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Neutral Reviews of Allure Homme by Chanel

Total Reviews: 43
Chanel Allure Homme has passed its glorious day.
15th February, 2018
I don't know how this was in the 90s and early 2000s, but I have tried it several times over the last 7 years, and my opinion hasn't changed. This is a remarkably unremarkable bland scent that is anything but alluring. I get citrus over a sweet base of woods and tonka, well-proportioned and abstract but thoroughly boring and without any identity. Additionally it's just too discreet on skin, with fleeting longevity.

If you want to wear a perfume that no one would ever remember, go for this. For a warm woody oriental with a touch of freshness, one can get Egoiste instead which is light years ahead in terms of aroma, depth and richness.

23rd December, 2017
Allure Homme smells like another men's designer fragrance I've tried. I can't remember what it is, but it's not my favorite. It's a strong, synthetic smell that stays potent for about 3 hours. When it becomes more of a skin scent, I like it better. it's actually kind of enjoyable at that point. This is not something I would purchase, but would try to wear for a while if received as a gift.
16th July, 2017
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This is a very light melange of citrus notes laid over a non-descript woody base. It has a slight tendency during the approach to dry down to smell like freshly applied latex paint drying on a wall, but that soon passes.

It is far too simple a formula to come from a house like Chanel. Turin gave it one star, dubbed it a "woody amber," and summed it up as "competent, utterly dull, and unworthy of Chanel." We agree on the statement, but I would not be so harsh as to give it one star. Two or three perhaps, as it is not downright bad, just not very interesting and a bit one dimensional.

Not really worth seeking out, even if you are a Chanel fan.
06th October, 2015
Genre: Woody Oriental

The kind of peppered fruit on display in Allure Homme’s top notes has become something of a masculine cliché – see Polo Double Black, Burberry London, 8 88, and Black XS for generic variations on the theme, and Noir Epices for an outstanding example. Allure Homme’s fruit notes are both chemical and sticky-sweet, leaving it closer to Double Black and Black XS in quality. Allure Homme settles into a sweet, spicy woody oriental arrangement, centered primarily on a bland amber, clean patchouli, and tonka (coumarin). I find it tiresome after a short time, and keep wishing that the labdanum base note in the pyramid would materialize and add some animalic edge to the faceless amber. Instead there’s a certain nondescript boozy note, reminiscent once more of Burberry London, and increasingly loud and seemingly artificial woods that eventually throw the composition seriously off balance.

To Allure Homme’s credit, it never smells completely unpleasant. In fact, it’s ultimately bland and “safe.” Perhaps that’s why it’s been so popular. But with so many fine woody oriental masculines to choose from, I see no reason to wear this undistinguished entry. Go try Héritage, Jaïpur Homme EdT, Body Kouros, or Paul Smith London instead.
08th June, 2014

This used to be a perfume i really liked when it first came out. Good memories: the south of france, sunshine, beach... Is it my imagination or did this undergo a reformulation? Its stuck in my head because of its explosion of fresh and zesty sweet-orange fruit, really juicy with a great natural flow to it. A perfume that didnt took itself too seriously and was enjoying itself. A simple linear, exploding blast of the celebration of summertime- like that moment you realize its summer because the sun touches your soul en melts the last cold in your body, that shiver down your spine that hits you...

Where did that go? I tried it yesterday with a tester i got from my local perfumery, pretty sure this is not a 10 years old version. So, this sure didnt had that blast of crispy, zesty, ripe orangey fruit, instead it smelled like a pale, synthetic, brushed, plastic-like fruitcocktail with little real freshness, backed up by the smell of a sweet-like glue-note. After an hour or so a manifest of creamy honey-like chamomile-calendula kicked in with an apricot-note. And a polite, clean musk-note that was struggling to find its way in the light amber-vanille accord. Marine-notes all over the place in between all this to, but without the fresh, big-juicy and zesty topnotes that it used to have, radiating its joyfullness inside the heart of it, this structure fails to let its flesh live up, getting warm and being comfortable with itself. The magic has turn cold...

