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Positive Reviews of Ambre Précieux by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

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Do not expect a powerful amber. This great work of delicacy explores its sweetest (precious) facet. Although it is not my favorite, its complexity, the refinement (that is the word) of this baroque perfume makes it a worthy possibility for an elegant and extroverted appearance.
The usually edible character of amber is surrounded here by light pink, green and blue tones. Mellow, of a feminine orientality. Very beautiful.
23rd May, 2018
Very nice scent, don't need much to create that 12" scent envelope. Honest amber/woods/vanilla palate that doesn't take itself too seriously. A friendly scent, excellent for spring and summer.
21st June, 2017
This is much more ambery on me than the Ambre Dore, which I tried recently. The lavender and nutmeg are right there at the opening, along with a slightly dusty, woody note. This seems more unisex that the Ambre Dore – it’s a bit spicier, but still a lovely, warm amber scent. I like it, but alas, it seems that this is another scent that my skin eats – it seemed to disappear after only a few hours. Beautiful while it lasted though.
21st October, 2016
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Ambre Precieux is an honest, solid amber composition that is a good representation of this genre. It opens up on the skin with a brisk lavender note. This initial phase is great- deep and vaguely spicy. This phase shortly ends as the amber note develops and asserts itself. It is not spicy, but rather balsamic- perhaps due to the myrrh. The vanilla hovers in the background but never becomes too much of a distraction. There is not much further development- only the amber-myrrh-vanilla combination becomes a warm, cosy, enveloping and intimate. The great thing about this fragrance is its perfect balance of sweetness. My only gripe is it is a little unexciting from the heart onwards.
Average projection, good longevity.
25th April, 2015
Genre: Oriental

Ambre Précieux is probably the most balanced amber scent I know. Sweet spices, soft woods, and a judicious touch of vanilla make a scent that’s sweet and sensuous, but not syrupy. This is richer, deeper, and sexier than Ambre Extreme or Montale’s Blue Amber, but less sharp and aggressive than Ambre Sultan. It also lacks the latter scent’s peculiar, jarring top notes. Ambre Précieux is warm, luxurious and satisfying, at once individual but inoffensive, and it’s easy to see why it’s so many reviewers’ favorite amber fragrance.
10th June, 2014
Somptuos, decadent, perfectly-executed sweet and warm amber fragrance. To me there's three scents on the market that compose the perfect "Amber Triad": Ambre Sultan, which enhances the animalic, medicinal, earthy and dry side of the amber accord; Ambre Russe, which plays with its baroque, boozy and libertine side; and Ambre Precieux, which just takes the classic signature warm coziness of amber and glorifies that majestic, silky powdery sweetness that other fragrances tend to hold back. Another timeless piece from MPeG - just like Santal Noble for sandalwood.

12th April, 2014 (last edited: 20th April, 2014)
This is pure joy, and everything an amber fragrance should be. Ambre Préciuex is deep, smooth, voluptuous, and incredibly comfortable to wear, and it carries all the characteristic Laporte/Maître Parfumeur et Gantier features: baroque opulence, conceptual clarity, and impeccable craftsmanship. Not a very complex composition, Ambre Précieux is all about ambergris and vanilla, lightly supported by, primarily, labdanum and tolu balsam. Unsurprisingly then, it is extremely sweet, resinous, balmy, and even slightly powdery. Certainly heavy, but never cloying or oppressive, radiant gorgeous Ambre Précieux is the quintessential “maximalist” fragrance, and, despite having been around for more than a quarter of a century by now, still one of the very best ambers out there (very comfortably in the same league as more recent reference ambers like Ambra Mediterranea, Ambre Russe, Ambre Nuit, etc.) A fascinating fragrance, Ambre Précieux is truly monumental and supremely enjoyable.
10th April, 2014
Retro- style Amber that smells like an after shave a barber would smack on your face after a nice shave or haircut. Ambre 101 or intorduction to amber scents. Light spices and lavender make for a very good fragrance. Could be worn all year round IMO (not many ambre scents can do this). Overall, this is a safe scent and one to try! 8/10
26th December, 2013
one of the best amber fragrance in the market ,elegant,classy ,decadent ,sexy stuff in a bottle
18th December, 2013
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
In 2004 some poor soul gave this a thumbs down..
This is a great amber..
A gentlemen's scent..
Not as powderey as most amber but a touch more spicy..
Very cozy and uncomplexed..
a Longevity beast!!
14 hours and counting.
Perfect for this time of year..
This - Amber Absolute and HDP's Ambre 114 are all I need..
All are great 5 star frag's!!
15th December, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
One of the best ambers - a masterpiece

