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The perfume that everyone ask you what kind of perfume are you wearing
03rd November, 2017
Not much to add except that I don't find this dated at all and I believe it to be a MASTERPIECE.
Thank you Balenciaga!
17th February, 2016
numcks Show all reviews
United States
Perhaps the absolute pinnacle of the aromatic fougere. Certainly a challenge to Azzaro PH in this regard. More complex, bright, and mossy than Azzaro, with prominent savory lime notes infused with cinnamon, thyme, coriander, and incense and softened with a floral/caramelic touch of sweetness. The base to me is about boozy oakmoss with some camphorous patchouli and woods (sandal and cedar.) Powerful, persistent perfection.
07th November, 2015
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Starts out slightly soapy (not a a bad thing ). Followed by a boozy accord with a nice green accord. For this fragrance to have so many notes, it smells great. A gorgeous barbershop vibe is the result of this this retro style gem. 8/10
29th March, 2015
Thank you so much for your review, Way Off Scenter. Having never smelled this scent before, I was sure my miniature bottle had turned when I first opened it. It smelled like the whiskey sour my older sister threw up in the back of our family's station wagon Christmas 1972. :-/ (Clearly this olfactory trauma has stayed with me.) I braved putting a little on, and was pleasantly surprised within 5 minutes. Still wondering if the juice was bad or not, I was considering returning it until I read your review, which saved the day. (e.g.: "Yikes! This stuff is extreme! It practically jumps out of the bottle with harsh greens, aldehydes, and something that smells an awful lot like warm vinegar, delivering a roundhouse kick to the sinuses.") Now I realize this is just the way BPH first opens. But once it sits on your skin a few minutes and calms the hell down, it really is pretty delicious.
14th January, 2015
On my skin this fragrance is a sort of slightly more aromatic/aldehydic and surely less baroque vintage Fendi Uomo's twin. Vintage Ysl Kouros (in its aldehydic radiancy) and the complex Romeo Gigli by Romeo Gigli's greenness are something else jumping decidedly on mind. A great fragrance in which the waxy type of widespread animalic-resinous soapiness (finally delicate, slightly powdery and refined) is in my opinion just a preordained quality (initially faint due the dominant aromatic elements), than neither a symbol of olfactory mess nor a collapse of real complexity and articulation (on this point I respectfully disagree with my friend Colin Maillard, one of the absolute top reviewers here on Basenotes). Balenciaga Pour Homme is a complex woody/spicy oriental (highly floral and faintly leathery) which possesses (in the first stage) the fresh aromatic Fougere/Powerhouse quality and all at once also a warmer powdery woody oriental chypre temperament. Yes, a kaleidoscopic fragrance finally really subtle. It starts by soon floral-aromatic (fresh lavender, coriander are laundry, cool and aromatic) and hesperidic with an unmistakable aldehydic-incensey-waxy spicy (cinnamon) undertone (or better, background) and a following earthy-powdery accord of iris/patchouli/balsams/soapy amber/wax/honey. Excellent phase, really freshly soapy, finally chypre in vibe, earthy and floral (in particular lily, rose and iris perform their valzer). A notable fruity cinnamon seems connected with incense, powdery iris, chypre powder and smooth ambery soap in order to provide a spicy-fruity smooth main texture. I detect the leather which is anyway not crucial or heady but just a smooth undertone. Yes there is an aromatic opening and a spicy/earthy undertone but the aroma is finally smoother and does not possesses the classic powerhouse strenght (like for instance in Trussardi Uomo or Drakkar Noir). In the final stage powdery woods are more notable and somewhat talky. The aroma owns (despite its brighteness) the internship in the clan of the hystorical finally soapy powderhouses like V&A Pour Homme, Antaeus or Salvador Dali Pour Homme (Yes Capucci is an even more appropriate reference on the side of Nino Cerruti) despite BPH smells milder, less aromatic/laundry and finally more spicy oriental (floral and sweet- and vaguely sweaty-greasy). A great fragrance, really sophisticated, classy and sexy. Better in the colder weathers.
12th October, 2014 (last edited: 17th December, 2017)
Genre: Woody Oriental

Yikes! This stuff is extreme! It practically jumps out of the bottle with harsh greens, aldehydes, and something that smells an awful lot like warm vinegar, delivering a roundhouse kick to the sinuses. All of this settles down within moments to reveal a fascinating, nutty accord of artemisia, anise, vetiver, and leather. Balenciaga pour Homme immediately aligns itself with scents like Antaeus, Van Cleef and Arpels, R. de Capucci, and even Yatagan. Only tough boys need apply.