Originally i think it never got the credit that it deserved to get... Maybe because it appears to be too simple, (linear) and too friendly for a Chanel-perfume. But if you are able to just flow with this one, letting go of a critical nose and preferences, just empty your head and have fun, this perfume made/makes the perfect partner for a memorable, sunny summerday thats impossible to forget. Well, at least thats what happened to me...

(i still like this better than Terre d'Hermes btw)
24th April, 2014
Allure Homme is a decent fragrance, but I much prefer either Sport or Edition Blanche. There's just nothing that stands out in this fragrance and the dry down doesn't make up for the mediocre opening. It's not a bad fragrance, but considering how highly it's ranked on here I would have to say this might be the most over rated fragrance I've come across.
07th November, 2013 (last edited: 24th July, 2014)
jcw122 Show all reviews
United States
I like how this fragrance smells, flowers and powder come to mind but with something more complex that I can't put my finger on. Overall, a pretty soft fragrance. I like how it smells but I don't think it's anything special. Might be nice for a warm day where you don't want something too notable.
16th September, 2012
To my mind, this is one where all the money went into the topnotes, which are a beautiful citrusy peppery blend. But that phase is very fleeting on my skin- the remainder feels so synthetic and chemical. Such a shame.
06th August, 2012
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A gentle citrus opening than has some gentle pepper added such to make it more interesting. Later Abd vetiver-green not follows and the drydown and a somewhat bland wood note. Overall on me it is a restrained-fresh scent that is not particularly original, although quite well made. A fresh scent for the warmer seasons when one does not want much projection, as it stays closely to my skin from the beginning. Sillage is poor on me with a longevity of under two hours.
21st July, 2012
This stuff is so good. It has this calming effect. I just wish it had more spices and less sweetness that's all.
edit: after few wearings I think it's too similar to cheap colognes. It's not that it's a bad smell. The cheap colognes try to imitate it and I smelled them before Allure.
28th May, 2012 (last edited: 03rd July, 2012)
Lots of people saying the longevity on this is 10+ hours? I have fair skin, and i get no more than 3 hours longevity with this! I get 12+ hours with issey miyake, prada amber, armani code, 212 sexy men, angel men, and many more...but this? It's appalling!
Nice smell though.
22nd February, 2012
rso6e Show all reviews
United States
I'm a woman and I love the idea of wearing cologne. As many BNers have pointed out, many fragrances can be considered unisex and the rule of thumb seems to be: wear what you like. Well, I like Chanel's Allure Homme but I don't love it. It's a nice, well-blended and eminently wearable fragrance. Pleasant, but not particularly interesting. On me it opens with a rather strong, aromatic burst of lemon and slight greenness. I'm not good at distinguishing notes but I guess it's from the lavender or geranium. For me this stage has the most silage and the lemon is very enjoyable; it's fresh and bright without being too sharp and it is not at all sweet, in the way many citrus openings in women's fragrances are. After a while I get a cool, somewhat powdery note reminiscent of iris, even though that's not supposed to be in there. I also get a faintly sweet and woody background at this point, still with a light citrus sheen. I get no pepper, and aside from a very quiet/skin scent of wood and citrus, I don't get any drydown.

