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Neutral Reviews of Acqua di Parma Lavanda Tonica by Acqua di Parma

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United States
Acqua di Parma Lavanda Tonica is a nice Italian lavender tonic just as the name suggests. However, it is little more. The opening lavender blast is nice with a brief floral heart. The base persists with a soapy laundry detergent musk. I would not think this is worth the money though the quality of ingredients is quite nice. I'd give Agua Lavanda a try first.
18th April, 2011
Pleasing. Not too bad at all, considering my intial disappointment with AdP...

Not too over the top. I actually prefer this most English Lavanders out there.

I would, however, never purchase this unless, by chance, they put it on sale for $10, so I could use it as a linen freshener.

I'm certainly not saying its bad or un-wearable, but just not something I would wear.

Unfortunately, its dry-down leaves nothing to the imagination - too sweet for me to consider this a good herbal/lavander perfume.

I guess it needs a selection of British and Continental lavenders, and some Greek Rosemary, and perhaps some Marjoram and a dash of Vetiver to liven it up and stay the sweetness...Some Juniper would be great in the base...Yes, the perfumer should have considered those, now I'm telling people how to do there jobs...
10th June, 2007