Balenciaga continues to pump out anise, aromatics, and leather for quite some time, though the projection and sillage seem to diminish rather quickly. This is not all bad, since it makes Balenciaga a bit more wearable. The principal accord also sweetens quite a bit as it develops, as amber and an elusive floral note join the blend. As time goes on a very suave sandalwood emerges and melds into the blend, softening the overall effect without elbowing out the still vibrant anise.
09th June, 2014
Like Scooptn I read Jack Hunter's review and was intrigued. First blast reminded me of the smell of Noxzema ointment. It then bursts into a kaleidoscope of scents and flavours much like the pyramid above. I agree with Hunter, it is a brilliant blend. I love it!! My girl hates it! I wear it when alone for my own pleasure.
The Moss in Vintage is exquisite and provides a textured Landscape that speaks of ancient battles in deciduous forests.There is a finish that is related to the perfume of caramelization of the lactose in butter.
31st March, 2014 (last edited: 18th May, 2017)
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Balenciaga pour Homme opens with an aromatic lavender, carnation and rose floral accord with supporting green oakmoss rising all the way from the base. As the composition enters its early heart the floral trio and oakmoss remain, now joined by a very strong patchouli, cinnamon and leathery styrax starring trio with the composition turning slightly sweet, primarily derived from supporting honey and tonka bean. During the late dry-down the floral aspects and patchouli gradually dissipate as creamy, slightly sweet sandalwood joins supporting slightly powdery mild vanilla from the base, with traces of the earlier cinnamon remaining in additional support through the finish. Projection is outstanding and longevity average at 7-8 hours on skin.

Balenciaga pour Homme is a powerhouse lover's dream come true. It has all the hallmarks of the great 80s compositions (though it was actually released in 1990). Powerful projection, check, strong patchouli and spice-laden floral heart, check, plenty of oakmoss, check... The list goes on and on. I absolutely adore the stuff, finding it one of the best compositions I have sniffed from the 90s. Despite its genuine powerhouse credentials, somehow the late dry-down pulls in the reigns as the composition becomes much more controlled and tame. That said, even the more subdued late sandalwood and spiced vanilla driven dry-down, while probably my least favorite aspect of the composition is amazing in its own right. The bottom line is the sadly discontinued but still available on the aftermarket for about $1 per ml Balenciaga pour Homme is a masterpiece caliber composition by the great Gerard Anthony that demands any powerhouse lover's attention, earning a 4.5 star out of 5 rating and an extremely strong recommendation.
26th January, 2014
I made a blind buy based on Jack Hunter's review and comments in the forums and I'm so glad I did! I can't really put it any better than Jack, but I will say after one wearing, I have bought a backup bottle.

Still taken with this fragrance, and I have increased my stock to 150 ml all at a reasonable price.

25th January, 2014 (last edited: 14th March, 2014)
This is a magnificent fragrance that has a symphony of notes of the highest quality. It is a real beauty and a pleasure to smell.

It opens with the smoothest best quality incense I have smelled in a fragrance coupled with patchouli. This is backed up with citrus notes.From this opening it smells like a spicy apple cider aroma but in a really good way.

This is quickly followed by a sweet lavender note as well as cinnamon. As time passes you can pick up leather and floral notes all mixed in with the patchouli and incense in a olfactory smelling harmony.

I get a amazing sixteen hours longevity with above average projection. I have to say I have never smelled anything like this it is quite unequal.

Hand on my heart this is one of the very best high quality fragrances I have ever smelled. It's a pity that this was discontinued in the late Nineties as it is Magnificent.

A perfect 10 out of 10.
18th January, 2014
This is a powerful fougere, beginning with a minty menthol blast, followed by the classic combo of lavender, oakmoss and bergamot, rounded by a bit of thyme and cinnamon. It then places these notes in the background, but ever there, as it slowly dries down to a sweet evergreen forest (heated by the sun, then cooled by a breeze). At least this is what comes to my nose.

There are many additional notes (middles of Muguet, Jasmine, Caramel and Honey and bases of Patchouli, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cypress, Cedar, Musk, Styrax, Benzoin and Civet).

