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A little bit of Paco Rabanne and a little bit Christmas tree room spray by Glade and there you have it: Baie de Genievre. Feels terribly dated. Maybe something a 70-80 year-old would wear to a holiday party. Smells of the forest the way those tiny tree fresheners you hang from the car mirror smell of the forest. Why Creed keeps this around is beyond me.
24th August, 2010
I had to smell this one again and to be honest I do not like the smell at all. It lacks any depth, too light and too bland Vetiver with old grass or something. I would not buy this at all. Definitely not one of Creed's best.
23rd March, 2010 (last edited: 01st April, 2010)
Juniper Berries and good gin have a bit of tart, acrid, dryness to them -- an edge. This is certainly a refined fragrence -- too much so for my taste. Its too refined and rounded which gives it an unnatural feel. The cinnamon acknowledges the excessive wetness of the juniper, but that spicy twinge I associate with cinnamon has also been rounded out. It doesn't have the salty quality of sea air. It becomes slightly crisper in the drydown, but its still been overly refined. I think this fragrence would be a lovely fragrence for a scented bath, and could be very nice on the right sort of woman (an handsome woman looking for a masculine fragrence).
09th December, 2006
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Russian Federation
Smelled sheep-farm right from the bottle. But when I sprayed it on my skin it revealed a sharp spicy scent devepoled with strong woody-soapy note. Could be a good office companion if you (of your middle age) can stand it. I can't. Most inharmonious expensive scent to my skin&nose duet.
30th June, 2003
I have a sample of Baie de Genievre..and I wasn't moved by sorta has a licorice aroma that I don't find appealing. The dry down isn't as bad..but I wouldn't put this one on my Creed's must have list.
21st January, 2001