Basically, this is a nice herby-lemon and faint-wood scent. It has moderate sillage and longevity but wears very close to the skin after only a few hours. A safe scent, and somewhat generic except for its smoothness.
29th January, 2012
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Versatile for sure, not groundbreaking for sure again and anyway a bit generic and mediocre for a brand as Chanel. Probably over the previous great stars as Egoiste and Antaeus, Chanel was just looking for an olfactory common versatility and that's all. This fragrance is another attempt to conjugate initial and stable freshness and citrusy-peppery modern dynamism with a final smooth, appealing, semi-oriental base of woods (mostly sandalwood in here), ambery patchouli and tonka. Mr. Polge manages to create a smooth, pleasant, contemporary and averagely classy concoction which is anyway a bit lacking of personality, and more similar (as quality and texture) to Ferrari Red and Paul Smith London that to great beasts as Jaipur Homme, Obsession or New York Parfums de Nicolai. Pepper, bergamot and labdanum are barely notable and i had liked those were more stressed together with some spices, animal elements, leather and may be some dirty fruits. The smell is linear (any element is starring and for many this is a merit), cool, grassy (finally reminds a sort of oily smoky vetiver) and honestly sometimes i'd say edible in its dense citrusy oil but is just that, any serious innovation, strict balance, any wonderful Heliotrope (Jaipur Homme) or spicy myrrh (Obsession for man), any element of "clever carnality, complex exoticism (Heritage with its blend of spicy lavender, bergamot and balsams), dissonance or animalism" but this elements nobody at Chanel was probably looking for. Simply not bad.
14th January, 2012 (last edited: 12th November, 2014)
I don't care for this fragrance but I can't deny the fact that it has class.
18th November, 2011
A sophisticated, sweet oriental scent whose clean citrus and soft, warm spices ultimately wane, revealing a conspicuous "antique wooden perfume drawer" note in the drydown.
14th October, 2011 (last edited: 17th December, 2011)
drseid Show all reviews
United States
I just get a mildly cloying warm citrus that just hangs around throughout the duration. Pretty much that is it. I like citrus scents as a category, but this one is a bit too overpowering a much to cloying to be considered seriously for daily wear by me. Well made, but not really something I'd enjoy. 2.5 to 3 stars out of 5.
16th August, 2011 (last edited: 28th December, 2012)
cello Show all reviews
United States
After the false start, this one turns into a pepper laden vanilla fragrance that is warm, pleasant and very wearable. At times, I almost smelled a caramel note mixed into the pepper and vanilla, but that was only faint and occasional. It's a creamy vanilla close that stays fairly masculine, but certainly wearable by anyone.
Overall, this one was nice but I almost expected more from Chanel. It is certainly a good fragrance, but lacks the depth or pop I would like.
06th July, 2011
Smells like high-end drug store scent. Very typical male cologne smell. You'll probably like it if you plan to own only one fragrance. YSL La nuit de l'homme is very similar to it.
27th April, 2011 (last edited: 28th April, 2011)
I totally agree with Shamu, though I don't hate this stuff as much as him. But for those looking for something that smells ultra special, you might wanna look in another direction. People claim this stuff smells a little like something from every genre, and arguably so. I get a little bit of citrus, creaminess, fruity, a little leather accord, some baby powder or a baby wipe smell as it dries, tonka bean, vanilla, vetiver and patchouli, along with a grape accord that's there from start to finish; which may seem like a lot to muster up, but it's really not too great. It's super generic, and basically a cheapo with a high price tag.

Though there's no denying in my mind that it smells good, and I may have been a bit more enthused about such a fragrance back when it first came out, but as for now, with all the other stuff out, and the hundreds of fragrances that I've owned or tried.. this is hiding in the shadows, and deservingly so, it isn't very special to me, and certainly isn't bottle worthy.

As for Chanel fragrances in general. If you're like me, you know your stuff a bit more than the average Joe, but you're not too familiar with some of the more respected houses such as Chanel and Dior, take my advice and avoid this one. I own a decant of Chanel No. 5 for women, and the comparison of quality is just astronomical. No. 5 is a beautiful, well composed, thick, rich and expensive fragrance, stunning! Very much a woman's fragrance, and even if you're opposed to wearing such, there's no denying that No 5 is a masterpiece. Allure on the other hand is just boring; it's hard to believe that these 2 are made by the same company. I'll keep my hopes up for trying Allure Sport, Egoiste, and some of the flankers, but thus far, as far, as Allure goes, all I can say is zzz...

29th August, 2010
Put this on and while I liked it, I kept thinking it reminded me of another fragrance I own. Finally realized what it is - Boss In Motion.. does anyone else smell this? I should say BIM smells like this since Allure came first of course :)
Other than that, I am not sure how long it lasts. It seems to stay very close to the skin, but is still there. Not my fave Chanel.