From the first sniff this is amber, pure, rich and glorious amber. It is not all monochromatic though, as a gently spicy tone is present in the background, and there is a woody component in the drydown. After about three hours a vanilla note appears temporarily, but without any real sweetness. It is less sweet than Ambre Canelle, and much softer and rounder than Amber Absolute, lacking the rough edge of the latter. Compared to Tom Ford's Harem

Noir it has more spice in it. It is one of my favourite ambers. Decent projection and silage, but it is the phantastic longevity of nigh nine hours that really impresses me. One of the best ambers I know.

Another MPG masterpiece.

Cons: longevity"

19th July, 2013
Popping the cork on this warm, mellow scent is a lot like plunging one’s nose into last season’s perfumed cashmere. The amber note is strong, with some sweet fruity notes reminiscent of blackberries and ripe Concord grapes humming along on top of it. The sweetness fades after a little bit, making it easier to smell the musks rounding out the base. There’s also a starchy, camphorous base note –a few mothballs are apparently rolling around in that woolens drawer. The amber becomes more prominent over time and as the fruity top notes dissipate, the hippy quality of the scent becomes more pronounced. After about ten minutes on the skin, it starts to smell like a very luxurious head shop, which I quite like.

The scent is a quiet experience that stays close to the skin without broadcasting itself. Staying power is reasonable but not extreme.

March 17, 2013
12th March, 2013 (last edited: 18th March, 2013)
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United States
I don't wear amber very often but AP is a fantastic amber scent that have. I love the initial opening and have a problem over spraying just to enjoy that initial burst of amber. It quickly dries down and mellows to a wonderful lightly sweet amber hooked up with vanilla and some woods. A great cool weather scent and that I consider very fitting as an evening fragrance. I don't think this would be a work scent but who knows? Some mention it being unisex, and perhaps so. I feel it's more masculine and don't think my wife would find AP appealing enough to her to wear although she likes it on me.

Another amber I like just as much is the bit spicier, a little less sweet Cotswold Amber which I was able to get a sample of. Not available in, or mailed to, the U.S. unfortunately (I wish for a bottle full)
23rd November, 2012
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Sweet, warm, smooth and sensual amber. And yes, it's powdery. Sweet powder. Not spicy as Ambre Sultan, this is close to Montale's Blue Amber.
Wonderful sillage and lasting power.
Suitable for both men and woman.
30th October, 2012 (last edited: 11th March, 2013)
One of the best ambers outside for sure because of its capacity to be luxurious and warm without to be too sweet, aggressive or syrupy. Exotic, evocative and slightly vintage this amber fragrance as many underlined is based on a severe balance among the elements in order to create a dreamy, indolent and royal kind of amber barely green and spicy in a composition where an high quality of  amber is starring and almost integral in its facets and features. This amber is regal and serene, it's neither naughty or dark as Scent Intense nor spicy, intense and finally mellifluous as Ambre Sultan. The note of amber is central and all around whirl some modulating elements with the task to enrich and flavour the main element while preserving its integrity, i'm talking about a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg, a well calibrated vanilla, an hint of smoke, some mild woods and moss. A wonderful dosage of lavender is able to tone down the otherwhise to mellow usage of balsams (tolu, opoponax etc), manteining the juice subtle, averagely boise' and balanced.  The spices are not stormy but tamed and mild while the sweetness is not synthetically syrupy of caramellous but gentle, natural and slightly animal. That's the secret of the sexiness of Ambre Precieux, simply the ability of the creator Laporte to preserve the natural sensuality of a sensual element di per se', the amber. The general balance of the elements, the gentle temperament and subtleness of the final development reminds me a bit Versilia Vintage Ambra Mediterranea, a scent that i love. Cloudy, refined and a bit Victorian.
20th October, 2011 (last edited: 07th January, 2012)
A real masterpiece in "Amber" scents kind.... Warm, embracing like a cachemire skarf, just a little spicy accent... and then the powerful but gentle presence of ambergris that lasts for so long.... so intoxicating but incredibly wearable.... this is the ultimate amber scent you can experience.
27th September, 2011
There are some scents that aren't deserving of their praise but Laporte does for Amber what he did for Sandalwood in Santal Noble, not a bum note or a missed step any where in this scent.
You may prefer your amber served in a different manner, think of it as a beautiful woman, to say that there is another more attractive across the street is shallow and callous, appreciate the beauty in hand for what it is.
26th July, 2011
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
If, like me, you don't like amber to be the main player in a fragrance, I suggest that Jean Laporte's masterpiece will suit. AP has none of the bitterness I often find in other amber fragrances being supplanted with a rich, heady vanilla instead of the usual Casbah spices. It's not overly sweet though -- it's just right. Monster sillage and longevity.
06th June, 2011
Not so much to say about this marvellous creation beside that Ambre Precieux it's huge! If you like your amber to be straight ahead and slightly spiced you've found your holy grail. Embracing, sweet but perfectly balanced, warm and comfortable, highly intoxicating and addicting. Simply one of the best amber around. A masterpiece.
29th May, 2011 (last edited: 02nd November, 2011)
I normally approach a fragrance with the various forms of the word amber in the title with a sense of trepidation. There seems to be a tendency for the manufacturer to hoist the amber note onto its shoulders and try and wow you with its magnificence.