This creation took a great deal of care and skill and is to be highly respected. It is a shame that it is discontinued. One of the best fougeres ever created.

07th November, 2013
Put on your seat belt, you're going for a ride!

Hello Gents,

This fragrance is not for the faint-of-heart! This fragrance is not only unique, but it transcends the boundaries of olfaction by leaps and bounds. For starters, my nose is nowhere near as well-trained as some here on Basenotes, but here's my take...

The initial blast is that of Bergamot, Coriander with a nicely done dash of cinnamon. In the mid-notes, I get a substantial wood-oriented influence, namely sandalwood and cedar. In the basenotes I get a rich velvety oakmoss that is wrapped with a vanilla, musk and amber bow.

It's one of those fragrances that I probably don't wear often enough, then again, I can honestly say that my daily life doesn't warrant me wearing an elixir of such magnitude. I reserve this fragrance for when I am looking to impress or really want to differentiate myself "fragrantly" from those in a crowd. Like I'd said in my opening, this is absolutely not for the faint-of-heart. This is a fragrance that exudes confidence, class and distinction. If you're not prepared for this one, you won't wear Balenciaga PH, it'll wear you!

I only have one word of caution, or consider it a piece of advice... Apply this one sparingly, otherwise you'll be transported quickly from captivating to overbearing in just one spray.


Pros: Complex, unique, distinguished
Cons: Can be easily over-applied if you're not careful"

25th September, 2013
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rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A first-class experience

Bergamot, lavender and coriander make for an impressive opening blast, that is soon joined by a softer jasmine note of rare quality.  This is very well done, but quite traditional though.  The drydown raises the bar dramatically: a delicious boozy honey note, intensive but not too sweet, that dominates for several hours, combines with caramel and counterbalancing sandalwood with patchouli to form quite a unique combination.  After a few hours a delightful and rich new pipe tobacco note arises, that is followed by tonka - again not too sweet.  After about four hours the scent retreats to be closer to my skin, but is always still there - definite but not intrusive, and never overbearing. After about six hours a beautiful fougere-style oakmoss aroma predominates, classic and deep, but not very dark.  This all is exceptionally beautifully blended and of the highest quality.   Silage and projection are good, especially in the initial hours, and the longevity is phenomenal - I get around fifteen hours.  First class all the way, a singular masterpiece and Balenciaga's finest for men that I know. 

Pros: Longevity

25th June, 2013
The only thing I can say about this scent is that we have a Masterpiece in front of us. A real caleidoscope of different vibes, a monster longevity >12 hrs, without being rude as classic powerhouses usually do...and one of the best drydown ever. Discontinued in 1999, if you find a bottle grab it immediately.
It starts where Kouros ends, and goes beyond the stars.
two thumbs up are not enough.
30th April, 2013 (last edited: 22nd April, 2014)
A kaleidoscopic fragrance. What opens like a sopay, clean and sparkling fougere (lavender, citruses, bergamot), evolves with time into a woody oriental of great complexity and depth. Spicy, incensey and woody with subtle gorumandic facets and an overall balmy quality. Powerful yet not overwhelming, perfectly sized and distinctive. A very good masculine.

Old school without smelling dated.
26th December, 2012
I love the 80's power-house genre. However, Balenciaga is just too "over-the-top" for me. Normally, even with an 80's power-house, I can enjoy a couple of sprays to the neck and maybe one more to the chest for good measure. In the case of Balenciaga, even one spray to the chest is too much for me. It reminds me quite a bit of Lapidus (sans the awful pineapple note) and is not a bad fragrance...It's just TOO powerful for this power-house lover...

EDIT: I've learned how to apply Balenciaga, and hence I've changed my rating to a "thumbs-up". Moderation is the key. The vaporizer releases a large amount of juice when actuated. If you just partially depress the actuator, precisely controlling the amount released, it can be applied moderately...And what a difference moderation makes with this fragrance!! When applied carefully, this really is a very appealing fragrance.
15th December, 2012 (last edited: 11th January, 2013)
Epic bottle of juice that is sadly long gone. Balenciaga Pour Homme will always be in my Top 5 fragrances - it is meant for only those who understand it. A powerhouse that is refined and the composition so unique. A masterpiece of taste and sheer strength - nothing like it exists. The other reviewers on Basenotes cover this well. I just wanted to add another positive note without trying to write a review that even the most colorful adjectives, metaphors and superlatives could not come close to actually describe. Personally, I don't get the "honey" note and it is one I am sensitive to - but this magnificent bottle does have that infamous feel of a Balenciaga. What is missing from the note pyramid are two rich resins that give this bottle and many others from Balenciaga that incredible richness - styrax and benzoin. Together, they create that "Balenciaga-vibe" and warm body - it is more of an accord that one gets with the incredible depth of this composition, in my humble opinion. But, it is important to note just how incredible& rich this acknowledging those resins is key to understanding how this depth is created. It doesn't matter as much to most people who are lucky enough to even smell Balenciaga Pour Homme - this is sheer brilliance that creates awe when you wear it (or you adorn it, better said).

