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Descent cheap cologne, wear after work out sometimes to cover up BO but would never wear it seriously.
28th January, 2009
This one is hard for me to describe It's very sweet but very soft to. I find it more simillar to those body sprays people are all buying today. Thats not ment to be a degrading argument. I like most of those body sprays...just a cologne or perfume should last a little longer and be a little louder then a $3 bodyspray. Thank god it's not to expensive cause if you like it you'll go through a lot of it reapplying 2 or 3 times a day! Does anyone else notice that this one and another one by cody called Universo smell exactly the same thats why ill use this same review for that one too!
26th March, 2006
Not great, not bad. Very similar to Perry Ellis Reserve but less musky - if you like that one, you'll probably like this one too. Something mabye to wear to a ballgame or a casual bar-b-que. Staying power is not bad... I don't know what the previous reviewer is on to about regarding that, but it lasts plenty long on me.
22nd September, 2004
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