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Neutral Reviews of Ambre Précieux by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

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This is quite a pleasant scent, not earth-shattering, but pleasant, none the less.

Amber and vanilla are the two standouts for me, but they are very nicely blended and for those who are into either of these warm bases, it should prove to be a wise choice.

It tends toward the sweetish side for me, so I would expect it to be a greater success with women than with men.
05th April, 2012
amber, butter, powdery vanilla drydown

Wanted to love it, but it was just OK. Its a comfortable, respectable, and unchallenging smooth amber fragrance and I can see why its a classic favorite.

So far in my exploration of this note there are 3 other fragrances I prefer over this because they are more bumped up with spice or something medicinal added to it. Worth testing though for historical value, and I'm glad I did.

I give it a 3 stars because there is a distinct "butter" smell I get from this, and I don't mean: "buttery" as in creamy. Maybe what is butter to my nose is "play doe" to another poster below this.

That and the powder vanilla drydown is why its a neutral rating for me as I'm not a vanilla fan.
04th April, 2011
Disappearing. Powdery.

I wanted to like this one far more than I actually do. Not only had I read the many glowing reviews but it smelled utterly to-die-for from the sample vial. But then it hit my skin. And vanished.

However, while it vanished quite literally within minutes it did leave a trace. Of powder. Just powder. Perhaps it's my body chemistry's reaction to amber because Montale's Blue Amber quickly becomes a powder fragrance on my skin as well. In fact the two smell remarkably similar on me, even though completely different from the bottle/vial. However, Blue Amber lasts and lasts and projects all the while, but Ambre Precieux essentially disappears.

I wish I could get what others get from this, but I don't. It's an all-too-brief whiff of delicious rich amber and then immediately becomes powder that you have to get within inches of to smell. Sadly, I can't recommend this.
04th March, 2011 (last edited: 14th April, 2011)
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Being one who loves Ambre Sultan, I obviously find this a bit too tame. It's a rich fragrance but at the same time it feels very simple and plain.
17th July, 2009 (last edited: 10th June, 2018)
Just an earthy amber, that's all you get here. I'm not really sure about all of this "luxurious this" and "intoxicating that." If amber really isn't your thing then I couldn't recommend this. I was also told I smelled feminine when I wore this.

Oh well, it does have great longevity though.

You could try Montale's Blue Amber for more of a "composition."
26th February, 2009
In a way totally flawless fragrance. Perfectly blended, simple and sensual scent with very casual feel to it. Could easily be worn anytime, anywhere. Its not stunningly strong, but it leaves a notable sillage. Great lasting power.

I have couple of “problems” with this one, though.

First; it isn’t nearly as captivating or mysterious as the two best ambers I have worn – Ambre Russe and Ambre Sultan. (Russe especially)
It just doesn’t glue my nose to my wrist…its just *nice*. In other words I could probably say that AP is quite much outclassed.

Secondly, I personally don’t care for the vanillic powdery base at all in this. Its somewhat very disappointing development, because while I don’t hold anything against powdery vanilla in itself, with AP I would have liked to smell something more resinous, balsamic sweet, smoky and salty in the base.

MPG`s ultra rare creation Soir d` Orient is composed upon this fragrance. That one is about three hours one of the best smelling perfumes ever made, but then what is left is an identical sweet and fragile vanilla powder with amber. In that case the projection is even much more disappointing.

But yes, like I said AP is basically speaking a wonderful scent, and I don’t wonder why it have so many loyal fans.
Its just not for me. I prefer ambers with “salt crystals” instead of “dusted sugar”.
03rd February, 2009