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I really like this.
I feel like I shouldn't since it's like a $7 cologne but I do.
It's an extremely pleasing sports fragrance.
It's also really synthetic and it's overall composition comes across as a little rough or harsh, as you'd expect for the price. For that reason I probably won't wear it very often. It dries down kind of nice but in its final stage as a skin scent (2-3 hr mark) it becomes super generic.

The harshness and its generic final stage is why the neutral rating from me.

27th September, 2017 (last edited: 30th September, 2017)
I've only had the aftershave of Ice Dive by Adidas.What I pick up is sharp,but clean grapefruit.Something lightly green (a pinch of mint perhaps) and a light leather.This was tolerable and at least fresher versus the metallic bomb known as 'Moves for Him' by Adidas.
16th January, 2017
My favorite Adidas fragrance. Sporty sandalwood. Fresh and clean but doesn't smell like anything else. Longevity is poor, so it's a perfect after-gym juice. Fits right into my duffel bag's cologne flap. Even has a sporty, tactical grip so it doesn't fly out of my hand during exercise. Almost impossible to put on too much, which makes the price even more appealing.
25th June, 2016 (last edited: 24th June, 2016)
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I pulled the trigger on a 3.4 oz of this recently. Not a big deal, cheap as hell, but who wants to be stuck with bottles just sitting around if they get no use. I own Moves which is quite nice, I've owned Dare, Moves Pulse, Adrenaline, and many other of the more expensive fragrances of there's... although they are all still cheap.

So I went with Ice Dive because the reviews looked the best for this. Boy was I wrong. This stuff is crap! Firstly. it only lasts about 2 hours, which is actually good, because I don't wanna smell like a bowl of cheap mint all day. Let's not go through all the notes, just what I get. Yuzu, yes.. a plasticy yuzu note opens this one. It quickly (emphasis on quickly) turns into nothing but geranium. Seriously.. this is a geranium monster! There's a soapiness there, maybe a little bit of patchouli behind it, but mostly just a ton of geranium.. which to me, geranium smells like a floral mint. Projection is pretty weak, and it just feels very cheap overall. I know body sprays that do much better than this. I don't pick up most of the notes listed here, except geranium, patchouli and yuzu. I certainly don't pick up on the notes listed from Fragrantica, which include kiwi, lavender, vanilla, mandarin.

Well, this one will probably be given away, or used as a room spray. I do plan on trying more from this line though.
01st April, 2014
I only own and used the afershave which is excellent when you need a short lived but very fresh and inoffensive smell based on mainly fruity and lavender ingredients with a light wood base that is easy to be layered with all kind of fresh aquatic fragrances. I use it mainly during spring and summer.
This is sold for peanuts, therefor thumbs up! Rating: 7/10
12th May, 2013
This fragrance is very inexpensive (~$7.00) and it's made by Adidas, so my expectations were not very high. I've found it to be a very pleasant, sporty fragrance. The citrus opening transitions nicely to the sandalwood and patchouli mid-notes. The vanilla and amber in the base balance the fragrance nicely.

Longevity is very poor (2-3 hours) but that is precisely why I choose to wear this fragrance on certain occasions. The fragrance is perfect for use after a late-night shower, a run out to the market or a picnic in the park. Sometimes I just want to smell "nice" for a short period of time.

Once I understood its limitations, it exceeded all of my expectations....Thumbs up!
29th April, 2013

Nothing more to add, simply a sporty juice, slightly ozonic, floral and ambery-powdery in the dry down with a touch of smoke. It's a barely decent smell for young crowds of casual teens running for the ways of the youth with all the life in front. Nostalgia.
22nd May, 2012
I have this perfume, very freshy with some sweet note. This is also a cheap fragrance that's worth.
I generally like sweet fragrances, i pretty much hate fresh ones, but this one.. is really interesting.
It's persistant, good quality, and good price!

Nothing to complain about, in fact i bought this many times, and i will still do. For bigger and special events i use other fragrances, but this is one of the fragrances i use daily.
09th February, 2012 (last edited: 13th February, 2012)
Wise Owl Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Previous reviews of Adidas Ice Dive have mentioned that it's fresh, ozonic and uplifting, which is spot on in my opinion. It's very similar to Old Spice Whitewater but without the medicinal edge to it. A very nice and inexpensive sporty scent that I’d personally pay three times as much for.
23rd November, 2011
it is a fresh citrus orange scent with some musky undercurrents.

it is a very good scent for the price, and better than many of the expensive colognes. it does smell kind of cheap and generic, but none the less pleasant for some occasions.

01st November, 2011 (last edited: 14th May, 2012)
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
This is delightful! I don't like sports fragrances, and Ice Dive is clearly of that genre, but this was such a pleasant surprise! It has little to no originality, and in fact it isn't much different than any other Adidas fragrance. However, there's something so uplifting about this scent that separates it in my mind from the rest of this awful pack, and I feel great every time I wear it.

This is a light woody citrus fougere that blends its grapefruit, lavender, musk and wood notes in such a well balanced fashion, that it manages to rise above this boring genre and simply smell damn good, plain and simple. It has mediocre longevity (about 3 hours), but its lightness makes this a perfect scent to wear at night after a shower, when you don't want to put on something that you're still going to smell on yourself when you wake up the next morning.

I think Ice Dive smells so good that I'm willing to give it an 8 out of 10 rating in spite of its flaws.

I believe I paid about $7 for my bottle of Ice Dive, but I'd pay $20 if I had to. This is well worth the money.

01st December, 2010
Herman Show all reviews
United States
Adidas Ice Dive is clean and refreshing. To me, it smells more like hair spray than fruit. It serves its intended casual, sporty purpose quite well. Light, summery and inoffensive it is easily worth more than the $10 price tag.
10th March, 2010
Fresh, a bit ozonic scent with notes of citrus, amber and woods. Reminds of not so sweet Wings GBH, or less simple Eternity, with a drydown that shares resemblance to the one of Cool Water. Quality mass market summer scent.
14th December, 2002
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