Grottola's review is very accurate in both description and vibe. I am blessed to have this in my collection. It is Gerard Anthony's genius captured in a bottle.

As per the official scent pyramid (which I find, to my nose, to be correct - but missing a few key notes):

TOP: Ceylon Cinnamon; Italian Bergamot; Coriander; Thyme

MID: Patchouli; Sandalwood; Cypress; Cedar

BOTTOM: Yugoslavian Oakmoss; Vanilla Bourbon; Amber; Musk

This is not fragrance - it is olfactory perfection in a composition. 10/10.
28th April, 2012 (last edited: 12th February, 2013)
mikesc Show all reviews
United States
My all time favorite. Words cannot describe the effect this cologne has on me. It's like a time portal when I smell it. I still have a 1.7 oz bottle and never want to use it since it's discontinued. Has anyone found anything similar to this scent? I am on the constant search for a replacement.
24th December, 2011
Okay, if Kouros is still around, then why can't Balenciaga Pour Homme make a return?

Seriously! This really is one of the best masculine fragrances I've ever smelled. It's a powerhouse and it's not offensive or urinous at all. From the beginning to the end, I get cinnamon, incense, aldehydes, a lot of patchouli, and some warm fruity boozy leather to balance it out. This is definitely one of the most unique fragrances I've smelled, as well. I can't exactly think of a fragrance that is similar per se, but the overall "feel" reminds me of Donna Karan's original Fuel for Men, along with hints of Kouros and, even a few Anise/Tea/Gourmand scents like Yohji Homme and Gucci Pour Homme II. There is no unpleasantness or cloying/overbearing nature to Balenciaga Pour Homme; it is just smooth all-around.

The bottle is amazing too. Tall, stoic and utterly 1990 without being cheesy, bearing an amazing green-marble finish on the sprayer.

Balenciaga Pour Homme projects extremely well, but it's not invasive. It lasts a long time, and it's so good. Besides Patou Pour Homme, this has become my favorite 80's/pre-aquatic 90's powerhouse so far in my fragrance journey.

Anyway, I'm glad to have found a bottle of this thanks to a very generous Basenoter. Unless Balenciaga comes to their senses and gives Balenciaga Pour Homme a relaunch, then I suggest you get to it before you can't. Thumbs up, five stars, and my most sincere recommendations.
22nd April, 2011 (last edited: 23rd April, 2011)
Wow. I think one of the finest male fragrances ever created. Clearly a masterpiece, that should never be in doubt. If Patou PH is as good as this, I need some! It's depth, beauty and sincerity leave me speechless. The only question is, am I good enough to wear it!
10th April, 2011
Powerhouse Fragrance? Check.
Monstrous sillage? Check.
Outstanding drydown? Check.
All-day longevity? Check.

Oh, yes, and one more thing:
Smell good? Check.

Balenciaga PH is one of those "old school" fragrances that have been abandoned in the current mindset of so many parfum houses. It's an all out, full bore, pedal to the metal masculine scent - no mistaking this for some weak-kneed "fresh" fragrance. Right out of the bottle, it overwhelms with a multitude of spicy essences. (Careful!! Do not overapply!). Then it starts to settle down and becomes a gentler, sandalwood dominated affair, enhanced by just enough amber and oakmoss. Very distinctive annd certainly worthy of my upward-pointing thumb.
29th January, 2011
I spotted a small (30ml) bottle of this in a perfume store in a mall a few weeks ago whilst on holidays in California. I remembered that it had gotten a good rating on Basenotes, so I took a flyer and bought it blind. I fell instantly in love. This is truly spectacular. A powerhouse 1980s scent tempered by a sweet core that its contemporaries lacked. My initial feeling was that if you imagined a triangle with Azaro PH, Zino and Fendi PH describing the corners, with DK Fuel for Men and a touch of Havana and something sweet in the centre, you would be close to it. But it has a shape-shifting ability that means that each time I apply it I smell something new in it, so I have abandoned the idea of trying to describe it. It has instantly risen to be one of my favourites, along with Teck and Yatagan.

