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Negative Reviews of America for Men by Perry Ellis

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Original review from 2012
A very fruity, very inoffensive daytime fragrance. Strictly superior to Tommy; I find comparisons warranted but complimentary, as America really shines by way of comparison. This is a very youthful fragrance. Perfect for teens. The 25 and up crowd might want to take a pass on this one as it lacks any semblance of sophistication. Still, a pleasant and priced to own spring fragrance.


Edit 3/13/13: Having retried this fragrance for the first time in years, I dare say I have outgrown it to the point of actually finding it quite unpleasant. Really exceptionally cloying on a hot day and the longevity is inconsistent on my skin (and I have average skin; not too dry or oily).

I would now rate this a 4/10. Even though it is very inexpensive, you are better off putting your money towards something better. I'd rather have two or three very good bottles of cologne than 10 not so good ones.
26th January, 2012 (last edited: 14th March, 2013)
Another "free sample frag" that came with an order. I kind of felt it was like a spicier Cool Water (again, the silly theory they might have of covering all the scent categories in one blend). It's rather strong, harsh and chemically, with a more leathery drydown than Cool Water, but it's the nasty fake Ass-leather note that I get from cheaper aquatics and fruity scents. Sometimes a particular whiff will be repulsive enough that I really marvel at how bad it is. I won't say that I was surprised though.
06th September, 2009