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    My husband and I really enjoy using the bath and body liquid soap. After a hot day, it's very refreshing. My husband likes to use the cologne occasionally, but he likes sprays, and this is a pour bottle only. I need to try to find an atomizer for him.

    He's worn this to work a few times, and the women ask him what he's wearing. They really like it.

    11th June, 2009

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    The grapefruit and Lime emerge as top notes,then the amber and finally the Sandalwood base.

    I like this scent and don't consider it cheap.

    It has staying power without being overpowering.

    Oh,by the way ,it's spelled Antartic not AntarCtic,so it doesn,t come up in the database search.

    Though discontinued,you may still obtain it through diligent searching.

    25th May, 2008

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    Nice, not spectacular, weak sillage, I like the grapefruit note a lot.
    Just like other EDTs (from the 90's) I tried from Yves Rocher this one smells very natural, organic and non-synthetic, but still succeeds in smelling pretty's an enigma to me.

    11th June, 2007

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    A refreshing scent. Grapefruit and amber, a hint of lime, and sandalwood for a base. Long lasting and well done for an inexpensive scent. The second Rocher scent I've worn (the other is Homme Nature) and there seems to be a common note (like the base of the Claibornes all smelling similar) in these two Rochers. I like Antartic though, and do not like Homme Nature.
    The bottle is angular, almost three sided and deep blue. Like the tip of an iceberg.

    06th January, 2003

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