To give you some idea of the complexity of Balenciaga PH, here are the official notes:

TOP: Ceylan Cinnamon; Italian Bergamot; Corriander; Thyme

MID: Patchouli; Sandalwood; Cypress; Cedar

BOTTOM: Yugoslavian Oakmoss; Vanilla Bourbon; Amber; Musk

If I could I would give it five thumbs up. I agree that it is criminal that Balenciaga discontinued this scent, and feel it would do well in a modern reissue similar to the current Aramis collection (Havana/JHL/900/etc)

EDIT: After prolonged use I must say that this is my favourite fragrance of all - and I have perhaps 300 bottles on my shelf. There is something so rich, so complete, about it that I find myself almost swooning when I apply it. This truly does need to be reissued, and now that Balenciaga is ramping up its women's perfume line, perhaps they will bring this back for us blokes.
18th January, 2011 (last edited: 15th October, 2011)
A masterpiece of the perfumery. BPH was the first scent that seduced me and one of the first I bought when I was 18. It wasn't a young juice but it was my first love. I miss you and when I go to my mother's house I smell an empty bottle that I conserve as a treasure. Come back, Balenciaga!
12th October, 2010
Best 80`s power frag I know; potent, masculine and this the best constructed masculine scent ever...??? Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps...
04th September, 2010
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
I miss Balenciaga Pour Homme terribly and I pray that they consider re-issuing it. I wore this a lot during the mid-1990s and I regret not buying backup bottles. It's one of the most potent fragrances I've ever experienced, as well as the most unique and strange. The initial patchouli blast attacks you with face-punching brutality right out of the atomizer and dries down to what I consider a bizarre and almost moldy-smelling green moss accord. Basically, Balenciaga Pour Homme is a green, mossy patchouli sledgehammer with unbelieveable longevity and sillage. Hard to believe you could buy a big bottle of this masterpiece for like $15 at Marshalls just a few years ago. Two huge thumbs up for Balenciaga Pour Homme.
25th August, 2009
Balenciaga Pour Homme: i dont smell anything when i first spray it on..coz my brian gets numb on first whiff..isnt that how you feel whn you have morphine..? so i have heard.. :) Civet..civet overdose with a dash of aldehydes, and honeyed floral notes.. i simply loved this one. when i first received it, it was in a splash format (mini)...the macho that i am, i splashed a decent amount on my palm and dabbed it one liberally around neck and forarms...whoa! for those who have tested this would know exactly how that feels. it's a experience to say the least. very intense notes of honeyed florals and aldehyde with a liberal dose of vanilla (not pods..more like the ice cream itself) with an strong overdose of civet giving it a "bite". the notes may sound like it's leaning towards gourmand, but it's surprisingly not! it stays on pretty gritty for the firts hour or so thereby turning into a remarkably soft floral with a unique combination of Sandalwood, Vanilla, Incense and civet. it was an experience indeed and i enjoyed this scent every last bit :) where is my back up bottle..wouldnt ever wanna be without this one. for a quick reference, it smells like Ted Lapidus for men mixed with, hows that :) only difference, the basenotes is more like Lapidus pour homme than kouros.
This is for someone who likes scents like Lapidus Pour Homme and YSL Kouros.
13th August, 2009 (last edited: 18th August, 2009)
This is what came about 9 months after Kouros shared a night of hot, steamy passion with Lapidus for Men.

This "love child" is -- IMHO -- the strongest, headiest scent from this Eighties/early Nineties era. And, as much as I love Balenciaga Pour Homme, I have to admit that I can, on some level, see how it and others like it might steer a generation towards the insipid world of Tommy and Nautica and all their similarly ugly little inbred siblings.

In a word: CAUTION. This is delightful stuff, yes, but it can quickly overpower even the most jaded of noses if it's applied more than a spritz or two at a time. Wear too much and you'll smell like Disco Stu, or possibly an overdressed mafioso straight out of "Wise Guys."