In the case of Ambre Précieux, I am happy to report no such hyperbole. It feels remarkably accessible, and the volume has been turned down considerably. Rather than show the sweet, cloying and pervasive tendencies of amber, here it just allows the resinous qualities to impress you. It’s a remarkably consistent presence, with occasional changes in accompaniment from supporting notes.

Even as an amber sceptic, I cannot fail to be impressed. It's a fragrance of considerable quality and maturity.
09th April, 2011
Warm, rich, creamy, smooth, satisfying, sweet, golden, precious amber indeed!
This deserves all of the praise it gets. lt's very high quality, & the base smells just how l imagine real ambergris to smell; resinous, sweet yet salty. lf you're exploring ambers, you should not miss this one. lt stays very close to the skin, which is deceptive, because if l put my nose to my wrist the next morning it's still there, long after l think it's gone.
l prefer a lot more sillage however, & if you want your amber with more depth & complexity, l recommend Ambra Aurea by Profumum, & Amber Absolute by Tom Ford.
09th February, 2011
What a great fragrance! I really see the amber and vanilla come togethe10- r. It isnt sweet either but instead has a slight wood note to make it darker if you caught my drift. The amber is amazing and the scent last throughout the day 8-10 hours... sprayed it on my jacket and it still smells a day later. Also just wondering if anyone thinks it smells a little like playdoh... havent smelled playdoh in a while but from memory it smells sorta like it. Definitely a try if you like amber and vanilla. The one thing i dont like on this is the strong beginning but i can live with it because the dry down is amazing.
14th January, 2011 (last edited: 19th January, 2011)
Ambre Précieux is definitely one of my favorite amber scents, and a favorite scent overall from this house. Although the structure of this scent is not very vertical, I wouldn't call it a linear scent since it tends to really bloom over its long life. Although the amber notes are present throughout the scent, there is a definitely lavender and faint green note in the opening. The bulk of the scent is a complex amber accord made up of balsams and resins including benzoin, Tolu, Peru and Labdanum. This resinous accord is sweetened with vanilla and spiced slightly with Nutmeg, and allspice type notes over an ambergris base.

