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I could try describing this scent, but I feel Bigsly pretty much nailed it. I believe I have the current formulation, and it is not a strong performer. The dry down is where this becomes fairly powdery on me, and that aspect lasts a good while longer on my skin. I would definitely consider this to be an "old school masculine" type scent. The main reason I am keeping this is because it was a gift from my Dad, and it will remind me of him when I wear it.
27th December, 2016
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United States
Wouldn't really call this a woodsy knockoff of Aramis, Aramis is a more green foresty type fragrance. Here is what I think of this stuff....

Barbershop/anamalic, that is the best you could desxribe this stuff as. How it plays in a given situation? Well exactly that.

Up front this stuff is almost interolerable. Smells like poorly blended crap.

If you get past the opener its an anamalic barbershop fragrnace.

This stuff is really highly subective. Really. Really. Can't stress that too much.

Make it past 15 minutes you're fine, its a strong weird barbershop. Do not apply and immediately do something. This is not spritz in the bathroom at the prom stuff.

My personal advice, a couple of spritzes, wait 20 minutes, you've got a tolerable barbershop. Outside this timeframe its rather like an overly strong clubman or along those lighns. Inside the 20 minutes forget it.

Outside initial elements it breaks down into a warm barbershop type scent. Outside that overly anamalic, harsh and weird. My advice? Wait 20 minutes after applying and you'll be fine.
05th November, 2012
Not bad but nothing special cause many following fragrances smell similar to this one. Everything has already been told aboud. This is not a dark one in my opinion, it's a bit floral in the middle, is spicy from the top to the bottom (nutmeg and cloves) and has a woody-ambery dry down not so mellow, resinous and sweet it to become a cloying or too sweet fragrance. Black Suede smells slightly leathery and animalic because of the musks and the leathery somewhere hidden elements. The starting sweetness is tamed by a moderately dry base, a bit powdery and just in the right way mild, where dry ingredients (cedar and oakmoss) balance the natural resinousity of amber. This is a smooth spicy oriental, versatile and preferable for formal events at night.
12th February, 2011 (last edited: 19th February, 2018)
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Maybe the best of Avon (I have not tried everything Avon has to offer) and I agree with shamu in the sense that it is a well balance perfume and that there is nothing black or dark about it. Very spicy and flowery with a powdery amber drydown.
The problem with this perfume is that there is nothing that sets it aside from the hordes of mediocre perfumes that flood the market. In other words, there is nothing to call home about it, but in the other hand it is a nice and pleasant perfume that should not offend anybody.
01st November, 2010
Indeed a cheapo Kourosesque vibe just 30 minutes or so for the impatient. Overall softer and if lightly applied achieves a level of OK, but don't strive here for any mythic greatness with an increase in dosage. Too easily moves into sensual complete our theme.
07th August, 2009
I smelled this at a flea market right after receiving a sample of a sample of Hugo's newest fragrance and to me they smell exactly the same. I don't understand why because Hugos was supposed to be a sport fragrance and this is a "black" fragrance. Maybe im going crazy
23rd December, 2008
Musk, woods and amber. It almost, barely almost reminds me of Kouros... has that honeyed note to it that mimics civet. Not bad.
23rd October, 2008
I feel it’s one of those dated colgnes that can pass my personal test. I got a bottle. I love that it has a very boozy quality that remids me of a combo of cointreau with cognac –not that it has any- but I feel it that way. So I am not really sure why they called it black suede because it doesn’t feel black nor suede-ish. The top notes are very fleeting and the whole thing is very woody as well, but more cedar /barkwood than pine or cypress. The base notes are very musky –bit powdery yes- with an added kick of sandalwood and a very attractive amber. Sometimes it feels sensual.
09th October, 2006
I sniff this from time to time, but I never wear it. Its o.k.,but smells like hair grease to me.A female gave it to me.She said she used it for air freshner.I tend to do the same thing.
03rd August, 2006
if you are buying for your grandad its a safe bet but if you want a scent that is modern dont bother!
16th October, 2005
Somewhat of a formal scent. Sweet musky, synthetic leather smell with a powdery drydown. Not bad, but doesn’t work well on my skin.
19th November, 2004