Great stuff, nevertheless -- why Balenciaga saw fit to discontinue this one (and Portos!) will remain forever beyond me.
21st October, 2006

Ah, the package/bottle combination is so much tied to the time of its release: Really, couldn`t be anything else but the year 1990. It`s not kitchy enough to be 80`s, but certainly not "correct" enough to be much younger.
I like that white-green thing, btw. I like it alot.

The start of this scent is not that pleasant, but it immediately is captivating: To me the top notes smells exactly like a bit raw rhubarb was dipped in honey. It`s very tart, biting start indeed.

At this point it is extremely hard to believe that this is actually an Oriental fragrance. And to be honest, to me this ingredulous feeling follows all the way through the duration.
Okay, let`s call this Oriental, but I think it`s very borderline: It has some heavy Fougere nuances, and more less Chypre ones. Complex scent, that don`t even need that much to be categorized.

After half an hour that sharpness has quite much settled. Still at this point, to me this scent is very raw and unsensual. Like a squeezed lemon juice in a jar of floral-honey. Few drops of diswasher detergent thrown along. Interesting, but not too likeable.

Quite strangely, after one hour or so, this scent seems to change its course in remarkable style: It must be the benzoin that takes slowly over the tarty citrus notes, while honey is obviously still in predominant part. Scent is very close to the skin. It`s still a bit sour, but benzoin gives it some caramelisized charachter, yet not overly so. Actually, well done balance with sweet and sour.

This is one of the most liveliest scents I`ve ever discovered. And the most amazing thing is that now that I`ve test this few times, it seems to behave quite differently everytime! And another thing; this is one of those scents that seems to disapper in sometime, and you already are disapointed with the longevity...And then suddenly, there it is again - out from nowhere seems to come that honey note again, and you are eager to catch a sniff what else is still in there. This is amazing, and quite frankly, sometimes quite irritating quality, this lost and found.
Naturally, it must be the case of skin temperature here. And, that is why I think this scent is actually at its best in the summer - I`m sure the heat will treat it nicely, indeed. I can`t wait to try this when it`s get hot!

Traces of a basenote in this scent reminds me of one specific candy I know. I`m not sure exactly what`s in that candy, but it is slightly flavoured with honey, I suppose. It is not actual honey-candy, but there must be some essence used...It`s quite sticky and juicy, too.

Also some woods appears to be in the base of Balenciaga, giving it just slightly a insency quality. Honeyed woods in the vein of Kouros.

Yes, Kouros!!! This is only another scent of the two that occured to my mind with Balanciaga. (Another one is Miel de Bois, but Balenciaga is eventually much more wearable, much more sensual)

No one could ever claim that Balenciaga Pour Homme wasn`t some sort of relative, even close one, to Kouros. It lacks of the animalic vibe, as well as most of the greens of Kouros. But that honeyed, a bit urinal, and a bit detergented character with insence accords is so similar, that I honestly think my headline for this thread is at least justified.

apart from the scent itself: What is it with these discontinueses?? For instance this one, I wonder who was that
idiot-enough person to make that desicion? And what was it all about??
Yet, I`m the first to admit that "discontinued" stamp adds a huge load of charisma to the scent. And harder to get, better, and more exciting. That`s the way it goes.
And so, how do I wish to get a large bottle of this someday. Until that, I have to manage with my two miniatures.
12th October, 2006
Great lavender / bergamot opening balanced with greens and citrus. Almost from the start I get a mellow patchouli, too. It’s a classic beginning and elegantly constructed. The opening doesn’t last long—the florals and the sweet from the middle move in very quickly along with the patchouli from the base. I can’t determine much separation in the florals in the heart notes but it is a beautiful accord—not really masculine but not feminine, either. I don’t notice any caramel and to me the honey element is present but not prominent—the florals and patchouli dominate—but it is a sweet accord. Also in the background is a powder that adds a warm sensuality to the floral sweetness of the heart.
Everything through the opening and the middle makes Balanciaga Pour Homme a very good fragrance. But with the base factored in, the descriptor changes from ‘very good’ to ‘superb.’
I find the dry down is quite multilayered—carrying many levels and intricacies. The dry down features a delicate but prominent incense and cedar: The incense is splendid and seems the natural extension of the previous pyramid levels. It is supported by an aromatic cedar, lightly touched with the delicate sweetness of vanilla, and wispily shadowed by the earthy patchouli. It is brilliant. It lasts into the next day.
13th September, 2006