If anyone else has the same reaction to it smelling like BIM let me know :)
02nd August, 2010
I received this as a gift, I would not have bought it for myself. It is a very inoffensive scent, the sandalwood and pepper stand out for me. The problem I have with it is that it plays it totally safe. Its impossible to have a strong opinion about this scent. It simply smells nice. I would never wear this on a night out or at a party as its just such a neutral smell. It doesn't reflect my character at all. I would wear this if I felt the need for a scent but didn't want to make a statement. These instances are very rare hence my nearly full bottle after several years of owning it.
18th January, 2010
Nice refined bergamot opening, followed by "Hmm...where have I smelled this before?" It's funny how an 88-year old dame like No.5 still comes across distinctively original while a 10-year old release smells very much like a hundred other scents. You might argue the latter could have been mercilessly duplicated using 'headspace technology' but I'm suggesting even a great nose like Jacques Polge runs out of ideas once in a while, what with corporate suits breathing down his neck. While ALLURE HOMME is not unpleasant, it feels generic, and 'generic' is exactly what Chanel is not.
25th December, 2009
Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
If suggested retail price was considered, I'd give this a negative rating. Basically, as others have said, there is nothing of interest in this generic composition to the fragrance aficionado (though there is nothing "wrong" with it). In fact, when I sampled it, my thought was that I'd rather be wearing another, somewhat similar fragrance because there is something about that other fragrance that interests me. One example is Everlast Original 1919, which I like because it has a slightly sharp grapefruit up top and a strong leather/tonka presence in the base. Or there's Avon's Unscripted, etc. So, you can get a much more interesting fragrance for a lot less money, and those other fragrances are technically competent and not "synthetic," which leaves AH with no place in my large rotation.
10th October, 2009
hcr Show all reviews
United States
London Calling? Burberry, that is. Bergamot and pepper maybe? not sure, but think you could go with London and save a bunch of cash. Good, but has that boozy, sour smell to me. This teeters right on the line of would I wear or not. Too sour to be sexy maybe?
26th August, 2009
Chanel Allure Homme

In 1998 Jacques Polge created the first scent in the very popular Allure Homme line of scents for Chanel. M. Polge doesn't really create anything groundbreaking here but he does manage to make the first of a line of designer scents that each have their own personality. In the original Allure Homme he starts with a citrus and bergamot top, it has a mix of both mandarin and lemon and it is really nice if not incredibly original. As Allure Homme moves into the heart there is a muted attempt to be bold as there are hints of pepper and labdanum. I honestly think I notice them only because they are in the note list. I wonder how much better this scent could have been if M. Polge had chosen to amp up the interplay of labdanum and pepper more in the heart. As it is they are shoved to the back seat as sandalwood takes the wheel and eventually picks up its regular rider in the shotgun seat, vanilla. I could wish for Chanel to have chosen to push things more but I think this is exactly what they desired from this line a solidly constructed, easily worn, conventional, masculine cologne. On that scorecard they go four for four.
28th March, 2009
Nice bergamot/sandalwood scent. Not groundbreaking, and therefore VERY safe fresh oriental. Also very versatile, casual, formal, date... all is possible.
12th March, 2009
I bought this in 1999 simply because it was by Chanel. Not quite a disappointment, it works as a default daytime scent but it is so inoffensive, one would say characterless when compared with other Chanel scents. And yet, I can access the basenotes from memory without any trouble, so it isn’t entirely forgettable. I just can't see the fun of it, there's no tension.
16th February, 2009
At first, it really does resemble Obsession for Men quite a lot. Later on the similarities are much harder to detect.

Allure Homme is a nice spicy oriental fragrance with dried fruits and woods. It’s extremely sweet and slightly fresh. If it would be more dense and massive, it could easily pass as some SL creation made by Sheldrake.

The base of Allure Homme is filled up with vanillic benzoin and tonka bean. At this stage this is more akin to Desire for Men and scents of that kind, than it is to Obsession for Men which I find, just for instance, to be clearly more animalistic during the drydown.

Has a notable hint of patchouli in the base, too.

Nice, but can be almost cloyingly sweet at the end.
And should I even mention how lame this looks comparing it to some other compositions of Mr. Polge….
03rd February, 2009
Pretty nice. thats about it. I was really expecting something amzing since it being Chanel. I guess it was because I purchased Egoiste before this one. Egoiste is delicious. I was expecting the same, but not quite that. it was more of an appetizer. Bergamont, citron, vetiver is what I mostly smell. its okay. Not anything special to me
31st January, 2009