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Negative Reviews of Avatar by Coty

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Cheap, metallic, and rather poorly done. I didn't even like it when I was younger.
Horrible fragrance
21st January, 2010
Smells exactly like Aspen (also made by Coty), but lighter and shorter-lasting. Both can be found for under $10; I'd go with Aspen.
07th January, 2009
Synthetic and generic, I’m afraid that Atavar is not a very good fragrance. I don’t really pick up much in notes or accords in this except a synthetic, metallic smell that presents strong sillage but poor longevity. The metallic note presents a lot of headache induction potential and is not as enjoyable as the metallics of Chrome or L’Anarchiste. For someone who rather likes the metallic aspect of Avatar, I would instead recommend Chrome, which is a similar but a much better fragrance altogether.
13th September, 2008
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Another cheap fougere. Actually smells like watered down Adidas Moves. Smells ok for like a minute then disappears completely. Cool bottle though.
03rd June, 2008
The scent has no real staying power. It also has a very indistinct smell. It was given to me as a gift, but it really doesn't compare to a good fragrance with regards to smell and longevity.
25th November, 2007
I was given this fragrance as a gift
the smell is not intrusive but verry light i can barely smell it (i dont have a good nose but that one dosent smell much) just sufice to say my toot paste smells more... i supose its a nice backgroud smell (not noticed) that you can ware alot... im a nEwb so dont take my word for it ...
09th October, 2006
I concur with the previous reviewer -- Avatar should be much better than it is. Just doesn't stand out in any way. On the positive side, it's very clean and inoffensive. However, a large part of its inoffensiveness is due to the fact that it's doubtful that anyone besides the wearer could detect it. This is one you could bathe in and have it barely be noticeable. If you're looking for a "stealth cologne," look no further!
23rd May, 2004
With all the notes I like in here, this scent should be great, but it does not appeal to me. Very common and indistinct. If this is, as the name suggests, a physical incarnation of God, I'll become an atheist!
The bottle is artsy, like the angle of it. Too bad the scent is not!
30th December, 2002