Ambre Précieux comes out of the bottle nice, but almost subtle, and it grows as the day goes on. It lasts all day long with moderate sillage, while moving and changing slowly from one facet of amber to the next. It's not too dry, and not too sweet. If you like resinous amber fragrances, Ambre Précieux has no real competition.
30th November, 2010
I just discovered this through a sample. I love it! I love how soft and powdery it is without being overly sweet. THEN I decided to look it up on the internet and discovered it's a MEN'S fragrance! ROFL!! You could have fooled me. I think anybody can wear it and anybody around them would be glad to smell it!
19th June, 2010
JDBIII Show all reviews
United States
This is an amazing, sweet, rich delicious amber and very strong as well. I have to dilute it when I wear it. Alot! I am not a particular fan of straight-up ambers, but there is no arguing with the quality of this concoction. The drydown is like a good bottle of red wine. It keeps changing as the air mixes with it, but you still know it's wine, just more delicious. So it is with AP, a multitude of little changes in the drydown but never leaving the amber framework. Arguably one of the very best ambers.
07th February, 2010
play Show all reviews
United States
Very very well done composition. I usually dislike sweet colognes but the rich creamy sweetness in this one I can live with. Vanilla and amber dominate throughout. Smells like inside of a pastry kitchen. Longevity is more than enough. I can smell it in shower next morning. Can be great for layering. Good stuff.
01st June, 2009
MPG is one of the finest houses in the world and a true niche brand. MPG's fragrances are opulent, rich and almost ridiculously complex. I haven't tried their entire line, but I'm sure that all their creations are anything but dull.

Ambre Precieux is one the finest, most complex, richest and best blended amber fragrances I've ever tried. It possesses a very interesting duality: it's opulent, but not unwearable, it's serious, but not boring, it's complex, but not complicated. It's warm, creamy and sweet but all of that is very well balanced with a touch of spices and incense, thus the scent doesn’t become cloying.

I have to admit that I don't fully comprehend all the faces of this fragrance, it's not my favourite, as I find amber a much too heavy ingredient (Ambre Sultan being probably the best proof of this heaviness - this heaviness being consistently reduced in Ambre Precieux), but I have to admire its complexity and originality, especially in a time when even some of the niche companies have begun creating some quite dull, mainstream fragrances.

I'm definitely going to try more of the MPG's fragrances, as this is one of the most interesting alternatives to all of the "Pour Homme"s, "Eau"s or "Water"s out there.
07th May, 2009 (last edited: 08th May, 2009)
Immediately: amber soft round much like the Ambre Gris. More simple though. There is a hint of a medicinal creaminess, someone in the forum calls it the Nivea accord if you know what I mean.
A few minutes into the topnotes: an alarming cheesy note appears. This is also found in Santal Noble. This is nothing to worry about, it is soft, a bit metallic. All MPG fragrances go through a phase in their opening where you get a discordant note that you cannot think what the hell it is doing in there. You just have to give it some time to relax on your skin and suddenly this note either disappears or makes sense.
Fifteen minute into the wearing: perfect balance and roundness, minimal sweetness and a hint of saltiness which is due to the remnants of the metallic, cheese note in the opening. The whole construction by now feels more discreet than it actually is. I always think MPG scents as living on your skin and actually choosing where to settle. This one settles under the skin. It feels as if it is the natural odor of the wearer. And by no means does that imply that it is a fragrance with poor sillage.
Half an hour later: discreet wood and a hint of cinnamon
The excellent site lists note as (if my imagination and google help me translate from esthonian):
Top: berries, lavender (probably the metallic note)
Mid: ambergris, vanilla, nutmeg
Base: ambergris, peru balm, tolu balm
I usually check the note listing after I do a detailed wearing to avoid being influenced. I suppose I perceived the balms as wood, nutmeg as cinnamon. Berries are a mystery to me. Lavender must be of a non typical kind. Vanilla is a note I tend to lose as a note per se but perceive it as “sweetness” but it is definitely there. I also tend to associate scents with colours. I get a blue-grey quality out of this scent which might be a subliminal association from the lavender. I cannot stress strongly enough that I consider this and Santal Noble as sibling scents. The same construction on a different base.

06th May, 2009
I don't know if too much more can be added; just about everything to be said about Ambre Precieux has been said. This is a hauntingly beautiful fragrance, powerful, spicy but very classy and refined. AP lasts forever, I can put this on at 7am and smell it when I shower the next morning. I would recommend this to all who love or are exploring amber fragrances.
06th April, 2009
Game Show all reviews
United States
I absolutely love this fragrance! A slightly sweet, rich, and balance amber with a touch of spiciness and vanilla. Beautifully composed and high quality.

11th January, 2009