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Negative Reviews of Black Suede by Avon

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This is the epitome of cheap cologne.

It is a cheap woodsy knockoff of Aramis and Egoiste. You are better off saving your money and getting the real deal. Also, it is very powdery. There is a strong note that is similar to talcum powder. It smells like a dirty diaper.

Sure, some people will like it. But most people won't. This has strong projection, which is not good for the people around you who will not like it.

If you are starting out, there is a chance you may like this, but if you are a serious collector or have tried many woodsy fragrances, you should pass on this because there are just so many other options.


Verdict: Go buy yourself Aramis or Egoiste instead.
20th May, 2012 (last edited: 22nd June, 2012)
bFlay Show all reviews
United States
This is one of those things grandmothers give as gifts to young boys because it is a lighter version (and certainly cheap) of the stuff grandpa wears. Synthetic wood, musk, and leather in a powder cloud of rose
dusting talcum. Breaks down and disipates quickly. Might well be suitable to an adolescent just starting out, but otherwise an unredeeming fragrance all around.
06th December, 2011
Izzy Show all reviews
United States
This is not good, no need to say more. Stay away from this stuff
18th December, 2010
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HIDEOUS! That is the best word I can use to describe Black Suede, My best friend loves it & says it works on him. I can not stand it from top to bottom!
26th October, 2010
Yuck! I received a bottle of this as a gift in the 80's and thought it smelled like some strange blend of rancid cooking oil and cleaning solvent. I passed it on to a friend who liked it, but either he never wore it around me or it was so different on him as to be unrecognizable.
10th March, 2010
These are my initial notes: Stinky, musky, cheap, powdery. 1 star.

This stuff smell horrible. There is not much I can add to my initial impression. It smells like a sleazy old man who needs a bath. To add a bit of a positive, the foul odour dissipates eventually and you are left with a decent cedar wood fragrance.
09th December, 2009
Duncan Show all reviews
United States
Fairly sickly and nasty. Smells like Lysol original formula. Would not recommend.
24th June, 2009