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Positive Reviews of Antartic (original) by Yves Rocher

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My husband and I really enjoy using the bath and body liquid soap. After a hot day, it's very refreshing. My husband likes to use the cologne occasionally, but he likes sprays, and this is a pour bottle only. I need to try to find an atomizer for him.

He's worn this to work a few times, and the women ask him what he's wearing. They really like it.
11th June, 2009
A refreshing scent. Grapefruit and amber, a hint of lime, and sandalwood for a base. Long lasting and well done for an inexpensive scent. The second Rocher scent I've worn (the other is Homme Nature) and there seems to be a common note (like the base of the Claibornes all smelling similar) in these two Rochers. I like Antartic though, and do not like Homme Nature.
The bottle is angular, almost three sided and deep blue. Like the tip of an iceberg.
06th January, 2003