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An ok male fragrance like many others. Fresh but spicy. Good sillage and longevity.
12th April, 2018
Cheap, sweet and with monster duration. It actually gets better with time - if you can put up with smelling like apple pie that is.

Activist is about as radical as voting Liberal Democrat, whereas Caron's L'Anarchiste - a sort of spicy Bond villain Jaws version is more like the real deal.

28th December, 2017 (last edited: 05th January, 2018)
Spicy and sweet, Activist is a welcome part of The Body Shop's men's line. I get vanilla, black pepper, and amber mostly. I don't get a green vibe, nor do I smell any citrus, though it's possible that the citrus simply fades very quickly. There's not much evolution--it opens brighter, and dries down to something softer.

Projection and longevity aren't much to speak of, as it's a very light EDT concentration, but this makes for a pleasant light cold weather scent to be applied in informal situations.

I liken it to C.O. Bigelow's Elixir Black, although Activist is somewhat sweeter and has a less alcoholic scent. I liked the Antaeus comparison as well, though the sheer strength difference makes it difficult to compare, and Activist is much sweeter than Antaeus.

At $28 for 100ml, and often on sale, Activist is a great item to have in your rotation for casual and daytime light wear during the colder months, for which I believe it is best-suited. The scent is pleasant--it's fun to smell while it lasts.

7 out of 10
30th December, 2015
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Pleasant. Inoffensive. A very good office scent. But certainly nothing that will blow you away.
23rd December, 2013
It’s not often you see a fragrance with such consistent positive responses, but Activist is one of those. And incredibly priced as well – in a good way. I purchased mine for about 20$.

The notes on The Body Shop’s website are different than the ones listed here, but I don’t get those notes on that page. I mostly get what’s listed here on this page. So, I don’t know about the discrepancy, but I get a linear fragrance that is mainly composed of amber, spices, and a wood mixture. I can smell the citrus initially, but they don’t make up a big part of the fragrance.

Activist is a very warm fragrance. It seems to be a heavy scent, but it somehow remains lighter than what you might think. The amber gives it a very smooth and velvety feel. The scent itself is very nice.

Overall, what reason is there not to own this? None whatsoever. It’s incredibly inexpensive, and the scent itself is terrific. The longevity is easily over 12 hours. I can’t recommend this enough.
26th March, 2013
I've only had this for a week so time will tell, but it was love at first whiff. Heavenly love. It's so warm, so inviting on a cold day. I can see the root beer evocation mentioned below, but to me it evokes honey more. Intoxicatingly delicious.
18th March, 2013
at the body shop, the sales lady passing by told me to try Of A Man instead as it is their most popular. Out of sheer spite, I purchased the activist bottle based on liking it's dr. pepper/ root beer opening.

After sitting in my room for a few days, I decided to spritz it on and found it nauseating and overly sweet and was thinking that I made a mistake about buying it on impulse like that and maybe should've gone with the Of A Man. Thank god I didn't as maybe I ate something or use something that messed with the fragrance as trying it again, I am in love with how warm it is. Very wood and spicy yet not in a harsh way.
08th August, 2012
I recently bought this as a present for a male friend but spritzed it on my skin first and ended up leaving the shop with a bottle for myself as well. Whatever it's marketed as it's definitely a scent that can be worn by any gender. At first the scent is very very spicy, like an Oriental with any and all warmth removed which makes for a strange but refreshing spicy aura. The thing that really made me love this was just how quickly it settles in and just becomes warm and skin like. I detect cinnamon, some woods and a lightest touch of something warm which is either the amber described or some covert vanilla. Its not foody at all though, just like spicy gorgeous skin. I can totally understand the root beer comparisons but my only root beer comparisons are soda and this isn't that sweet. It just begs to be cuddled but given how light it is has been working out perfectly in the summer heat. Warm, sensual, and simply lovely in addition to a budget friendly price get Activist an enthusiastic thumbs up. Would probably be great for lawyering.
02nd August, 2011
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United States
A 90's scent that I only recently discovered (thanks to its re-issue by The Body Shop) that has become an instant classic for me. I definitely also get the root beer opening. I also get a more complex (and expensive) "Preferred Stock" smell from it (which I also like but prefer this one by leaps and bounds).

At any rate when I learned it was re-released I was quite pleased as I had heard of this frag's fans and, being a fan of the 90's in general, was glad to have a slice of that better than now decade. A+
29th May, 2010
This stuff is pretty good, I just got it off the eBay as a blind buy and I knew that it was hard to find fragrance so I just had to try it. I think that it qualifies as an everyday fragrance. It is not too powerful and has a good silage.
27th May, 2010
A delicious amber/plum and spices scent that screams "snuggle" and "comfort". Activist is a very distinctive fragrance that makes a wonderful cool weather companion - sexy, sensual, ageless. This Body Shop scent has good projection and good longevity and is marked by an exellent price point. Oriental Lovers, enjoy.
31st January, 2010
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United States
I discovered an old bottle of this hiding in the back of a cabinet in my bathroom. I had not worn it for years, but I am glad to have rediscovered it. On a quick sniff, the overall effect is something akin to... root beer! Yes, to my nose this smells exactly like a creamy root beer float, or perhaps a root beer flavored candy. An appealing accord, to be sure! Closer examination reveals cinnamon and other sweet spices and what I think is a nice pine note in there as well. This could be a good winter/Christmas-time scent, though is not so heavy that it would be unbearable in the warmer months. This is a very fun, easy to enjoy scent, and it's a shame that it's apparently been discontinued in the US market - guess I'll have to import a new bottle!
11th August, 2009
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United Kingdom
mmmmm, love this, just love it. A very sublime woody, fruity, alluring scent, mmmm. Not sure about the longevity yet but would not mind re-applying this frequently, in fact not at all. mmmm....
02nd July, 2009
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first time i tried this was when i bought it as an aroma therapy oil. It still remains my fave scented oil from bodyshop. sweet, fresh and mildly spicy.
25th May, 2009
really love it smell so great after 1st spary
17th April, 2009
I loved Activist back in the day - back when the Body Shop was cool. Activist had such a nice clean appeal and was super-economical compared to Dept. store mens fragrances. Too bad the U.S. Body Shops stopped carrying it - then chain has gone so far downhill since Ms. Roddick passed away.
02nd April, 2009
Wonderful, almost sporty scent that I can't stop reaching for. The Body Shop's site lists top notes of citrus and base notes of sandalwood, creating an oriental style frag, but its much more than that. This is just a little gem, still in production in the UK, so all you Americans try ebay or friends abroad. You won't regret this $20 purchase!
12th February, 2007
I'm not an expert but I think Burberry London for Men is very very similar to Activist (and similarly long lasting). Very nice if a bit overpowering.
08th October, 2006
Oh wow... Quite a surprise to find this re-launched in 2006 as a limited edition set! Smells like a smoother D&G PH with a dash of cinnamon. Awesome scent, wonderful bath gel!!!
18th June, 2006
I love it
14th March, 2006