
I'm reviewing my review, some 5 years later.

This is a nice enough fragrance. It is so popular and so iconic that I don't feel like I can give it any less than a thumbs up.

That said, there are so many other fragrances which excel where AdG is simply mediocre... the thumbs up is bordering on a neutral rating.

Before you buy AdG, why don't you check out L'eau D'issey by Issey Miyake? You might just have an existential moment.
24th June, 2009 (last edited: 28th July, 2014)
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United States
I normally would have steered clear of this because it's way too common & popular. However I received a free sample and wore it to work recently. At first sniff it smelled generic, but after the drydown I am forced to admit it is a great aquatic scent with nice longevity & sillage. Very fresh and clean. I must note I only put 2 sprays on my wrist and could smell it for several hours, and I'm not talking about smelling my wrist at close range. That's impressive considering how many colognes are out there you can spray all over you and the scent is gone in 2 hours.

The main problem with this is the "cool" and "unique" factors aren't there and even teenagers have this (even some kids I overheard sample it said all their friends have it). If you can get past that, and want something most people will like or find inoffensive, then grab a bottle.
16th June, 2009
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United Kingdom
Great smell.. its only downfall is its popularity. However, its popularity is starting to go down with newer fragrance (but based around this type of smell) so keep your bottle so when the next popular fragrance is worn by all, then its you who could be the different one.
06th June, 2009
I amazed that one one has mentioned how grassy this smells. But its really a good thing, in this case. Its fresh, un offensive, and still comes off a bit warm somehow. The color of the bottle is perfect. Its an aquatic scent for sure, but you don't think of the color blue when you smell. Silver, and almost a light green are perfect. If you could ever smell those colors, this would be it. Too bad everyone is the US wears this. (I believe its the highest selling cologne in America for 7 years running...)
05th June, 2009
This is a great smell for whenever I have to say it is inexpensive which is attractive to me great for summer good aquatic!
16th May, 2009
Super popular scent. Fresh, springtime. Starts very flowery, I smell jasmine, then become citrus, and maybe I do pick up something woody or musky.
07th May, 2009
Horrific. I don't get how this foul stench is a best seller. Is it based on trend? Those who pimped it out are having the last laugh. This is black flag bug spray with a cantaloupe mashed into the smell before it quickly dies off. I actually snicker when I get a gush of this aroma in any club setting. Dare to look for a manly smell and the women will go nuts over it. Never tell her or anyone what the scent is that you are wearing once you find that masculine smell. Let the wanna be's continue to smell like bug repellent.
30th April, 2009
I got a little scared of buying it when I saw the price. But much to my enjoyment, it is worth all of the hype..
29th April, 2009
Acqua di Gi˛ pour Homme. Quite good summer fragrance . But it is no more... Such it is a lot of.
28th April, 2009
Yes... here it is, the citrus-aquatic that spawned countless smell-alikes. Its massively popular and that's for a good reason: I don't know of a single person that would be offended by this. It's clean, pleasant, and metro. For many years this was the benchmark for all fresh/aquatics to be compared to. Instantly recognizable.
22nd April, 2009 (last edited: 10th June, 2018)
This is a good citrusy scent, with good sillage and great longivity! But i think it's better for young men,less then 20 years old. That┤s my opinion... There's nothing here so masculine, but it isn┤t a offensive scent. Another bad of it, is the fact ADG is out there, everywhere, in many men,(by the way, like L'eau d'Issey too). So, you wont have exclusivity wearing this... You'll be just another man wearing ADG.For that, i would say its a good scent...but i wont wear it!
02nd April, 2009
Smells goob but way too many people wear it. I like Perry Ellis 360 red much better, it is similar to AdG but different at the same time. 360 red seems to be more fruity and lasts way longer and isnt nearly as overbearing as AdG
25th March, 2009
I wouldn't dare risk a complex review. I find it a pleasant,
"all purpose" cologne, with good top notes and no disasters
as it winds down.

No, not challenging, but safe and fresh. I don't know if it helps,
but I hate Zizanie and love Yatagan. Acqua di Gio is not so
assertive and harsh (in a good way) as Yatagan, and not so
repellent as Zizanie (which I first tried when in Europe as a
student in 1951).

20th March, 2009
My husband bought this at a department store, I didn't care for it ( I wanted him to buy Guerlain Heritage,which I bought for him later on,and yes, he's in his 30s). Of all his fragrances this is the one that I say I don't like, but the funny thing is, when he gets home from work in the early evening and I smell him, I bury my nose on his neck and inhale deeply.It's a joke between us because I always ask him what's he is wearing,maybe hoping it will be something else, but no, it's Acqua di Gio. I love the drydown, but don't care for the initial notes.
20th March, 2009
I don't know how they pulled this one off without citrus notes. My only problem with it is that it has become so common that it does not feel special any more. I bet it would drive me crazy if I were a perfumer to try to come up with something so good, yet retain its uniqueness. Nevertheless, it's a great frag. Worth owning.
25th February, 2009
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United States
No good. It's tinny and synthetic to me. Clearly many people like it, but I really can't find the love for it. It's just thin, generic stuff to me.
15th February, 2009