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Negative Reviews of Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune by Guerlain

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Didn't work for me at all

The grapefruit in this turned to a sour ammonia note on my skin, followed by the patchouli in the drydown that just made me smell unwashed. It lasted for a solid 5 hours, but there wasn't a time during that period that it smelled as I'd hoped. This isn't the fault of the fragrance--a lot of citruses turn strange on me--but it's something to be aware of, as I've heard others mention the same issue.

Pros: Long wearing, nice sillage
Cons: Grapefruit turned sour on me"

16th October, 2013
Sadie Show all reviews
United States
I was really looking forward to receiving my bottle of this - only to learn that I can not wear it. I adore using grapefruit shower gels, very emotionally uplifting! I was hoping that the fragrance would have the same effect. Alas, after wearing it for around 5-10 minutes something happens that adds a nasty "off" note that completely ruins the scent event. The off note is so persistent that my only choice is to scrub it off.

I chalk it up to my "Guerlain curse". There seems to be NO Guerlain scent that I can wear. Not Shalimar, not Samsara, and now neither of the Aqua Allegorias that I have tried. The only one that I'm still willing to try is Jicky - if I can find a vintage bottle in my price range.
23rd September, 2011
Smells like sharp breakfast grapefruit on me and cat pee on my sister. Nothing here that works on either of us.
12th October, 2008
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This smells wonderful on two girlfriends and awful on me. Alas. i bought a bottle and had to give it away. But I love smelling it on the recipient. I think it is the patchouli that doesn't work for me. I'm so sorry.
03rd January, 2007
6JW7 Show all reviews
Russian Federation
Delicious for the first 5 to ten seconds - after which it turns a plastic and sugary (or shall I say saccharine ?) mawky nightmare. Definitely NO grapefruit. Sticks STRONGLY to your skin.
14th August, 2006
Usually highly grapefruit inspired perfumes smell great on me, but Pamplelune sadly isn't one of them. My dear hubbie said Pamplelune melt like cat urine. Hence it is on my swap list.
13th February, 2006
Argh! The thought of this fragrance makes me cringe. On me, it's another baaaaad patchouli trip - along the lines I take with Angel, Nirmala, Coco Mademoiselle - made worse by the addition of lots and lots of grapefruit. I have no beef with the note of patchouli on its own, or blended with other notes that share or else play nicely with patchouli's inherent dry, earthy, spicy nature. But to my nose, when patchouli is paired with things very sweet or hot - or worse yet, both - awful things result. Awful things resulting in imitations of bodily odor, I'm sorry to have to say. Grapefruit is just such a note, carrying a certain heat of its own, a thrum of warmth that other citruses don't seem to have. And so, when it pairs up with the patchouli - well, there's no need for me to elaborate. It's just bad. The big mystery is where the vanilla's lurking in here. Not that I think it would make the fragrance more palatable to me, but I'm just curious as to how others pick up on it. I guess I just get too wrapped up in the patch-grapefruit crossfire to notice it. I'll have to take the word of others in regards to its presence!
27th September, 2005